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Iron, lumber, weapons, armour, linen, and wool
Livestock, grains, cheese, wines, and ale


Settled nearly 2000 years ago by the Elaime, fourth tribe of the Andu, Alamie is an ancient realm ruled by a proud noble house that dreams of restoring its former glory when it was one of the greatest duchies in Anuire. A hundred years have now passed since the bloody Brother's War, when over half the duchy seceded to form Tuornen, and that brutal war still haunts the people and government of Alamie. The duchy finds itself in one of the most untenable positions in Anuire. A largely rural, agricultural realm, it lacks the manpower to seriously challenge the duchy's rebellious neighbours in Tuornen to the west and to the east and south-east are the major powers of Ghoere and Mhoried. In the north, the Five Peaks provide a constant menace, while the south lies largely outside the Duke's authority and answers to the powerful Guilder Kalien of Endier.

[top]Life and Society

Alamie is an agricultural realm, with towns and villages evenly distributed throughout the land. Free farmers and peasants bring the fruits of their harvests to centralized towns and holdfasts, resulting in a very regular system of farm plots with small towns and villages located between each plot. This centralisation has lead to considerable growth in the city of Alaroine, situated near the center of the realm, primarily at the expense of the capital city, Lofton, which has grown little in recent years. The majority of Alamie's population are freehold farmers who toil the land tirelessly and are proud of their industriousness and independence. The vast expanses of farmland across Alamie produce such an abundance of grains and livestock that these industries form a large percentage of the Alamien economy and export industries. Most of these surplus foodstuffs are then exported to the nearby nations of Endier, Mhoried, and Cariele, earning a steady income for both Alamie's guilders and farmers.

Despite their rich farmland and generally good lives, the people of Alamie still believe they have dealt a poor hand by the gods and their lives would be better still if the lands of Tuornen still remained a part of their duchy. The typical Alamien regards the typical Tuor as an ungrateful rebel and possesses a certain jealousy over Tuornen's perceived prosperity. They further resent that the lands to the west could be theirs to farm and hold, and while this resentment rarely leads to actual physical violence, many travellers have found the people of rural Alamie to be surly and snobbish to outsiders. The people of Lofton, the capital city, consider themselves more rational and enlightened than their rural brethren, but they still harbour a lingering dislike for the people of Tuornen. Alamiens can be affable and friendly, though, just as long as no one broaches the subject of their enemies to the west. Most of the nobles of Alamie are loyal enough to the Duke, Carilon Alam. They share Duke Alam's animosity toward the Tuors and actively plot with him to bring down the Flaertes line and reunite the duchy. Should the duke ever call for war, the nobles would gladly march alongside his armies.

While the nobles in northern and central Alamie are loyal, many of the civil authorities in the south answer to the lord of Endier, Guilder Kalien. Kalien controls much of the trade in Alamie and has made it clear that none shall challenge his authority in the south. When the law steps in to remove any of Kalien's holdings, people usually end up dead. On the other hand, the duke has let Kalien know that Alamie won't support any guild that doesn't pay tribute to the crown. Burned warehouses and raids on illegal operations have cut into Kalien's interests, although if the rumors are true this action has led Kalien to start making overtures to Tuornen.

Kalien's Heartlands Outfitters aren't the only guilds that maintain a presence in Alamie. Ghoere's pet guilder, Ghorien Hiriele, has considerable assets within Alaime, especially in the east of the duchy. Well known as one of Kalien's main competitors, the spheres of influence of these two guilds have yet to come into contact, but trouble can be expected when the two major guilds finally do begin a major trade war for control of the rich Alamien farmlands. The last major trading empire to have dug its claws into Alamie is the vast empire of Carielean guildmistress Mheallie Bireon. Bireon's guilds have slowly crept down out of the North and taken over substantial business interests in the Heartlands, particularly in Alamie and Tuornen. Bireon and Duke Alam maintain a cordial working relationship and on more than one occasion, Bireon's mercenaries have done work for the duke.

The guilds of Alamie compete over the right to export foodstuffs to their native lands and to import the material needed to maintain the Duke Alam's armies. Indeed, the highly competitive nature these guilds, combined with the generally prosperous populace has led to a growing middle class of merchants and tradesmen and has made Alamie one of the largest centres of the worship of Sarimie in Anuire.

