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Sir Ansen of Haelyn
Crusader knight from Anuire
M.Anuirean. Paladin 5 Haelyn. LG.
HP 5d10+20=55. Cha 16, Con 18, Dex 8, Int 10, Stn 16, Wis 10. Bloodline: None.
Quote: Evil grows where good men slumber, I shall rest when I die milord.
My blade sings for honor not gold, no recompense is required, winning your safety from those brutes is reward enough milady.
Glory is a young man's folly milady, should thee insist I will aid your man; though such as he would be better served seeking renown through wisdom than mere courage.
What foulness is this? How could such a blight grow so close to a house of the gods?
Four years ago Sir Ansen followed Saebra, a young priestess of Haelyn blessed with second sight to Danigau in search of the legendary Torc of Ramor, a legendary artifact of Haelyn made in the early days of the Empire.
Sadly Saebra died at the hands of goblin raiders in Caebstrech and the grieving knight has since aided the Count?s warriors to defend the province while still searching for any trace of the artifact, though he grows increasingly desperate for any sign which might suggest a future of returning home in triumph rather than inglorious failure.
Brigit of Laerme
Priestess of Laerme
F.Brecht. Priest 4, scion 1. NG. HD 4d6+1d8=21. Cha 16, Con 10, Dex 14, Int 14, Stn 8, Wis 16. Bloodline: Brenna, minor, 12: none.
Quote: Why talk when you can sing? Why walk when you can dance? What shadow lies over you to crush your spirits so?
A newcomer to Danigau Brigit lives in Starkhundt where she has found the people sorely in need of cheer and hope. So far she has had little success in preaching the word of Laerme, although the festivals and the performances she arranges are well attended. She is becoming quite popular personally however; for the increasingly leaden preaching?s of Father Baen of the Independent Church of Sera are no match for her passion. The folk are reluctant to forsake the traditions of Sera however and she has few truly fervent followers.
In addition to her priestly duties and artistic activities, Brigit is growing in popularity as a match-maker amongst the youth of Starkhundt, primarily because unlike most match-makers, she is unconcerned with matters of wealth and station, focusing more on passion and talent.
Elric, the Black Rose
Master cat-burglar of Blackgate
M.Brecht. Rogue 7, fighter 3, scion 1. CG. HP 7d6+1d8+3d10+24=71. Cha 16, Con 16, Dex 18, Int 14, Stn 12, Wis 10. Bloodline: Brenna, minor, 26; alertness, enhanced sense.
Quote: Huzzah! Have at you sirrah! To keep so sweet a rose encaged is a crime against the realm far greater than my harvesting of your trinkets! To Hans Neblinger, in his daughter's bedroom, on her sixteenth birthday.
Ah, Elma my sweetling, cease your tears, tell me have you heard the tale of Calder Rabbit? No? Then listen to me and wonder at his daring and guile!
Elric is openly ?Patruus? Elric of Blackgate orphanage, the saintly man who funds the orphanage from his meager wealth and provide scores of young orphans and foundlings with a good Brecht upbringing.
This is certainly true, but Elric is also secretly the Black Rose, the swashbuckling rogue notorious for stealing Heinrich Starks prized family jewel, the Stone of Stark, on Heinrich's wedding night many years ago, and taking advantage of an amnesty on the night of Katherine Gauren Danig?s wedding to Erik Danig (granted to permit the attendance of nobles of certain realms otherwise unwelcome in Danigau) to dance the night away with the young ladies of the court ? and then escape over the rooftops when the amnesty expired.
Elric rarely ventures out nowadays, generally only when the orphanage needs funds or his craving for excitement grows too great, still his wit, style, and refusal to take more than a family can easily replace make most folk see the Black Rose as a folk hero.
Elric is currently greatly distressed however: while on ?a dare? he came across a terrible sight, the body of a young girl sacrificed to some dread shadow-beast on a foul altar. He is now torn ? to go to the Count would mean revealing how he came to be ?exploring? the families house and risk his execution; to do nothing would be unforgivable, but no mere toughs could hope to stand up to a coven of shadow-worshippers and whatever dread beast they worship.
Garakk the slayer
Chief of the goblin kings of Caebstrech
M. Awn (goblin). Rogue 10, Awnshegh brute 8. CE. HP 10d6+ 8d10 +108= 190.
Cha 12, Con 22, Dex 20, Int 14, Stn 22, Wis 10. Bloodline: Azrai, great 40. 2 minor: Alertness, Death touch; 2 major: Detect life, Divine aura; 1 great: Animal affinity (serpents).
Awnshegh powers (6). Hardened scales x 2 (+10 natural AC), poison, ability bonuses (+2 stn and con x 3).
