Loddi clan

Kingdom: Unknown

Winter Province: Unknown

Summer Province: Saerskaap

Chief: Letuska Menameach (Unknown; B4; An, minor, 8;)
The Loddi are a strange and mysterious people. They are so outgoing and gregarious, so given to music, dance, and song that the freemen of Saerskaap always anticipate their arrival.
No one (not even the Loddi, they say) knows the origin of this tribe. They come from the east in summer and retreat to the east in fall. That they have elf blood in their veins is obvious from their slim builds and tipped ears. Whether that heritage is enough to grant the Loddi true magic or whether their tricks are merely extravagant slight-of-hand is anyone's guess - the Loddi refuse to speak on the subject. Almost half of the members of the tribe are blooded, another mystery that might never be solved.
The arrival of the Loddi is cause for a celebration. A huge feast is prepared for their arrival in Skjadaby on Anarire 32nd. The ale flows for days while the Loddi perform with their animals, demonstrate high-rope skills, and dazzle with card tricks. For a pair of silver coins, the Loddi will read fortunes to reveal person's destiny for the next twelvemonth. For 5 sp, they tell the jarl what the fate of the province will be in the following year. And each summer, one of their number travels to Hollingholmen, in secret, to predict the lot of the realm in the coming cycle. The bizarre truth is that they are rarely wrong.

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