The Celestial Jewel of Sarimie, the largest and most powerful temple to Lady Luck in the old Empire, preaches to both merchant and farmer alike and has experience growing popularity in recent years. The temple is generally supportive of Duke Alam's reign and has been known to help him during times of monetary hardship.

Though Sarimie finds a large following here, the traditional Anuirean patron, Haelyn, is deeply respected and venerated. About half of Alamie's populace follows the Lawgiver's precepts, as interpreted by the Western Imperial Temple. Haelyn's credo of law, order, justice, and honour appeal to most Alamiens, as does the Western Imperial Temple's more moderate stance toward other religions. The Haelynite church also is generally supportive of Duke Alam's reign, though they are neutral in his struggle with the Tuors. The canny old duke plays the two temples off against each other, hoping to gain as much as he can from any conflict this might generate.

Like many of the other Heartlands people, Alamiens have a distrust of magic and genuine practitioners of the arcane are few and far between. The only claimant of Alamie's sources is the wizard Caine. However, Caine is far too aloof and unpredictable for Duke Alam's tastes and he is hoping that his daughter will one day take up the role of court wizard.

[top]The Land

Alamie has been often described by outsiders as one big flat stretch of grass. Although this picture isn?t entirely accurate, it is a description that does leap to mind when a traveller reaches the plains. Waves of corn fill province after province, and the air smells of fertilizer. In the northern provinces, the land rises and becomes hilly as it slopes up towards the Stonecrown Mountains and the wilds of the Five Peaks.

[top]Alaroine (5/0)

Like much of the rest of Alamie, Alaroine is a flat plain and vibrant farmland. Few of the towns here rise above 500 people, with the sole exception of the trade city of Aloroine, located near the heart of the province. Alaroine is ruled by the elderly count Maesel Alaroine (MA; Ftr6; Scion of Reynir, minor, 15). The Count and his family, including his son, Robert Alaroine, have a long history of service in the Alamien army.

[top]Deseirain (3/2)

Located along the banks of the Tuor River, Deseirain is home to the capital former city of Lofton (prior to the War of the Brothers) and is still home to the majority of the Alamie army. Like the other provinces, it is primarily farmland, but several larger towns and villages can be found dotting the eastern bank of the river, often directly opposite similar towns along the Tuornen side of the river.

The province is controlled by the Deseirain family, the count is Gavin Deseirain. The Deseirain family is relatively new to Alamie, arriving during Jerem's reign, but has quickly become wealthy and influential. Count Deseirain's brother Moergen serves as the duke's Seneshal and runs a network of agents throughout Alamie, keeping the duke informed of the various happenings throughout his nation, and, if the rumours are to be believed, throughout Tuornen and other nations as well.

[top]Hildon (2/3)

Hildon lies to the north of Deseirain, a quiet, unremarkable province where few events of note ever occur. The province is ruled by Norvien Gramm] (MA, Nbl1), the dullard count who relies heavily on his new sheriff Vordhuine Smithson who replaced the recently deceased Onwen Maescross. The manner of Onwen's death; poisoning, has lead to questions and rumors about Vordhuine, but little has come of them.
The southern reaches of the province are plains and play host to a large cattle industry while the northern reaches give way to sparsely populated highlands.

[top]Laraeth (3/2)

Laraeth is a fairly insular province, the people here go about their business, caring little for the conflict with the Tuors. Unlike the rest of Alamie, the province is not dedicated to the production of grains and livestock, but instead supports a growing wine industry. The fertile soil produces a deep, smooth flavour in the Laraeth wines and they are currently in favor among the nobility of Anuire.

The wealthy and powerful Laraeth family, a very prominent family in Alamie due to their blood ties with the Alams, rules the province. The current count is Agelmore Laraeth (MAn; Rog4/ Ftr1; Scion of Brenna, minor, 22) Elaene's cousin, a cruel bully and braggart a man who spends most of his time feasting, chasing women or attending the Ducal Court where he is considered a good friend of the Duke.

