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Principality of Avanil

Haelyn (State Religion), Sarimie

Livestock, fish, silks, exotic foods
Gold, silver, gems, weapons, wine, ale
GB Income:
GB Income: 102 GB per turn (60 GB collection, 12 GB law claims, 30 GB tribute from vassals)
RP Income:
90 RP per turn (70 RP collection, 20 RP tribute from vassals)
17 GB (Army 11 GB; Fortifications 3 GB; Court 3 GB)
160 GB
110 RP
Archers (x3), Artillery (x2), Knights (x4), Cavalry (x3), Infantry (x6), Elite Infantry (x3), Pikemen (x4), Galleons (x7), Caravels (x12), Coasters (x5)


The mighty Principality of Avanil is one of the three most powerful realms in Anuire, some say the most powerful. While some may dispute the Prince's claim on the Iron Throne, none can deny that he wields the largest political faction in Anuire with no less than three other realms subservient to him.
The Avanese people are descended from the Anwe, the First House of the Andu ? the same house from which Haelyn, Roele, and their dark-natured half-brother Raesene, hailed. In the early days of the Empire, one of the Emperors granted the Anwe lands to his nephew, Avanlyr Roele, who sired a new dynasty: the House of Avan. It is on this basis - descent from an ancient branch of the Roele household - that the Princes of Avanil justify the legality of their claim on the Iron Throne. Of course, there are many people who dispute a claim based upon such an ancient event, such as the Archduke of Boeruine, but the Prince's charisma and political savvy ensure that he remains one of the most likely candidates for Emperor of a re-united Anuirean Empire.

[top]Life and Society


Like many Anuireans, the Avanese are a stubborn and prideful lot. Though they do not praise the prince with every word, they believe with pride that their lord is destined to become the next Emperor of Anuire. As one of the most modern realms in Anuire, serfdom has long since died out in Avanil. Free farmers, miners, and merchants drive the country?s economy and generate more wealth than any other in Anuire. Avanil is also one of the most urban realms in Anuire. Only the Cities of Anuire and Ilien have a greater density of people. Caravans and merchants from across Anuire find their way into these towns which also attract many of the largest gatherings of scholars, playwrights, engineers, and architects in Anuire. It is a definitive fact that much of Anuirean high culture has an Avanese origin.

The middle-aged prince seems well versed in the nature of power. The Prince of Avanil, Darien Avan, runs not only his own realm, but also significant portions of others. His influence is spread across Taeghas, Brosengae, Mieres, Tuornen and Diemed. The Prince of Avanil exercises absolute control over his realm and tolerates no challenges to his rule. Although Avanil's nobles have supported the ruling family for generations and have changed little since the domain's founding, they wield comparatively little power in relation to the Prince.

The prince also has a powerful ally in the form of the Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn and its Archprelate, Rhobher Nichaleir. This large and powerful temple upholds a doctrine that teaches that the Book of Laws should be interpreted as a guide to daily life, rather than read literally.
The guilders here follow the Lady of Fortune. Worship of the goddess is tended to by the Celestial Jewel of Sarimie, a rich and influential temple. Darien Avan has welcomed the Celestial Jewel into Avanil both as a way of counteracting the power of the Western Imperial Temple and as a way of controlling the power of the guilds.
Shrines to Cuiraecen, Nesirie and Avanalae also exist in Avanil, although their priests are not numerous or organized enough to have a significant impact on the religious life of the principality. Still, some soldiers and naval officers pay homage to the Stormlord and Nesirie.

Three different guilders operate within Avanil, each one of them a vassal of the prince. Arron Vaumel, Governor of Mieres, and Eriene Mierelen, Duchess of Brosengae, both have some say in guild operations here, but the vast majority of Avanil's guild holdings are claimed by Parnien Anuvier Iniere of the Prince's Pride.

