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Emirate of Zikala


Weak Emirate

Spices, silver, iron
Beef, spices, religion


Zikala is an Emirate ruled by the Grand Vizier Omar ibn Tuarim el-Zisef. However, the poor wizard is stuck between the Zikalan Temple of Avani, which is controled by Shandare min Jibal; and the problems of governing a state. Thus, Zikala a nominal monarchy has can sometimes seem to function as an informal, but de facto theocracy.
For right now, until a regent steps in to change the face of Zikalan government; the Temple seems to have the upper hand in government. The fanatical aspects of life in Zikala threatens the more moderate Ariya to the east and the "untamed" kingdom of Binsada to the west.

[top]Life and Society

Zikala imports certain spices (cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and other spices to make Zikalar) and frankincense from Djaper.
In Zikala and Turin, agriculture and trade support large urban settlements, the rest of the land is devoted to nomadic pastroalism. The northern steppes are uninhabited.

[top]The Land

Zikala and Turin were Masetian cities so long ago; however few original structures remain as the Basarji built on the foundations of the old cities. After all, both were destroyed or sacked in ancient wars and later rebuilt. The cities have the appearance of typical Khinasi port cities. But a visitor would notice Shandare's templars quickly in Turin. They are everywhere.
The northern steppes of Zikala is largely uninhabited, thanks to the Sphinx. Thanks to the Sphinx's great cats, homesteading efforts have been all but ruined. General el-Zisef has the Grand Vizier's support in building fortifications along the border with the Sphinx so that his cats won't destroy settlement efforts. The Sphinx isn't happy with Zikala's attempts to defend itself.
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Zikala is on decent terms with Ariya to the east, so far. And the Red Kings of Aftane haven't stirred up much trouble. But apparently Shandare sees some trouble with the barbarians of Binsada to the west. The Grand Vizer must try to figure out how to moderate trade down the Moura River. Turin has been taxing Binsada livestock merchants quite heavily. However, the first problem is the zealousness of the Zikalan Temple of Avani, as the regent must keep an eye on Shandare and her ambitions.

[top]Important Figures

So far, Omar ibn Tuarim el-Zisef rules as Grand Vizer of Zikala. In the past, the most powerful wizard always takes the throne, that is the tradition. However, once the Zisef family took power they never relinquished control. As a result, Omar is barely competent. However, he is quite intelligent. Sadly, he allows his lieutenants to govern. So far, he seems to be week against Shandare.
Shandare min Jibal (fKh, clr 9; Avani; Basaia, major, 39; LN) wields great power through Zikala. The leader of the Zikalan School of doctrine of Avani, Shandare presides over a religion that has some similarities to Shi'ite Islam. Because of this, she has a death grip on the city of Turin. She is in her forties, and has a commanding manner and a quick temper. This zealot and her mullahs are devoted to making Zikala a theocracy following Avani.
General Khasan el-Zisef (mKh, Nbl 3/Ftr 6; Andurias, major, 22; LG) has the best interests of Zikala at heart. Purely secular, the General only advises Omar el-Zisef on what is best for Zikala and not his own special interest. Which is typical, since Khasan is Omar's more loyal uncle. The man is a veteran of many military campaigns during Tuarim's rule, including the Black Raids.
The cunning Yolanda Serif (fKh, Rog2; Reynir, major, 20; CN) controls a monopoly of trade through her business the Extraordinary Traders of Turin in the West. Her rival, Omadi the Quick, controls trade in the east through the Gold Coast Coster. Yolanda recently converted to Sera just because she can. This change of religious devotion angered Shandare, which puts their arrangement in danger.
The Grand Vizier's other uncle, Jayim el-Zizef (MKh, Wiz11; Vorynn, major, 26; NE) secretly plans to depose the Vizier and become Vizier himself. He also wants to return the family to it's former glory and kick out Shandare, even if it takes a battle of magic. He would have ruled anyway if he hadn't lost sayim early in his life.
Finally, the mullah Nuri min Houran (mKh, clr 3, Avani; LN) is currently representing the Temple of Zikala at the Grand Vizier's palace. He gives the Vizier advice on Zikala that reflect the Temple's interests.

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