[top]Maesford (2/3)

Comprised of vast open plains that are occasionally subject to flooding from the Maesil River, Maesford is a rich agricultural province, although in recent years it has fallen under the control of Guilder Kalien and much of its wealth is being siphoned away to fuel the merchant's interests in the region. The town of Maesford lies just across the River Maesil from the City of Endier and a ferry service constantly makes the run between the two. The town is also home to large grain silos and numerous warehouses for the storage of goods destined for Endier or for sale further down the Maesil River.

The count here is Oeren Vyrwell, though his wife Ruimiele Vyrwell (FA; Nbl3; unblooded) does much of the rule in practice. Though the count maintains his ties of vassalage to Duke Alam, his wife ensures that Guilder Kalien's interests are looked after. A unit of archers and a unit of infantry are stationed in this province.

[top]Nortmoor (1/4)

Nortmoor is the most remote, least populated province in Alamie. Though the people here are farmers, they are of a different sort than their southern brethren. Here, the bulk of the people live in isolated farmsteads and make visits into the nearest village only rarely and only then to exchange news and break up the monotony of isolation. Although Nortmoor lies within Alamie, the people have more in common with their cousins across the Stonebyrn River in Mhoried.

The ducal authority remains a distant thing in Nortmoor and so the inhabitants must take the law into their own hands. Nearly everyone wears a weapon, the windows are all barred, and the doors are all locked for the nearby raiders of the Five Peaks are a constant worry.

Nortmoor's previous count was killed in 542MR, along with his entire family, during a major invasion from the Five Peaks and since that time the province has fallen under the jurisdiction of Ansen Lorrin who was made the new count. The count has few troops under his command and though he does what he can to keep the peace and guard the land against goblins and bandits many citizens of Nortmoor haven't seen a sheriff or army patrol in years.

[top]Sorelies (1/4)

The most mountainous of Alamie's provinces, although there are several stretches of moorland in the south, Sorelies is located along the border with the Five Peaks. The people here a hardy, isolationist folk who herd cattle and goats and care little for their duke, who lives so far away in the capital. In fact, most people in Sorelies consider the influence of the duke of Alamie to end just beyond the walls of Sorentier, the central keep of the province. A forbidding edifice for such a remote region, Sorentier serves as the center of authority for the Duke's activities in northern Alamie. The local count is Colier Berran, last of his family line the Count spends his time drinking and hunting, he avoids the court, indeed southern Alamie as much as possible and is only to happy to be ignored in return.

[top]Soutmoor (2/3)

Drawn from the same stock as the people Nortmoor, the inhabitants of Soutmoor live amongst open plains and peat bogs and while in theory they have answered to Count Ansen Lorrin since the destruction of the former ruling noble family Rion who was declared traitor by Duke Alam in practice the people of Soutmoor are an independent people, more likely to send a ducal tax collector on his way with a nice covering of tar and feathers than a sack full of coins. Unlike Nortmoor, however, the people here have less to fear, although the occasional party of gnolls or bandits menaces travellers. Mheallie Bireon's influence here is considerable and many consider her hold on the province to be greater than the new count's.

[top]Traiward (3/2)

The farms of Traiward are the richest in all of Alamie. Located on a flood plain between the Maesil and Tuor rivers, the land is well irrigated and provides enough food to feed a population more than twice its size. Here too, Guilder Kalien's influence is great and his merchant often comes into conflict with the duke's officials.

The count is Havriel Traiward (MA; Ftr 2; unblooded), who commands a unit of archers and two units of pikemen in order to protect this strategically important province. Something of a coward, who hopes he will never see war, Havriel grows fat by turning a blind eye to the activities of Kalien's merchants, while at the same time pledging his loyalty to the duke.


Two Andu tribes settled the region after the Flight from the Shadow. The Elaime, Fourth House of the Andu, settled in the area around the Tuor River, while the Carel, Twelfth House of the Andu, settled in the north, near the Five Peaks. Quickly coming into conflict with the goblins of the region, the Elaime and the Carel, allied with the elves, waged a bloody war against the creatures and drove them back into the Stonecrowns.