[top]The Land

Darien AvanDarien Avan

Like the rest of the Heartlands, Avanil?s eastern provinces are covered by grasslands. Grains grow here, and cattle roam ? but neither product matches the quality of that produced elsewhere in Anuire. Avanil?s grasslands give way to the hills and mountains of the western provinces, where miners constantly pull forth the earth?s precious metals. Sometimes at night, the lurid glow of the smithies casts an infernal light across the clouds. The common folk whisper that the Shadow World creeps closest on those nights.

[top]Anuire (7/0)

Anuire's flat plains are covered by fields upon fields of wheat and rows upon rows of corn dominate this province. Towns and villages of all sizes dot the province, generally found at the intersections of each field. Fishing in the Arnienbae is another industry found here. Fishermen often range as far as the Straits of Aerele for their catch, bringing in all manner of exotic specimens for sale in the Imperial Capital.
The most notable towns in the province are Caeragwyn, Vanil, and Daebrin. Anuirean civilization was birthed in this province. As the center of the old Anuirean Empire, castles and fortified manors are to be found every few miles.
Haelyn?s Pillar Monastery: Located on the coastline, at the mouth of the Glemys River, this Haelynite monastery is one of the oldest in Anuire. The Grand Master of the order, Sir Caelan Oerel (MAn; Pal6; unblooded; LG), takes his obligations seriously and runs his monastery with unparalleled strictness and discipline. Oerel and his knights have often been called upon by the Archprelate of the Western Imperial Temple to fight along side him in battle.
Sorrow?s Field: The site of the final battle between Emperor Michael Roele and the rebellious Archduke Arwyn Boeruine. No flowers, grasses, or even weeds grow in the field. After having been stomped upon by thousands of boots and hooves and drenched in human blood, plant life refuses to grow here, even after all these years.

[top]Avarien (3/4)

Avarien is a small province in Avanil?s northern frontier dominated by fields and orchards. While the terrain is mostly plains, a mix of small woods and hills dot the province, particularly in the west, where the foothills of the Seamist Mountains begin to rise. Avarien is ruled by the Avar family, a distant cadet branch of the Avans. Today, the patriarch of the Avar family is Count Rhogarien Avar.

[top]Bhrein (4/1)

Bhrein is most well known for its wine and ale production. Vineyards cover the province and the aroma of fermenting grapes covers the whole province. Several towns dot the countryside, the largest of which, Sorinost, in the centre of the province, serves as Bhrein?s capital. Near Bhrein?s border with Daulton, the foothills of the Seamist Mountains rise above the surrounding terrain. Here, scattered mines operate, their workers pulling forth iron for the Prince?s armies. Bhrein is governed by the Count Boerlan Cale, an elderly but distinguished lord.
The Great Vault: The Great Vault is an impressive wine cellar consisting of several interlinked vaults and holds more wine than any other similar structure in Cerilia.
The Tomb of Sir Havriel Naedren: Sir Havriel Naedren was an accomplished knight and battlefield commander in the Prince?s armies nearly two hundred years ago. These days, the people of Bhrein stay well clear of the tomb, as strange howling sounds have been heard there on the darkest nights. The terrified folk of nearby villages have even claimed to have seen spectres and other fell spirits dancing outside the tomb on some of these nights.

[top]Caulnor (5/0)

Caulnor forms much of the agricultural heartland of Avanil and serves as a major trading centre on the River Maesil. Large towns have sprung up across the province that cater to the constant traffic up and down the river. Caulnor is one of the furthest points up the river that deep-draft vessels like galleons can travel. Parnien Anuvier Inniere dominates most of this business however, the Arron Vaumel has made some inroads into the cargo loading business.
Several large towns dominate the province, including Maeren, Caullyn, and Lierant. The largest fortification is Caer Sarenor, located near the center of the province. A level 5 castle, Caer Sarenor serves as the seat of the Baron of Caulnor, Lord Graelan Caulnor, one of Prince Avan?s most formidable generals.
Silver Scales Abbey: This abbey sits on the banks of the River Maesil and is the largest temple dedicated to Sarimie between Endier and the City of Anuire. The piers owned by the Abbey allow rivermen and merchants to stop and offer their respects to the goddess of fortune as they ply their trade.

