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Resources: Iron, Coal, Goat's wool
Population: 4,250


Kantswach is noted for being barren and mostly vertical. Almost the entire population lives in small fishing villages along the coast for the Counts of Danigau long ago forbade prospecting or settling more than 2 leagues from the sea.
Currently Kantswach is home to many refugees from Caebstrech, people un-homed during the recent goblin raids; these incomers are welcome by the inhabitants, but even the loyal Danigers of Kantswach will tire of the refugees eventually and the new Count will need to either grant the refugees land in Kantswach or make it safe for them to return home.


Aside from Kantsburg there are no large settlements in Kantswach just a series of small fishing villages along the coast. Little distinguishes these tiny settlements although they are often fiercely competitive. Kantsburg itself is home to perhaps 650 including outlying farms, almost a quarter of the province's entire population. The local ruler is Baronet Morritz Kant (MBr; Ftr3; Br, minor, 12; LN), a descendant of the original Kant who colonized this area for Wulf Danig.

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Kantswach is home to the tallest mountain in Danigau, the awesome Mt Riesig. This vast peak is said to have never successfully been climbed by humans, legends place an ancient fortress at its summit however these have never been investigated by reliable sources. Who could have built this fortress, or what happened to them, is unknown, but wild rumors have circulated since the province was settled.
Rumors persist that high in the mountains lives a race of rock-men; these rock-men stand seven to 10 feet tall depending on the tale in question, are tremendously strong, but slow in movement. Some of the tales describe the stone-men as viciously isolationist, others as simply shy. Most tales agree that the stone-men are primitive, but great artists notable for chanting great communal songs.
Katrina?s tower. Not far from Mt Riesig is an isolated tower that is home to the legendary ?Great-aunt? Katrina Danig. Katrina lives here with just the Silent Warder for company. The Warder is an animated suit of armor that supposedly houses the spirit of an ancient Danigau warrior. The Warder never speaks, but does tend to the needs of visitors although this is generally limited to shaking its head when they ask if they can speak to Katrina.
Diamondrock cave. Believed by most to be a myth, this cave deep in the mountains is supposedly studded with cut and polished diamonds, embedded in the walls in swirling patterns and arcane glyphs. Magicians are said to be able to touch true magic in this cave, while true wizards can feel magic tingling through every bone in their body and call upon the might of domain magic with ease. The cave can only be found, it is said, when the full moon shines in midwinter at which point the illusions that normally cover the cave mouth vanish.
The Count used his powerful source holding to find and collect rare herbs in the mountains including the famed silver-leaf, Sirena?s gold and old man?s folly. With the increased population and resulting disruption to the native mebhaighl these herbs are more difficult to find now than in the past.

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