Elric, the Black Rose

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Master cat-burglar of Blackgate

Male Brecht Rogue 5/fighter 2/scion 1

Minor bloodline of Brenna, 26


HP 5d6+1d8+2d10+16=49

Cha 16, Con 16, Dex 18, Int 14, Str 12, Wis 10

Blood abilities: Alertness, Enhanced Sense.
Typical dialogue:

Huzzah! Have at you sirrah! To keep so sweet a rose encaged is a crime against the realm far greater than my harvesting of your trinkets! To Hans Neblinger, in his daughter?s bedroom, on her sixteenth birthday prior to a rapid exit.
Ah, Elma my sweetling, cease your tears, tell me have you heard the tale of Calder Rabbit? No? Then listen to me and wonder at his daring and guile!
Elric is openly ?Patruus? Elric of Blackgate orphanage, the saintly man who funds the orphanage from his meager wealth and provides scores of young orphans and foundlings with a good Brecht upbringing.
This is certainly true, but Elric is also secretly ?the Black Rose?, the swashbuckling rogue notorious for stealing Heinrich Stark?s prized family jewel, the stone of Stark, on Heinrich?s wedding night many years ago; and for taking advantage of an amnesty on the night of Katherine Gauren?s wedding to Erik Danig (granted to permit the attendance of nobles of certain realms otherwise unwelcome in Danigau) to dance the night away with the young ladies of the court ? and then escape over the rooftops when the amnesty expired.
Elric rarely ventures out nowadays, generally only when the orphanage needs funds or his craving for excitement grows too great; still his wit, style, frequent charity and refusal to take more than a family can easily replace make most folk see the Black Rose as a folk hero.
Elric is currently greatly distressed however, while on ?a dare? he came across a terrible sight - the body of a young girl sacrificed to some dread shadow-beast on a foul altar. He is now torn: to go to the Count would mean revealing how he came to be ?exploring? the family?s house and risk his execution; to do nothing would be unforgivable, but no mere band of hired toughs could hope to stand up to a coven of shadow-worshipers and whatever dread beast they worship.

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