[top]Daulton (5/4)

Caer DaultonCaer Daulton

Daulton is the political heart of Avanil. From here, Darien Avan controls the greatest political faction in Anuire and plots to become the next Emperor. The terrain of the province is largely composed foothills in the east and the imposing Seamist Mountains in the west. At the base of the mountains is the city of Daulton itself. Other major towns in the province include Gwinyth and Gilbyr?s Rock on the banks of the Glemys River in the northern end of the province and Sonwyn in the south at the mouth of the Glemys River, just across from Haelyn?s Pillar Monastary. The Prince?s Pride and the Straits of Aerele Shipping both operate here, though Arron Vaumel?s guild is concentrated primarily on the coast, where fishermen and merchants operate.
House Daulton has continued down through the ages and kept hold of its title, though the Prince and his government continue to rule a great deal of the province directly. Today, the title is held by a woman, the beautiful and deadly Ashara Daulton, the last of her line.
Daulton: The City of Daulton lies at the base of the Seamist Mountains. Even the lowliest peasant here believes that Avanil is the greatest realm in Anuire and Daulton is its beating heart ? they make a point of mentioning this to outsiders as well. Much of the merchant traffic that moves by land from the Western Coast to the City of Anuire passes through here, giving the Prince?s Pride substantial business
Caer Daulton: Caer Daulton is a level 6 castle overlooking the city and carved directly out of the Seamists. Because it sits above the city, it can be seen from every point within the city walls. Similarly, there are very few points in Daulton not visible from the castle ramparts.
The Fortress of Redwater Cross, a fortified law holding, overlooks this crossing and a unit of knights is permanently stationed here. The knights are commanded by Sir Keran Avan (MAn; Ftr8; Scion of Anduiras, major, 25), one of the prince?s cousins. Sir Keran remains very loyal to his liege and looks forward to the day when Avanil might make war on Boeruine.

[top]Duriene (4/1)

Duriene depends a great deal on agriculture and is largely a peaceful and quiet province. Flat plains and farmlands extend in every direction. Herds of cattle are in abundance here, making Duriene Avanil?s largest producer of livestock. Towns and homesteads are to be found in abundance. The largest town in Duriene is Daerian, near the center of the province. The province?s seat is in Caer Duriene, a castle several miles south of Daerian. The province is governed by Count Coradan Daerian (MAn; Scion of Reynir, minor, 12). Despite his family?s relative lack of status, Daerian has risen to the post of Lord Steward of Avanil.
Duriene?s Shield Abbey: The province of Duriene is named for Duriene of Ciliene, a mysterious luminary of the ancient Imperial Temple of Haelyn. The Haelynite priests there devote themselves to defending the world of light against the Shadow. Few other places have a greater repository of knowledge on the Shadow World.

[top]Nentril (3/4)

The mountainous province of Nentril lies at the northern tip of Avanil, along the Seamist Mountains. In centuries past, dwarven fortresses and tunnels stretched on for miles beneath the mountains. The highest mountain peaks are also the home of ogres and giant-kin. The noble authority here is led by Count Alduric Nentril (MAn; Ftr10; Scion of Anduiras, minor 12), a warrior who has taken personal command of Gwynoch Keep.
Gwynoch Keep: was constructed at great expense into the side of a peak and overlooks the only southern approach to Clearwater Pass, which lies in Rhuobhe?s domain.
Northwatch Abbey: A fortified keep belonging to the Western Imperial Temple, the militant priests here help keep the roads open and guard the province?s citizens from the ogre, giant and elven threats.

[top]Taliern (3/4)

Taliern is the most important mining province in the realm. Vast amounts of precious metals and iron ores are extracted from the deep caverns here and transported to the smithies and forges in Daulton for manufacture. Taliern lies at the center of the mountain range and is beset by a plague of orogs, trolls and worse. Some miners have even reported sightings of fhoimorien giants! The province is governed by the Countess Rhaela Taliern (FAn; Rgr7; Scion of Vorynn, major, 21). A ranger, Rhaela eschews the traditional role of females in society, preferring instead to personally lead a cadre of the Prince?s best scouts as she scours the province?s lands for beasts to kill.
Dherholde: The capital of Taliern is the town of Dherholde. The town and its fortified keep, Ghellholde, hold several Avanese infantry units and scouts.