Unfortunately, it was not long before the Andu warred with their former elven allies as human civilization began to encroach on the forests of the Aelvinnwode. As happened throughout Cerilia, the elves were driven back and their woods cleared to make way for farmland and homes for the growing human population. The Elaime's western territories were one of the regions hardest hit by this war. Even today, the remains of sacked towns and sidhe towers can be found.

As history progressed and the language spoken by the Andu slowly changed, the Elaime came to be known as the Alam. Lead by a line of warrior kings, the Alam conquered and subdued their neighbors, eventually coming to rule an area larger than any of the other Andu tribes. During the War of the Shadow, the Alam fought alongside their Andu brethren and brought the greater part of their strength to Deismaar. There, the Alam suffered grievous casualties and their lord, the legendary Alynaer Alam, was slain.

After the Deismaar cataclysm, the Fourth House of the Andu fell into disarray. Several distant relations of King Alynaer, all of which were present at Deismaar, returned to the Alam lands newly empowered by their divine blood and with equal claims to throne of the Alam. These scions made war upon one another but none were able to achieve supremacy over the other.

All that changed when Roele began carving out his empire. Lying just to the north of the Emperor's center of power, the bickering Alam were swiftly conquered in 7 HC. One of the warring Alamien scions, Braelric Alam, Alynaer's nephew, assisted Roele in subduing the other factions and was rewarded with rulership of the region.

Another legendary figure, Duke Braelric was a loyal supporter of Roele's empire and personally lead Alamie's contingent of the Anuirean army. As one of Roele's warlords, Braelric distinguished himself in the Siege of Caer Bhalaene and was rewarded for his valour with the lands once held by the Carel, whom Roele had driven into exile (see Cariele entry). Baelric would later make the town of Lofton his ducal capital and settlers streamed into city until it was one of the greatest cities in the Heartlands. Trade and business flowed into Lofton, further increasing House Alam's wealth.

House Alam loyally served the Roele emperors and became one of the most important realms within the Empire. Alamie's rich farmland and plentiful harvest helped feed hungry Imperial armies and maintain an impressive presence in the Imperial Court. Soon Alamie came to be considered the equal of the Avanese, the Boeruineans, the Diemans, and the Mhoriens. On more than one occasion, a scion of House Alam had the opportunity to marry a member of House Roele, and so the alliance was further strengthened.

During the reign of the Anuirean Empire, several notable members of House Alam ruled over Alamie, including Haes the Builder, Arrdur the Butcher, and Brynmor the Trickster. Haes the Builder, reigning from 324 HC to 357 HC, expanded Lofton's budding settlement on the west side of the Tuor River and chartered it as a separate city, the city of Haes, named after himself. Arrdur the Butcher came to the throne of Alamie in 701 HC and in a fit insane paranoia, murdered his siblings, many of his children, his wife, several nobles, and a dozen servants as he stalked from room to room in an axe wielding frenzy. Only his timely slaying at the hands of his cousin, Torele Alam, would prevent further tragedy. Arrdur's brief but ugly reign gave rise to the popular story that madness commonly afflicts the Alam line, manifesting itself every few generations.

Brynmor the Trickster distinguished himself during the reign of Emperor Alandalae Roele as a consummate diplomat and political genius. While Alandalae occupied himself by warring against the Basarji, Brynmor skilfully manipulated factions within the Empire, increasing his own power and those of his allies while subtly undermining the Emperor's authority. Imperial authority never recovered from the damage done by Brymor.

When Arwyn Boeruine raised his banners in rebellion against Michael Roele in 950 HC, Alamie initially sat on the fence and declared for neither side. Alamie paid a dear price for its neutrality, for Lord Arwyn soon lead an impressive force across the Seamists and devastated much of western Alamie, including the land that makes up modern day Tuornen. Through this act, Arwyn forced the duke, Deklan Alam, into Michael's camp and Alamie was soon contributing numerous forces to the Emperor's cause.

After the War of Succession ended upon Sorrow's Field, Deklan Alam became one of the Emperor's greatest supporters, although many disliked and distrusted him for his previous neutrality. However, most in Alamie remember him as a great man and a hero for his actions alongside Michael Roele in the ill-fated campaign against the Gorgon.

