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Merasaf once included the Vos territory known as Yeninskiy, as well as the lands held by the Iron Hand Tribes, but the fortunes of war have not favoured it. Today, it is literally a land under siege; it is dependent on the fortified passes at the base of its peninsula to keep the orogs at bay, and it is threatened by ever-bolder sea raids from the Vos across the fjord.

Merasaf is ruled by a hereditary Defender, who enjoys the rank and privileges of an emir. In Merasaf, the Defender's primary duty is the leadership of its army and fleets. The current Defender is Goulan of the Zesande Clan, a silent, severe champion.

Merasaf is also watched over by the great mage Turanda. Turanda has guided the Defenders of Merasaf for more than 80 years. She is a stately, dignified woman who ignores the vanities of youthful appearance, preferring to save her magic for more important issues.

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Lord Defender Goulan el-Zezande is the ruler of this realm.
The Dragon Sea Coster controls the trade routes of Merasaf.
Turanda bint Jawahir el-Shaifal (FKh, Sor 17; Vorynn, major, 26), also known as the White Sorceress, is the Defender's court mage.
The Shield of Halaia and the White Sword of Khirdai have more influence in Merasaf than does Avani. Suirene's Church of the Eternal Seas has a little influence in the East.

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