[top]Vanilen (3/4)

In Vanilen, the Prince?s Pride and the local nobles work together here to ensure that the mines and foundries are always operating at peak efficiency. Vanilen?s residents work very hard competing with their southern neighbors in every way. Vanilen suffers from many of the same problems that plague Nentril and Taliern, though here there are fewer places for the trolls and orogs to hide, as Rhaelic?s Pass breaks up the mountain chain in the center of the province. The province?s largest settlement, Maecyn, is another rough and tumble mining town. A castle (3), Cardrie Keep, lies at the eastern end of Rhaelic?s Pass.
The Bottomless Pit of Izik-Dum ? A group of miners prospecting for new veins of ore recently broke through into a vast underground tunnel network deep in the heart of the Seamists that was previously completely unknown.


It is often said that the history of Avanil is the history of Anuire itself, Avanil has indeed played a critically important role in the history of Anuire. The story of the Avanese begins, as with most Anuirean people, with the migration of the Andu to Cerilia. Foremost among the five great tribes were the Anwe, whose leaders were accorded the title First Lord of the Andu. When the Shadow stretched his hand across the face of Aebrynis, it was the First House that led the way into Cerilia and consequently became the house that claimed control over the richest land in Anuire.
When the Andu arrived in Cerilia, elven forest covered much of Cerilia. Though the alliance of man and elf succeeded in driving the goblins out of their warrens in the Seamist Mountains, the Anwe were soon cutting down the woods and making war against the elves. Over the course of the next three hundred years, nearly every wooded area in modern-day Avanil was destroyed and thousands of elves were killed. After the elven wars concluded a relative peace descended upon the Anwe lands, but the malevalent Shadow troubles followed men to Cerilia and began corrupting the highest echelons of Anwe society.
The most famous of the Anwe traitors was of course Prince Raesene, bastard son of the First Lord, often called the Black Prince and later, the Gorgon. After Haelyn assumed the mantle of regency, Raesene and his ever growing army of followers attempted to overthrow him. The rebellion, known as the Reckoning of the Anwe, is commonly accepted as the first major battle in the War of Shadow. Haelyn, with the help of his younger brother, Roele, was able to defeat the rebellion and drive Raesene into exile, after which they and their army travelled about south-western Cerilia gathering a host to their side in order to throw back the advances that the Shadow was making on every front.
Of course, Haelyn and Roele were present at Deismaar and battled their wayward half-brother. It was there that Cerilian history changed. Haelyn ascended into godhood, Roele returned home newly blooded and Raesene, tainted with Azrai?s blood, made the frightful discovery of bloodtheft. Roele began assembling the Anwe for war in order to build a new Empire. In those early years, the Anwe lands were the personal fief of the Emperors, who ruled over them directly. However, as the Empire grew, Boeric Roele, second Emperor of Anuire, granted the governance of all the Anwe heartlands but the City of Anuire to Avanlyr Roele, his nephew. Avanlyr was the son of Daulton Roele, Boeric?s younger brother, and had made quite a name for himself as an outstanding general at the Anuirean Empire?s frontier with Vosgaard. Avanlyr was noted for the dragon birthmark running up his neck and cheek, a sign of the powerful blood that coursed through his veins. Avanlyr?s descendents would eventually become a separate house, the Avans. Because of this ancestry, as well as their governance over the Imperial Province, as Avanil was often called, the Avans were accorded the title of prince.
The princely title gave the Avans the same level of seniority and authority within the Empire that the archducal title gave to the Boeruines. This led to all manner of problems between the two factions. Even in the earliest days of the Empire, the two feuded and competed for greater power in the Imperial Court. Over time, the rivalry between House Avan and House Boeruine escalated into open hatred.
While the Empire existed, Avanil was at peace. Consequently, most Avanese warriors fought elsewhere, at the fringes of the Empire. Avanese regiments made up a disproportionate segment of the Imperial armies. The growing hatred between Avan and Boeruine would reach a nadir during the reign of Michael Roele. In 950 HC, Arwyn Boeruine began his rebellion against the Emperor, seeking to claim the Iron Throne for himself. By this point in history, the Empire was at its weakest. The growing prosperity and population within Anuire not only led to a creeping sense of complacency, but also the beginnings of a new middle class, cities outside the rural fiefdoms and the growing power of the guilds. Because of all this, Michael Roele had very little with which to oppose the Boeruines and their allies.
However, Kier Avan, the Prince of Avanil at the time, full of hatred for the Boeruines and fearful of their ambition, threw his full support behind Michael. Once this occurred, several other Anuirean houses declared their support for the Emperor. Those that tried to remain neutral were eventually compelled by force of arms to give their fealty to Michael.
The War of Succession

