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County of Müden


GB Income:
35 GB (Province GB; Law GB)
RP Income:
28 RP (Province RP; Law RP)
GB (Army GB; Fortifications GB; Court GB)
36 GB
60 RP
Cavalry (x4), Knights (x1), Elite Infantry (x2), Infantry (x2), Dwarven Guards (x1), Roundship (x2), Keelboat (x1)


Müden is the most prosperous and strongest of the Brecht realms. It stands as the last of the royal kingdoms with the oldest traditions and the strongest aristocracy. In many ways, Müden is a mirror of all things Brecht. Its people are a seaward folk and live on the coast, faming the coast and the near inland. The respect and fear the great forests that surround their pleasant land. Unlike the other Brecht realms, Müden is a cosmopolitan realm amid rough country. As in many of the Brecht lands, a few regents hold much of the power.

[top]Life and Society

The climate of Müden is one of the mildest around the Krakennauricht, for a variety of reasons. First, the domain is located on the southern coast of the bay. The Great Bay holds the summer's warmth and the warm southern wind keeps the climate pleasant. Müden lacks such protection from winter extremes, however. The realm also experiences quite a lot of rain.

The western border of Müden is the Mueller River. Upstream of this river in the Mountains of the Silent Watch, a pass through the mountains creates a manageable route from Treustap, through Pashacht into Podenstahl, connecting Brechlen to the Canton of Poden. At the eastern edge of these mountains, the Bierlev Gap allows the Edlenna-Saarmen road which connects Saarmen to the Barony of Stille Wächter. Both of these routes cross the mountains outside of Müden, so maintaining good relations with its neighbors is important to Müden's trade.

Years of serving as home to a major mercantile society has eaten away at Müden's landscape. Forests once stood proud throughout the realm, lapping up the waves from the Krakennauricht with their roots. Centuries ago, however, the wood from these thickets were converted into farmland. The only remaining forests in the state run along its southern and eastern fringes. The rest of the land consists of grassy meadows and plains transformed into rich farmland and ranch tracts. This terrain, too, shows the signs of the realm's mercantile nature: Fences tie the earth down, and bull-drawn plows trace straight lines through the soil to receive handdropped seed. The cluster of mountains in the middle of the state, the Archestüel Range, once held a population of 'unstoppable' orogs but now lies empty - though Müdenite folklore still tells of Archestüel orogs stealing away the struggling bodies of ill-behaved children.

Müden's two waterways are very important to the life of the realm. The two rivers, the Mueller and the Forisain River, are the breeding grounds of millions of salmon, which make a yearly jaunt up the flows to spawn. River trout and flathead fish are abundant in the streams as well, but these two breeds stay away from the salty Krakennauricht. The best fishing in most of the Krakennauricht is found at the Mueller Estuary. While all of the rivers provide good fishing in the Black Ice Bay, the Mueller Estuary is larger and richer.

Not far off northwestern Müden's shoreline lies the small Ichthasen Island. With a population of just over one hundred, it is considered part of the Allesrecht province.

[top]The Land














When Richard Talbehr succeeded as the count of Müden, he inherited no lieutenants. Three counts in six years left the administration of the realm without appointments and key assistants were never more than considered, when a new count took over. When Richard came to the throne, however, he was an excellent diplomat and orator, but he had no knowledge or stomach for naval and military matters. Therefore, he had to find a lieutenant to take over the navy. Melisande Reaversbane possesed love for Müden for its continued health flowed in her blood as strongly as did her hatred for the pirates of the Krakennauricht. Her fair but strict attitudes won her immediate respect. Richard gave her enough law holdings to do the work of the Royal Navy of Müden, but her energy, skill, and respect allowed her to rapidly build on this to its present level. In spite of the fact that her power in these provinces now surpasses the Count's, she has never considered a secession - her love for a unified Müden is too strong.

Today, the Count of Müden is the absolute head of government. Under him are four lieutenants:
Captain Melisande Reaversbane; Guilder Theofold Segwardes of the Brecht Seelundkaufen; Fulda Spiritwalker, High Priestess of Éla's Midnight Shadow, and Alderman Wolfgang von Halsarm.

Taxation is handled by the Müden Schatzkammer under the supervision of Alderman Wolfgang. Everyone complains about taxation but most citizens don't complain too much. According to normal procedure, members of the Müden militia remain on the street while the tax collector enters a home or shop to receive and document the funds; in the past, disagreements over taxes have turned into altercations. However, in the last two years, riots have broken out only three times requiring the militia to quell the violence.

Local politics can get messy at times. The domain's largest metropolitan areas, tend to be a bit more chaotic than elsewhere because there are more, and more varied power centers. The cities are governed by a city council, a Stadtrat, which has the right to tax, raise a militia, and to issue and enforce laws. Despite the right to levy taxes, most towns are usually in dept to their own leading merchants because of the costs of war, granting too many tax exemptions to influential merchants, or from economic changes beyond their control. The cities of Müden have their own municipal courts, though a city's jurisdiction is only within its own city limits.

Generally one can look at the distribution of power in the province and find it closely reflected in the towns. Some organizations are secret, and their advocates will do so obliquely. Others are outspoken advocates of their domains or organizations.

[top]Plots and Rumours

The regent of Pashacht, Justina Heulough, was charmed by the Count of Müden, Richard Talbehr and held a great respect for his prospering realm. When she began spending a good deal of time in Müden in the exclusive company of Richard, a not-so-secret alliance with the hereditary ruler of Müden was automatically assumed. Now there is speculation that a marriage alliance might follow.

[top]Important Figures

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Müden
Allesrecht (6/1)RT (2)SN (4)Th (4)-
MR (4)QF (1)QF (1)
Cohrtab (7/0)RT (2)SN (3)Th (3)-
MR (4)QF (2)
Golbrag (6/1)RT (1)SN (3)Th (4)-
MR (4)QF (2)
Hauptrehr (7/0)RT (3)SN (3)Th (4)-
MR (4)QF (4)QF (4)
Kostwode (2/5)RT (0)-Th (2)RG (2)
Marchbehr (1/6)RT (0)--RG (4)
Nodarch (3/3)RT (3)-Th (1)GR (2)
Ruelshegh (4/3)RT (2)PA (3)Th (2)RG (2)
Ju (1)
Trestahlen (4/3)RT (2)-Th (3)-
Ju (1)
Ubalmulen (1/6)RT (0)PA (1)Th (1)GR (3)
Wesbralen (7/0)RT (2)SN (2)Th (5)GR (0)
MR (5)QF (4)QF (2)
Abbreviations: RT = Richard Talbehr (Count of Müden); MR = Melisandre Reaversbane (Captain of the Royal Fleet); SN = The Sailing Song of Neira; QF = Ela's Quick Fingers; Th = Theofold (Brecht Seelundkaufen); RG = Rheulaan Greencloack (Wizard of Rheulgard); GR = Gastus Reigart (The Banshegh's Wizard); PA = Pieter Astridsen (Old Father of Forests); Ju = Justina (The Banshegh);

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