Aegilsgaard clan

Kingdom: Hogunmark

Winter Province: Valkheim

Summer Province: Njorldar

Chief: Gunnar (MRj; F15; Vo, major, 28; LN)
This tough, war-loving tribe inhabits eastern Hogunmark and is often on the front line of conflicts with the White Witch or Blood Skull raiders. Noted for the quality of their weapons and skill of their warriors, the Aegilsgaard also boast highly skilled bards and artisans, who are among the best in Hogunmark but are barely recognized outside the tribe.
Chief Gunnar is an old and powerful fighter who is revered as the virtual father of his tribe. Even after losing an eye to an orog raider, Gunnar remains a relentless warrior and a wise leader, though he is prone to be impulsive and engage in outbursts of temper.
The Aegilsgaard are less suspicious of outsiders than other tribes, and have few qualms about the rulership of Freila, Queen of Hogunmark, who respects them and asks only token tribute. Her warriors are often sent east to aid Aegilsgaard in defending themselves against the Witch and Blood Skulls.

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