For a brutal eight years, Imperial and Boeruinean armies clashed relentlessly in the Aradwyn Gap and several times in the mountain passes over the Seamists. At one point, as Michael Roele?s army was campaigning in another part of the Empire in order to punish another recalcitrant noble, the Boeruinean army attacked and much of the Caer Raine and northern Avanil was destroyed. The Boeruinean army had just begun a siege of Daulton when the Imperial Army returned and the Archduke withdrew back behind the Seamists. Daulton would fall under siege once more at the end of the War of Succession, after a disastrous campaign in the northern Seamists. At the last moment, Michael Roele summoned the Imperial Army once more and met the Boeruineans at the Battle of Sorrow?s Field. There, the brutal civil war came to an end when Michael killed Arwyn Boeruine in personal combat.
After the death of Michael Roele, a period of protracted civil war enveloped Anuire and Avanil was at the center of it all. Derwyn Boeruine, the new Archduke of Boeruine, married to Laera Roele, Michael?s eldest sister, believed that his line had the greatest claim on the Iron Throne and therefore assembled a large army and marched upon the Imperial City. Each new campaign season brought with it some new battle and tremendous loss of life. Even Derwyn?s suicide in 10 MR did little to stop this cycle of violence. Both sides, convinced of the superiority of their own claims to the Iron Throne, grappled with each other relentlessly.
After a century of war, weak sucessors, debt, rebellion, and the destruction of the civil wars, Avanil entered into a period of weakness and decline. However the land was fertile and after these challenges were met, over the next several centuries, Avanil was again on the rise. Within the realm, the merchant and middle classes became firmly entrenched and the old practice of serfdom died away.
Between the end of the major Anuirean civil wars and today, Avanil and Boeruine fought a number of major wars and countless minor ones, though none of them approached the civil wars? level of ferocity. The last major war was over fifty years ago when the Prince Veladin Avan, ?the Sword Prince,? took advantage of Boeruine?s long running decline by securing the allegiance of Brosengae. The Sword Prince?s armies battled across Anuire, helping to repulse a Gorgonic attack in Mhoried, inflicting crippling losses on the pirates in the Straits of Aerele, repelling an emboldened Rhuobhe Manslayer and participating in Taeghas? numerous succession wars. It was during these succession wars that Boeruinean and Avanese armies clashed, resulting in the death of the Archduke, the Lord Borric Boeruine. The Archduke?s death marked the end of a long period of Boeruinean influence in Taeghas.
When Veladan died in 526 MR, he left behind a powerful realm that was stronger than it had ever been before. The Sword Prince?s eldest son, Darien, ascended the throne and continued to build on his father?s achievements and make them his own. Avanese influence expanded into Tuornen and masses of nobles in Taeghas and Brosengae began to defect to the Avanese cause, believing that it would bring them closer to someone who seemed destined to take the Iron Throne. In the last 25 years, Darien has managed to secure the loyalties of Brosengae and Taeghas as vassals and has all but taken over the rulership of Taeghas. Though he inherited much from his father, Darien has amassed a greater portion of wealth and power than any though possible. Today, Darien Avan lords over the most powerful realm in Anuire and seems poised to ascend the Iron Throne, finally achieving the dream of the Avan dynasty.

