A season consists of the three months that roughly corresponds with the four seasonal periods known as Spring, Summer, Autumn (Fall), and Winter. During each season regents adjust their domain attitude and manage their finances. For this, each season is a domain turn.
Cycle of the year
:(from Chapter four/Gods and religion/Time, seasons, and holidays, Table 4-4)
Day of Rebirth / New YearSpring Equinox
1SarimiereSpring I
2TalienirSpring II
3RoelirSpring III
Night of Fire / Haelyn's FestivalSummer Solstice
4HaelynirSummer I
5AnarireSummer II
6DeismirSummer III
Veneration of the SleepingVernal Equinox
7ErntenirFall I
8SehnirFall II
9EmmanirFall III
Eve of the DeadWinter Solstice
10KeltierWinter I
11FanieleWinter II
12PasiphielWinter III
Day of Rebirth / New YearSpring Equinox

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