Quote: Wrack! We will feast on their hearts tonight; krrr, have a slave prepared for the spit that our warriors go to battle on a full stomach.
Hsssss, can you feel my poison burning in your veins? No matter, soon the pain will pass and you will care not of such things, only of servitude.
Ssss, hrakk! Not Daniger this, but tssch Sorcery we smell. Twisted, sharp scent of twisted scale and fang! It grows bolder yes? An ally? A rival? Kahhk!
Garakk is one of the awnsheghlien of Caebstrech. Cut off from Urga-Zai long ago by Danigau settlers (and perfectly happy in their tiny kingdom) the goblins of Caebstrech live almost entirely underground near the border with Kantswach. The goblins are self-sufficient harvesting wild fruits and roots from the wilds around them, fungi and fish in the under-dark, and feast on rare occasions on lost travelers and raided merchant wagons.
The goblin tribe was founded by Garakk, an immortal awnsheghlien and father to most of the blooded goblins in the tribe. Many of the goblins are in fact blooded, even possibly awnsheghlien, they share the common ?mark of the king?, hardened black or grey scales over their skin, large serpentine fangs, and a will sapping poison delivered in their bite.
Garakk?s goblins keep a number of slaves, almost entirely folk of Danigau but some Rjurik wanderers and even a handful of dwarves captured long ago. The goblins often feed on the male population of these slaves (aside from the dwarves whose skills are too valuable) both to cull any excess population and reduce the chance of violent resistance. This is also a ceremonial act; the goblins see the consumption of the Danigau as a holy duty, symbolic of the Danigau?s ?consumption of the goblin lands?.
Garakk?s warriors often kidnap people when they are sure that they will escape notice, typical targets are travelers who look like they don?t fit in or those who have seen some sign of the goblin?s passage ? Garakk is terrified that the Counts of Danigau will learn of the goblins' existence and use the greatly feared Danig magic against the goblins.
Larger raids are carried out when Garakk thinks that the blame will fall on Urga-Zai, particularly when he sees that goblins have got past the border guards, at times like these Garakk orders his people to raid on a larger scale, merchant wagons are favorite targets as are farms with ripe or harvested crops.
Heidi the Match-maker
Match-maker of Blackgate
F.Brecht; Expert 6; LN. HP 6d6-6 = 14.
Cha 15, Con 6, Dex 12, Int 15, Stn 6, Wis 14. Bloodline: None.
Quote: Your son Pieter seems quite fond of young Matilda, and they are both of a similar lineage; would it please you if I spoke to her parents, they are best approached carefully for they dote upon their daughter ? as all good parents should of course.
A constant snoop and mine of gossip ? salacious and otherwise - Heidi ferrets out details of the personalities (and more important the prospects) of the youngsters in Danigau and arranges matches between them to ensure that appropriate couples form; PCs who are rich and powerful but without connections are a particular favorite of hers for she knows that nobles fallen on hard times often welcome the wealth that an adventurer brings to the family sufficiently to overlook the adventurer?s low background and culture.
Heidi is loved and loathed in equal measure; she always knows which couples are happy, which are not, which husbands philander, which wives pine for lack of attention and the like. She won the hatred of Heidi Wiergau, once a good friend, for discovering Victor?s apparent divestiture and so ruining his proposed match with Aloise Neblinger; but Heidi is a firm favorite of Katherine Gauren Danig who she originally matched to Count Erik and now supplies with information on the secret doings of the court.
Kort Dragonsbane
Debt collector, mercenary, and self-proclaimed dragonsbane
M.Vos? Fighter 8; NE; HP 8d10+40= 90
Cha 6, Con 20, Dex 10, Int 8, Stn 20, Wis 6. Bloodline: None.
Equipment: Studded leather armor +3, Provides damage resistance 5 to fire and acid.
Quote: Hurr, a tough fight if yon potion fails, and near certain flight needed to avoid the Count?s wrath, five thousand gold I will need, to hire me and those others needed for such a task.
I don?t care if you paid the other guy; you haven?t paid me. I?ll be nice about it, pay up or you can choose whether I break your legs or your face.
Grrr! Stuck up wench! Who does she think she is? I?ll teach her to respect a real man. Aye, and that prancing popinjay of hers too!
Hrr, looking for some easy cash? I've a little job I could use a hand with - if you aren't to fussy about rules and suchlike
This brutal looking man is rumored to have orog blood and has the filthy temper to prove it. He proudly wears wyvern hide armor from a beast he slew himself, and constantly searches for signs of the ?foul wyrm? he insists lairs in northern Danigau. When not searching he makes a living acting as a debt collector, often for the Baron of Starkhundt and as a mercenary bodyguard.