[top]Important Figures

Lord Tansen Haenele: Tansen Haenele (MAn; Clr9; unblooded) is the acting Lord Chancellor of Avanil. The Chancellor, a position traditionally held by a clergyman suggested by the Archprelate of the Western Imperial Temple, is tasked with maintaining the Great Seal of Avanil. Traditionally, the Chancellor is tasked with hearing requests and petitions and ruling on them in the Prince?s name. The position of Lord Chancellor is currently filled by the Archprelate himself, as it has been for the last three hundred years. Tansen Haenele acts in the Archprelate?s place, as most of his time is spent running the Western Temple. Haenele is a man of little stature or importance ? at least on the outside. Little does anyone know, but Tansen is actually a spy, feeding a wealth of information to his true master, the Archduke of Boeruine.
Lord Colier Avan: Lord Colier (MAn; Nbl6; Scion of Anduiras, major, 47) is the Lord Justiciar of Avanil, tasked with the enforcement of the Prince?s laws and the oversight of the judicial system. The Prince?s magistrates, city guards, watchmen and sentinels all answer to Lord Colier. Additionally, the Lord Justiciar is tasked with maintaining law and order in the piece of the Imperial City that lies under Prince Avan?s stewardship. Colier himself is one of Prince Avan?s cousins. He takes great pride in his work, particularly in his role in the Imperial City?s governance.
Sir Arlen Thaliere: A knight, Arlen distinguished himself on numerous occasions. Famously devoted to Cuiraecen, Sir Arlen is often known as the ?Storm Knight.? He developed a particular hatred for Rhuobhe Manslayer when he and a band of elves descended upon the Thaliere family estates of Thalierhold in Nentril and massacred everyone there. Though entitled to his family titles and lands, Arlen eschewed his birthright to continue in what he thought of as a more meaningful role. Today, he is the commander of the famed Dragon Knights, a cadre of about fifty of Avanil?s best knights. The Dragon Knights are charged with protecting the Prince of Avanil and travel with him whenever he leaves Daulton.
Terilen Casterie: (MAn; Mag5; unblooded; NG) serves as the Prince?s chief advisor on magical issues as well as his personal bodyguard. Terilen is responsible for protecting his liege against charms, assassins and other nefarious arcane schemes.
Caron Banneren (MAn; Clr7; unblooded; LG) serves alongside Terilen Casterie as one of the Prince?s personal bodyguards. He prays to Haelyn for the safety of the Prince, using his spells to ward against the Manslayer?s and the Archduke?s schemes. Avan can be sure of his loyalty ? Caron owes his rank in the Western Imperial Temple to the influence of the Avan family, not the Archprelate.
Laestier: The best goldsmith in the city of Daulton, Laestier, is a half-elf who has foregone the use of his surname. The big, bald man always proves a font of information and gossip. He makes no claim to the truth of his talk, but he seems accurate far more often than not. Though one of the most friendly, gentle people a traveller is likely to meet, he possesses an underlying sadness. He also charges a pretty price for his work.

