Fjrlaaf clan

Kingdom: Rjuvik

Winter Province: Sjarkhoelle

Summer Province: Hoeskal

Chief: Linna (FRj; R9; Re, major, 22; LG)
The Fjrlaaf are surprisingly nonviolent and tolerant tribe who dwell in the forests of northern Rjuvik. Deep and sincere in their worship of Erik, the Fjrlaaf are proud that they have never started a feud or war, although they have defended themselves fiercely when attacked. The bandit chiefs of Rjuvik have often troubled them, and though they have always preferred peaceful retreat to open conflict, the Fjrlaaf have several times been brought to bay and forced to fight, which they have done with skill and honor, frustrating the brigand forces of Rjuvik. Today, Jarl Najral, a somewhat honorable man, leaves them in peace and does his best to defend them from neighboring warlords who wish to plunder the Fjarlaaf's lands, steal their possessions and (in the case of some more unscrupulous jarls) sell their people into slavery.
The Fjarlaaf are ruled by Chieftess Linna Fjrlaaf, a ranger with close ties to druids. Her friendship with the various mysterious priest and priestesses who inhabit this region has aided her people considerably, helping them to elude pursuit and attack and assisting in the setup of ambushes and counterattacks.
For years, the Fjrlaaf hare been regular guests to Njallby in Hjorvaal and Arnoraby in Lofkirdik during the late summer. A pleasant, gentle people with strong interest in the arts, they are welcomed in most realms.

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