Helskaar clan

Kingdom: Hjolvar

Winter Province: Tarlhaas

Summer Province: Hruthjik

Chief: Rankjar (MRj; F9; Re, minor, 13; CG)
This tiny tribe (only 50 members) is one of the few true Rjurik tribes to dwell in the inaccessible wilderness now known as the kingdom of Hjolvar. Life here is rough, and the Helskaar are only barely aware of the existence of the world beyond their tribal lands. Each day is a struggle for survival?even in the short, temperate days of summer, when the tribe hunts mountain goats and braves the waters of Thaelasian Sea in hide kayaks seeking seals and pilot whales for food.
The Helskaar have few enemies save nature itself, but they remain dedicated to the ways of Erik, viewing the harsh northern clime as the deity's way of testing them, and proving their tribe worthy of continued survival. Helskaar tribes sometimes aid King Uldviik, and they maintain good relations with their regent on the rare occasions when they actually come in contact with him. Still, the Helskaar remain good Rjurik, unwilling to accept outside aid or to acknowledge any temporal authority higher than the old and respected chief Rankjar Helskaar.

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