[top]Plots and Rumours

The Coming War: In the last couple centuries, Anuire-wide wars over the Imperial succession have been relatively rare. Though regional struggles are a daily occurrence, the last war to consume the whole of Anuire has long since passed out of living memory. Unfortunately, such a struggle may be imminent. Throughout Anuire tensions are on the rise, old grudges are bubbling over and Anuire?s two greatest leaders, Prince Avan and Archduke Boeruine, feel they are ready to make a concerted effort for the Iron Throne. Tensions are particularly high along the Elfwash River in Taeghas, where forces of the two houses skirmish on a nearly daily basis. Avanese and Boeruinean ships follow one another in the Miere Rhuann and the Straits of Aerele. Partisans of each house bicker and clash over influence in the Imperial City. Both realms stand ready to intervene in Tuornen to protect their respective interests and all around, the feeling is that at any moment war could erupt.
Tragedy in the House of Avan: Laera Avan hasn?t been seen in public for well over a month and the rumor is that she is deathly ill. Certainly the constant visits by priests and physicians to her bedchambers and the worried expression upon the Prince?s face do nothing to quash these stories. Should the Lady Laera die, no one knows how the Prince or the rest of his family will take it. Anything could conceivably happen.
A Threat in the Deeps: Centuries ago, a medium sized dwarven settlement sat near the surface of Nentril. The settlement housed a large number of dwarven soldiers and serviced an extensive network of mining tunnels. Unfortunately, the dwarves eventually grew lax and the orogs that they had so assiduously contained in the depths below managed to tunnel around the dwarve?s defences and annihilate the settlement?s inhabitants. These orogs hailed from one of the Seamist?s larger tribes and made their base of operations in a city called Kal Antherak deep within the mountains malodorous depths. Not long after the dwarven defeat, Rhuobhe Manslayer?s elves began actively tunnelling in the Seamist Mountains and soon encountered these orogs. The elves quickly overwhelmed the orogs, killing their leaders and enslaving the tribe. Rhuobhe took a personal interest in the Kal Antherak, summoning a minor fiend from the nether planes and placing it in charge of the city. The fiend, a demonic creature named Spiritrender, craves the sustenance provided by the flesh of mortal beings. In the centuries since his summoning, Spiritrender has consumed the orogs? brightest warriors, their leaders and their elders. As a consequence of this and centuries of inbreeding, the Kal Antherak orogs have degenerated, though they are no less cunning and dangerous. Today, the orogs are used as slave labor. A network of tunnels from the orog city opens up not far from the walls of the Tower Rhuannach itself. Thus, it is possible for Rhuobhe to infiltrate agents through these tunnels, through the orog city, through the old dwarven settlement (now guarded by nearly a hundred elven warriors) and into southern Nentril. This being one of Rhuobhe?s prized infiltration routes, it is rarely used for anything so crass as a raid, but is instead used for assassins, emissaries, thieves and other agent?s of the Manslayer?s agenda.
The Manslayer?s Plot: Arlen Innis of Boeruine and Harald Khorien of Taeghas have only recently become aware that Rhuobhe has been systematically expanding his sources beyond Tuornen into Avanil and Boeruine. What they don?t know yet is what Rhuobhe intends to do with these sources. Surely nothing good can come of it.
The Imperial City of Anuire: Advisors and lieutenants of the Imperial Chamberlain have watched with growing alarm as Darien Avan?s law officers have systematically increased their presence in and around the Imperial City in recent months. Individuals loyal to the Prince are now responsible for much of the governance and law enforcement within the City of Anuire.
It seems that Darien Avan is looking to solidify his hold on his province of Anuire ? and therefore, indirectly on the historically independent
City of Anuire. Reportedly, he?ll even let his other holdings crumble to nothing, if he must. The prince has been overheard more than once to say that the one who controls Anuire the city controls Anuire the empire.
Pirates in the Straits: Many of the Southern Coast realms are clamouring for Prince Avan to take action against Albiele Island, the pirate base ostensibly controlled by the Governor of Mieres. So far, the Prince has been reluctant to act, fearing to needlessly offend the Governor. There will come a point however, when the Prince will tire of the Governor?s prevarications and act in order to protect his relations with the Southern Coast.
A Faustian Bargain: Aubrae Avan believes that the ends justify the means and that any act that strengthens Avanil must be undertaken, no matter its supposed morality. To that end, Aubrae has been in contact with both Rhuobhe Manslayer and the Gorgon. She has yet to devise any sort of plan with these awnsheghlien and is careful not to reveal the correspondence with one to the other. Her main purpose is open lines of communication that can be used in the event that a cunning plan comes to her or circumstances conspire to present an opportune moment. She realizes that the awnsheghlien are in turn using her, but believes herself to be cunning enough to avoid serious trouble.