After the fall of the Empire, nearly endless civil wars wracked Anuire. Alamie did not go unscathed in these conflicts, indeed, it initiated one of them. Deklan, dreaming of glory and an enlarged Alamien duchy, initiated the War of the Bridges by attacking Mhoried in 3 MR. Though Deklan at first met with great success, he was later forced into retreat when the Mhor managed to convince Ghieste and Bhalaene to invade Alamie. Deklan himself died fighting the invasion, felled by the Duke of Ghieste, Tibryn Ghieste. Though the Ghieste-Bhalaene invasion was eventually repulsed, Alamie's continuing occupation with the war drastically weakened its power and prestige.

The War of the Bridges would continue on and off for the next sixty years, as the duchies of Alamie, Ghieste, Bhalaene, and Mhoried fought for dominance over the River Maesil and its tributaries. The war eventually ended in 62 MR when the Alamien army, under Duke Halmied Alam, decisively defeated a Ghiestean invasion. The retreating Ghiestean armies then burned as many bridges and ferry crossings over the River Maesil as it could, in order to prevent an Alamien counter attack into Ghieste and then sued for peace.

The most prominent Duke of Alamie after the end of the War of the Bridges was Riegon Alam. Taking the throne as a young man in 101 MR, Riegon ruled for the next fifty years, rebuilding Alamie's prestige. After Riegon's death, Alamie was widely regarded as one of the preeminent powers in post-Imperial Anuire. Geographically large, well populated, prosperous, and strategically placed, more than one Alam dreamed of one day sitting upon the Iron Throne. However, Alamie's years of greatness would come crashing down in 447 MR, the year of the Brother's War. The story behind that conflict is one of tragedy and lost love.

In 411 MR, the duke Kaeduric dallied with a beautiful commoner named Calle. Though Calle became pregnant, it would have been unseemly for Kaeduric to take her as a wife, thus Calle left Lofton with her newborn son, Dalton, in exchange for a modest annuity. Carrying only her son, a small pouch of gold, and a ring given to her by Kaeduric, Calle left for Lofton's sister city, Haes.

Three years later, Kaeduric took Morissa Berran of Sorelies as a wife, presenting his subjects with a much more suitable duchess. Before long, the couple bore a son, Berric. Berric became a wilful man, subject to no one, until he met Lanelle Flaertes. Like his father before him, Berric fell for a woman of low birth. Unlike his father however, Berric intended to obey his heart instead of bowing to social constraints.

But over time, their romance soured as Berric began to grow suspicious of Lanelle, believing that she loved another. His increasing jealousy led him to forget his discretion one night and confront her as she walked the banks of the Tuor River with another man. Heated words were exchanged between Berric and the other man and they were soon engaged in a duel. The stranger greatly exceeded Berric's skill at the blade and only the timely intervention of the guards saved him from almost certain death. Despite Lanelle's pleas, the stranger was arrested for assaulting the ducal heir and sentenced to die by public execution.

The stranger, as it turns out, was a soldier in the Alamien army under the elven commander Braedonnal Tuare. Before facing death, the stranger persuaded Braedonnal to present a ring to the duke. This Braedonnal did, and Kaeduric immediately pardoned the stranger, for the ring could mean only one thing, that the stranger was none another than Dalton.

Perhaps rashly, Kaeduric publicly acknowledged Dalton's heritage. As Dalton grew proud and ever more popular, Berric began to feel that his father's love, once reserved for him alone, was now split. The people of Lofton were soon dividing amongst themselves, some celebrating Dalton as a romantic hero, others denouncing him as a threat to Berric's rightful heritage.

In 445 MR, Kaeduric died and Berric inherited the throne of Alamie. His first act was to charge Dalton with the death of Kaeduric and declare his half-brother a traitor. Forewarned of Berric's actions, the elf commander Braedonnal betrayed his loyalties to House Alam and informed Dalton of his impending arrest. Using Braedonnal's contacts, Dalton and Lanelle fled Lofton for the relative security of the countryside.

