Olthrugaard clan

Kingdom: Jankaping

Winter Province: Rjutaffel

Summer Province: Draaska

Chief: Ulthar (MRj; F10; CN)
The Olthrugaard are recognized as a hazard of travel in Jankaping, for they are notoriously suspicious of strangers. Travelers in their region are often stopped, taken into custody by tribal warriors, intensely questioned, then relieved of valuables as 'tolls' or 'taxes' (a trick that Chief Ulthar learned from the regents of Jankaping).
Though many consider them bandits, the Olthrugaard are merely traditional nomads who spend the cold months in the sheltering forest of Rjutaffel and move to Draaska as the weather warms. Their hunters are expert trackers and survivalists and are often hired as scouts by King Alnor. The Olthrugaard's valuable contribution to Jankaping military has made feeble Alnor turn a blind eye to their occasional brigandage, but some believe that Ulthar will eventually grow overconfident and actually prey on official representatives of the kingdom. Such a situation may spur Alnor to action, despite his weak-willed nature.

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