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Resources: Timber, coke, copper, gems.
Population: 19,500


The second ?flat? province in Danigau is wilder than Blackruft, particularly towards the western border with Urga-Zai. This border is the reason why the population of Caebstrech is not higher, the only true pass through the mountains lies at the western border of Caebstrech and every 5 to 10 years the goblins use it as their preferred route into Danigau.
The grim name Goblynslaughter Pass was not however applied to the passage from foolish pride, but from history ? the soil of the pass is home to some of the most luscious grasses in Danigau, fertilized by the blood of countless goblins over the centuries.
Rumors persist that a tribe of hidden goblins dwells in tunnels in the north and east of the province, said to be sneaks who shun open combat, most Danigers believe that the Counts of Danigau slaughtered these goblins long ago. Still goblins are often found in the province, and not all have been seen first by the towers of Gretchenwall.



Caebstadt is the largest town in Caebstrech holding nearly 3,000; locals insist it is not far in size from Blackruft. Most of the population of the province lives within 2 leagues of this town, with the remainder populated by fortified farms and villages.
Caebstadt is ruled by Baron Konrad Baen; the Baen family has ruled here since Deismaar and they are noted for their unquestioned loyalty to the Danig family.


Grechenwell is the western-most settlement in the province. It has two tall wood and stone walls which form complete circles around the center and around the outside of the town respectively. The inner wall has 4 towers, the outer wall over a dozen.
Gretchenwell is more armed camp than village, although many farmers do live around the town and store their grain here after harvest; including the farmers the town is home to perhaps 1,500. The village was founded to provide food for the troops stationed to defend against raiders from Urga-Zai. It has been burned to the ground half a dozen times and stubbornly rebuilt each time, those who ?fight at the wall? are considered the bravest of the brave by Danigers and those who disparage their efforts often receive a rude introduction to Danigau pride.
Those who travel to Gretchenwell need good reason to do so, nowhere in Danigau is more paranoid about goblin raiders than this village and all newcomers who do not bear some introduction from a noble are questioned as to their purpose. Those who cannot explain themselves are often escorted back to Kieler?s Bay by the suspicious soldiers.
Many folk dwell in the town of Windsroar, near the border of Wiergau, where Erik Danig took advantage of the constant wind in the narrow valley to build great ovens where the sulfurous coal from the mountains could be burnt into cleaner coke for the stoves and hearths of Danigau. The villagers are often mocked for their tradition of wearing black; the pragmatic locals simply reply that other colors swiftly darken from the constant dust in the air.

[top]Sites and features

[top]Siegfried's Folly

Two centuries ago Count Siegfried tried to build a fortress at the mouth of the pass, hoping to close the goblins entry route into Danigau, and thus protect the population. Constant goblin raids and a treasury depleted by pirate raids caused the project to fail, nowadays the walls of Siegfried?s Folly stand in places, but are more breach than wall in most. The troops stationed in Gretchenwell commonly used the ruins for shelter until a series of disappearances recently led them to abandon the practice.

[top]The New Forest

Caebstrech is home to the one wood of any size in Danigau which was planted shortly after Deismaar. The New Forest has served as a carefully managed source of lumber for Danigau?s ships for centuries, the wood is too small to substantially reduce Danigau?s dependence on outside realms for lumber, it does permit Danigau to build a small number of ships if external trade shuts down, a facility greatly prized by the Counts of Danigau.
The wood is overseen by the Green Brothers, worshipers of Erik who tend to the wood, determine which lumber can be harvested and set hunting quotas. They leave all other worldly concerns to the church of Sera?s Perfect Symmetry of which they are one of the member temples.

[top]The Goblin Kings of Caebstrech

Several thousand goblins dwell in Caebstrech; these are not allied to the goblins of Urga-Zai, but are a more ancient breed never quite eliminated by the Counts of Danigau.
The goblins are led by the Goblin Kings of Caebstrech, a cabal of ancient awnshegh that have somehow resisted the urge to slaughter each other; under their rule the goblins of Caebstrech live out wretched lives in their subterranean caverns.
The Caebstrech goblins have been tunneling deeper into the mountains for generations and every now and then they come across mines dug by Danigers, the result is inevitably bloody with the goblins taking slaves if possible or slaying for food if not if not. Faced with strong resistance the goblins prefer to sacrifice their people rather than leading assailants back to the goblin caverns themselves.

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