Lars Ericson
Druid of Erik
M.Rjurik: Druid 3, CG, Bloodline: None.
Quote: Plant turnips my lord, corn will freeze in the first frost, turnips will feed your cattle through winter.
Yes my lord, terracing is expensive, but if you wish to harvest anything on the hillside you need flat ground?
What abomination of Azrai is this? What could wrack the body of one of Erik?s children so?
Lars is the head of a small temple of Erik ? one of several attached to Sera?s Perfekt Symmetry, his men advise the farmers on land usage and ensure that the farmers use avoid waste, the druids first came to Danigau over a century ago, and have since increased food output by half while increasing the land set aside for woods, pasture and the like.
Lars does not mind that Sera?s Perfekt Symmetry take care of all political matters on behalf of his small church, he is concerned only with the use of the land and cares little for the matters of man. He is worried lately however; several minor nobles in Starkhundt have seen crops suffer snap frosts without apparent reason and been ruined as a result, the Baronet however seems unconcerned blaming the failures on poor husbandry ? his lands have been unaffected.
A second pressing matter is that goats, sheep and even cattle in Hoklep have been victimized of late ? slain by some taloned beast ? or simply gone. What has caused these problems is a mystery, and Lars is desperately searching for help to resolve the matter.
Malikai Ulricksen
Famed artist and wit
M.Br; Expert 9; CG, HP 9d6+18= 51.
Cha 14, Con 14, Dex 20, Int 16, Ston 12, Wis 8. Bloodline: none.
Quote: Milord I swear, I meant no offense, yon statue is not as I sculpted it!
I need a block of the finest marble, only the finest will do, bring one of the famed blocks from the ancient temple on Mount Reisig and be rewarded handsomely!
Malikai is one of Erik Danig?s favorite artisans... and secretly one of his best spies. Many times Malikai has been able to win access to some private area while commissioned to create some piece of art.
Niobhe Summersky
Proposed court mage of Blackgate
F.Elf; Sorceror 3; CG. HP 3d4-3 = 7.
Cha 18, Con 8, Dex 16, Int 16, Stn 10, Wis 14. Bloodline: Azrai, minor, 22. 1 minor ability: Heightened ability: intelligence
Quote: I am no warrior milord, nor a beggar or blackguard, pay me properly for my services and I assure you of my absolute loyalty.
This elven maid recently arrived at Blackgate and made the Count an intriguing offer; she would build up his source holdings for him in Hoklep, Starkhundt, Talhundt and in surrounding lands if he would sponsor her to do so. In return he would permit her access to his knowledge of realm magic and she would keep some small holdings outside Danigau. The Count was considering his response when he died ? a very busy man the offer sounded quite attractive as long as Niobhe could be trusted to hand the holdings to him in a few years.
For her part Niobhe is being perfectly frank, a young sidhe, she sees the elven ability to cast magic as her races greatest strength, and their continued weakening as evidence that they need to change how they use it. She still shies away from necromantic magic but she has learned several evocations and intends to learn more.
Niobhe is fascinated by dwarves, having never seen one before coming to Danigau. She is intrigued by their long perspective on life and has become well known to the few dwarves of Blackgate. She has been encouraging Ilse Redbedtehr to consider speaking to the dwarves and hopes to see more of the mountain folk as a result.
The Rimeshark
Pirate of fell repute.
F.Brecht: awnshegh; Fighter 5, Rogue 7, Scion 2, Awn 2; CE; HP 5d10+9d6+2d8 + 16= 80. Bloodline: Azrai, Major, 40. 2 minor, 2 major and 1 great ability. Minor: Detect illusion, Detect life. Major: Bloodform, Corrupt touch. Great: Animal affinity (shark)
Quote: Hmm, you will make an excellent minion once those impudent eyes have been scourged from your face.
The name for both the pirate captain and the ship she captains, the Rimeshark is a mysterious pirate said to follow Kriesha that is seen only in the darkest winters when ice-floes dot the Krakennauricht and storms make day as black as night.
The Rimeshark herself has shark-like skin on her limbs and back, a wide fang filled mouth and webbed hands and feet. Her ship is incredibly swift though frost lines every rope and rail. She is said to be led to merchant vessels by sharks and exult in feeding people to the sea-beasts, dangling their limbs in the water to see the sharks rend the poor folk in two, or leap from the water to feast on the remains.
Where the Shark sails in warmer months in unclear, though as she has preyed upon vessels since the fall of the Anuirean Empire and counts both undead and abominations amongst her crew some suggest the Shadow World.

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