[top]Domain Holding Table


Domain Table: Avanil
Anuire (7/0)DA (7)RN (4)PAI (4)HK (0)
TC (3)EM (2)
AV (0)
Avarien (3/4)DA (3)WIT (3)PAI (3)HK (3)
Bhrein (4/1)DA (4)CJS (2)EM (2)HK (1)
WIT (2)PAI (2)
Caulnor (5/0)DA (5)WIT (3)PAI (4)HK (0)
CJS (2)AV (1)
Daulton (5/4)DA (5)CJS (3)PAI (3)HK (2)
WIT (2)AV (2)
Duriene (4/1)DA (4)CJS (3)PAI (3)HK (1)
WIT (1)EM (1)
Nentril (3/4)DA (3)CJS (3)PAI (3)HK (4)
Taliern (3/4)DA (3)WIT (3)PAI (3)
EM (0)HK (4)
Vanilen (3/4)DA (3)WIT (3)PAI (3)HK (4)
Abbreviations: DA=Darien Avan (Avanil); WIT=Western Imperial Temple (Rhobher Nichaleir); PAI=Parnien Anuvier Iniere (Prince's Pride); AV=Arron Vaumel (Straits of Aerele Shipping); CJS=Celestial Jewel of Sarimie (Temias Coumain); EM=Eriene Mierelen (Brosen Royal Guild); HK=Harald Khorien (Taeghas).

[top]Other Realms

Domain Table: Avanil
Alamsreft, Tuornen (3/2)LF (1)MOC (3)MB (3)Ca (2)
DA (0)WIT (0)
Tuor's Hold, Tuornen (3/2)DA (2)WIT (3)PAI (3)Ca (2)
LF (0)
The Imperial City (10/0)DA (3)WIT (3)GK (2)COS (0)
CD (3)LPA (2)PAI (2)?
AB (2)MOC (2)ML (1)?
HD (2)CJS (1)??
Bayside, Taeghas (3/2)DA (2)PSN (3)FS (2)HK (2)
AB (0)
Bhaine, Taeghas (6/0)DA (3)PSN (4)FS (2)HK (0)
HK (3)WIT (2)
Brosien, Taeghas (2/6)DA (1)WIT (2)FS (2)HK (6)
Islien, Taeghas (3/4)DA (2)PSN (3)FS (2)HK (4)
Portage, Taeghas (3/2)DA (2)PSN (3)FS (2)HK (2)
AB (0)
Seamist, Taeghas (2/6)DA (1)WIT (2)-HK (6)
Seasdeep, Taeghas (3/4)DA (2)PSN (3)EM (1)HK (4)
Wilder's Gorge, Taeghas (1/6)DA (1)WIT (1)-HK (6)
AB (0)
Coere, Brosengae (4/3)DA (3)PSN (2)EM (4)-
EM (1)TOF (2)
Marilen, Brosengae (4/3)DA (3)TOF (2)EM (4)-
EM (1)
Abbreviations: DA=Darien Avan (Avanil) HK=Harald Khorien (Taeghas); EM=Eriene Mierelen (Brosengae) (Brosen Royal Guild); LF=Laela Flaertes (Tuornen); PSN=Peaceful Seas of Nesirie (Daffyd Tamaere); WIT=Western Imperial Temple (Rhobher Nichaleir); MOC=Militant Order of Cuiraécen (Fhylie the Sword); TOF=Temple of Fortune (Hyde Termonie); FS=Facellies Sloere (Taeghan Outfitters); MB=Mheallie Bireon (Source of the Maesil); Ca=Caine.

  • Law: Darien Avan controls all the law of Avanil with a grip of steel sheathed in a velvet glove.
  • Temples: The Western Imperial Temple struggles against the Celestial Jewel of Sarimie for the hearts of the folk of Avanil.
  • Guilds: Parnien Anuvier Iniere has the upper hand in Avanil, supported as he is by the Prince himself, however Arron Vaumel and Eriene Mierelen both contend for the trade in Avanil.
  • Source: Harald Khorien controls the magic of Avanil and tolerates no interlopers in his domain.

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