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the Zweilunds

Chaotic Neutral
Not Recommended for PC use


GB Income:
RP Income:

4 Infantry
4 Island Marines
2 Artillerists
2 Mercenary Reavers
2 Roundships
1 Keelboat


The barren, dark Zweilund Islands are a mystery to the peoples of the Great Bay. That anyone can exist on these islands is a tribute to perversity.

[top]Life and Society

Visitors are not welcome on the Zweilunds, but many trespassers and pirates have been captures and transported to the mainlands. they all keep their mouths shut about life on the tiny islands (out of fear of the Island Mage no doubt), but rumors still spread. Many say that the hidden ship caverns on the Zweilunds (of which there are many), lead to tunnels carved out of a dormant volcano that thrusts the Zweilunds upward long centuries ago. The tales go so far as to describe great dwarven halls hewn from the rock and heated by the still active volcano, then held in check by the Island Mage's magic.
Some believe the pirates of the Zweilunds are just desperate and crazy, and they flee to Grabentod or empty forests of Grevesmühl during the coldest months.
There is only one city of note in the Pirate Islands; Lichtstadt (The Lantern City) located on the island of Zweilund never sees the light of day. It resides in a great docking bay beneath a huge rock shelf. Whale oil and Continual Light torches light the city. The city never sleeps as there are always ships unloading weary sailors and stolen goods. When the pirate flagship, The Black Lion, is in port, the city grows to such fervor that no one is able to sleep.

[top]The Land

Cold, Hilly, and Barren - this describes the Zweilunds perfectly. At no time in their history have the Zweilunds known warm days or been free of a chill breeze. In the summertime, when the Black Ice Bay warms and shines in the sunlight, north winds still break along the northern coast. In the winter, when the Krakennauricht threatens to freeze solid and the black ice forms, only a crazy man would venture outdoors or onto the Zweilund hills.



Since Colin Shaefpaete is the primary regent of the Zweilunds, the citizens looks to him for direction. Unfortunately, he's not always there. The Island Mage likes to run his country through his two lieutenants: Black Adara and Garth Sunkenhold.
The Zweilunds have no true allies. thought they are friendly with the mountain kingdoms along the western coast of the Krakennauricht. The pirates sail across the Great Bay and sell the miners of the mountains luxuries they would not otherwise see. Occasionally, they come back with miners or the children of miners as apprentices to a new, more worldly craft.
Colin Shaefpaete has forbidden assaults on royal vessels. As a result, Müden's galleons and Danigau's Silver Fleet are immune to the pirates' predation - and those two powerful realms ignore the Zweilunds pirates' other activities. Colin is careful not to prey too heavily on the shipments out of the dwarven settlements in Grevesmühl or the dried meats and lumber coming out of Berhagen, so he does not make enemies there either. If the Island Mage has any true enemies, it would be Caliene Llwelyn, a rival mage from Grevesmühl, and the pirates of Grabentod, whom Black Adara sees as competitors and her rightful prey.

[top]Important Figures

[top]Plots and Rumors

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Zweilunds
Zweilund (6/1)5 (CS)3 (TS)4 (CS)1 (CS)
Anzlau (2/5)1 (CS)--5 (CS)
Uelzau (6/1)2 (CS)--1 (CS)
2 (HR)---
Warzlau (6/1)2 (CS)3 (TS)4 (CS)1 (CS)
2 (HR)---
Abbreviations: CS= Colin Shaefpaete (Island Mage); HR= Hubrick Raeslund (Red Sword Guarding); TS= Talis Sheklen (Red Sword Striking);

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