Fryggvaal clan

Kingdom: Jankaping

Winter Province: Harlskaang

Summer Province: Jurva

Chief: Rjannka (FRj; R9; Ma, minor, 16; NG)
The most populous and important tribe in Jankaping, the Fryggvaal boast nearly 600 members, and occupy extensive semi-permanent winter quarters in the realm's eastern forests. Chieftess Rjannka is an influential friend of the jarls Bjark and Olam, who are leading dissidents wishing to break from the city-based influence of King Alnor.
The Fryggvaal make a great deal of their independence and reliance on traditional ways, but despite this, have come to depend more upon trade with the renegade jarls for their basic sustenance. Though they still trek to traditional hunting and fishing lands in Jurva each spring, fewer and fewer Fryggvaal tribesfolk actually engage in such pursuits, preferring to spend the summer haggling, and trading for foodstuffs, clothing, and weapons with both the rebel jarls and the foreign traders who appear in the region with increasing frequency. Unknown to most tribesfolk, Rjannka has come under the influence of the White Witch through her agents. These agents act as traders and subtly urge the chieftess to increase both her distance to from the king and the tribe's reliance on outside trade for survival.

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