Ancient god of the Vos, Vorynn saw the coming of the Shadow before any other, but failed to act against Azrai out of disinterest in temporal matters. When Vorynn saw that his inaction had allowed Azrai to corrupt many of his people, he guided the remainder of his people to migrate from Aduria and to Cerilia, taking them as far from Aduria as it was physically possible to get.

Shortly before the War of the Shadow the Vos were corrupted by Azrai despite Vorynn?s best efforts. Alone of the human gods, Vorynn led almost no followers to Deismaar. When Vorynn approached the Vos at Deismaar in a last attempt to sway them from the worship of Azrai, he was killed by Azrai in what was the first known deicide in Aebrynis. This act convinced the other gods that Azrai was bent on the destruction of all of them and had to be stopped regardless of the cost.

Vorynn?s mantle was taken up by his wisest follower, Ruornil. Ruornil held to most of his predecessor?s views but is more involved in the life-force of the world and constantly watches for the rise of evil whether on Aebrynis or in the Shadow World.

The sacred animals of Vorynn were owls, chameleons and whales.

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