Unfortunately, Dalton's growing pride, ambition, and fear of Berric would not allow his fledgling family to live in the safety of anonymity. With Braedonnal's help, Dalton began a campaign of subversion among the commoners and in the army. However, Berric's own informers kept him aware of Dalton's moves and in 447 MR, Berric orchestrated a carefully planned series of attacks and arrests designed to root out pro-Dalton sentiment. The rebels fought to their last breath, resulting in the destruction of many towns and villages. Soon, Alamie neatly divided along the Tuor River, as most of the attacked villages were in the west. Berric fought from his stronghold in Lofton, while Dalton took control of the rebellious city of Haes.

The war dragged on for a year with brother warring against brother and cousin slaying cousin. Dalton offered to compromise with his half-brother, proposing to divide Alamie in two, but Berric would not suffer to see his duchy and rightful birthright sundered. The final battle of the war came in the Tuor province of Alamsreft, where Berric and Dalton met in a clash of arms. In that duel Berric was slain by Dalton's dagger as he was about to deliver the killing blow. And so the War of Brothers ended. Tuornen came into being and the once great Duchy of Alamie was left much reduced.

Following the end of the war, Berric's son, Jerem, assumed the Alam throne. Jerem took after his father's worst aspects. He was jealous, spiteful and full of rage over the loss of western Alamie and the death of his father. Unfortunately for Jerem, Alamie was too weak to take on Tuornen, so he focused his energies on repairing Alamie from the damage of war and awaited an opportunity.

In 489 MR, Telaena Flaertes, Dalton and Lanelle's daughter and duchess of Tuornen, well known for her martial prowess, led a foray against Rhuobhe Manslayer?s elves and came face to face with the Elf himself. She died on his blade, her heart pierced and strengthening his bloodline all the more. Taking advantage of this, Jerem's army invaded Tuornen and besieged Haes. After several weeks of siege, Jerem grew impatient and ordered an assault on the outnumbered defenders of Haes. Even as the attackers swarmed over the walls, Braedonnal Tuare called out Jerem to a challenge. Jerem eagerly accepted and was easily defeated by Braedonnal's skill at arms. The Alamien army retreated, their moral broken. The hatred between Alam and Tuor seethed all the more.

Following Jerem's death, his brother, Herran, ascended the throne. Herran ruled unremarkably for thirteen years until his death in 502 MR. Though Herran was well known for his calm, rational nature and excellent administrative skills, Alamie's nobles grew disenchanted with their duke, fearing that he did not have the will to deal with the rebels. His death of a sudden and violent stomach flu led to many rumors that his fourteen year old son, Carilon, arranged his death. None of these rumors could be substantiated of course.

After Herran's death, his wife, Serta, took up the position of caretaker of the Alamien throne for a couple years until Carilon was deemed old enough to rule. Even in those years, Carilon, with his assembled network of sympathizers and agents, remained the power behind his mother. Carilon finally ascended the throne in 504 MR at the age of sixteen.

Soon after, Carilon ordered a purge of the army, executing anyone not deemed sufficiently loyal to the duke or thought to have sympathies with the rebels. Carilon learned well the mistakes of his ancestors and rather than following a campaign of military aggression, he instituted a number of plots and conspiracies designed to destroy Tuornen from within and without.
The one exception to Carilon's quiet strategy came in 519 MR. In that year, the Manslayer again struck Tuornen, butchering as many humans as stood in his path. Seizing the opportunity, Carilon ordered another invasion of Tuornen.

For the second time since the War of Brothers, Alamien soldiers assaulted Haes. The Tuors would surely have have lost if not for Braedonnal Tuare. Under Commander Braedonnal?s leadership, the Tuor army rallied and defeated the attacking Alamiens. The failed campaign further convinced Carilon of the need for subtlety and finesse in the conquest of Tuornen and he was soon devoting most of his will toward that one task.

Today, the plans Carilon set in motion years before are nearing fruition. Alamien agents have infiltrated deep into the Tuor government and the duke?s shock troops stand ready to charge across the border and seize Haes in a lightning campaign.

[top]Important People

Carilon Alam, Duke of Alamie (MA; Nbl5; Scion of Basaia; major, 46; NE): Carilon Alam is a greedy, avaricious old man who cares nothing for the people of his realm, he hopes instead to retake his nation's lost territory by force and put himself, or one of his descendents, into a position where he could claim the Iron Throne. Failing that, he hopes the histories will reflect him as a great statesman.

Moerlan Alam (MA; Ftr3/Nbl2; Scion of Basaia; major, 35; NE): Moerlan Alam is Carilon's younger brother and the commander of Alam's armies. Although his military skill is questionable, he has been given the task of preparing the duchy's troops for the day when they will be called upon to attack Tuornen.

Soraene Alam (FA; Wiz3; Scion of Basaia; major, 35; N): A beautiful woman in her early thirties, Soraene is the only daughter of Carilon Alam and his youngest child. She is renowned as a great beauty by the people of Alamie, but her father's refusal to countenance a match which doesn't benefit his ambitions have kept her single.

Taelan Alam (MA; Nbl2; Scion of Basaia; major, 35, CN): Stark, raving mad are often the words used to describe Carilon's only son. Taelan is next in line to claim the title of duke, but the majority of the court favours Soraene, or even the duke's younger brother.

Lord Moergan Deseirain (MA; Rog 6 Fighter 2 ; Scion of Azrai, major, 42; TN): The loyal lieutenant of the Duke of Alamie, Lord Moergan controls the secret police that his master often finds so critical to maintaining peace and "harmony" in his realm. He is also a capable administrator and one of the few voices of reason (albeit self-interested and cloaked in guile) close to the Duke.


Alamie finds itself in a complicated and difficult political situation. Completely surrounded by enemies or potential enemies, the Dukes of Alamie must play a careful balancing act in order to survive.

Alamie's main nemesis remains Tuornen, or as the Alamiens call it, 'the rebellious west.' The two realms have fought three major wars and countless skirmishes in the last 120 years, leading to bitterness and hatred on both sides of the Tuor River. The people of Alamie, both commoner and noble, would like nothing better than to see their cousins across the river crushed.

Many Alamiens are simply unable to come to grips with their repeated defeats at the hands of the Tuors and spin wild tales to explain them. Tales of fell Tuor sorcery and vile pacts with awnsheghlien are common in alehouses throughout Alamie. The government does nothing to dispute these stories and indeed encourages them.

To Alamie's east lies Mhoried, one of Anuire's great powers. Alamie's regents have always kept a cautious eye on Mhoried, concerned that the Mhor might take action against them should they stretch their forces too far. During the best of times, Alamien-Mhorien relations are characterized by cautious neutrality.

In the southeast lies the dangerous Barony of Ghoere. Again, Duke Alam is cautious dealing with this realm, as the Baron, Gavin Tael, has proven to be perhaps the only man Alam has met that is more cunning and dangerous than him. However, Duke Alam has quietly opened a dialogue with the Baron of Ghoere in hopes of negotiating a non-aggression treaty so that both nations can focus their efforts elsewhere. Rumours in the ducal court say that these negotiations are nearly complete.

In the south is the merchant realm of Endier, a constant thorn in Duke Alam's side. The lord of that realm, Guilder Kalien, buys off the civil authorities in southern Alamie in order to protect his businesses from the duke. The duke is constantly trying to undercut Kalien's influence in Alamie, resulting in something of an underground war between the two.

Further to the south lies Diemed. Though Alamie and Diemed rarely have any contact, the ancient ruling houses of both realms sympathize with the other's plight.

As previously noted, Carilon Alam would like to see Alamie raised up to its proper place in history and himself remembered as a great statesman, or perhaps even a claimant for the Iron Throne, powerful enough to rival Avanil and Boeruine. To this end, he has sought to convince Darien Avan, the Prince of Avanil, that it would be in both their interests to see Tuornen once again under Alamien rule. He's promised the Prince that the new Alamie?s borders would be a perfect launching place for his armies.

The Prince of Avanil isn't convinced. He doesn't want to see Alamie grow, especially not at the expense of losing Tuornen as a possible ally. Also, he doesn't trust Carilon Alam, he knows well that the duke's plans seldom bode well for anyone but the duke.

It is also commonly known that Aeric Boeruine, Archduke of Boeruine, has regularly dispatched representatives to the duke and maintains an active interest in his affairs. Should Avanil refuse Alamie?s advances, Carilon Alam could soon turn to Boeruine for aid, and the threat of a wider war drawing in both Avanil and Boeruine could arise.

[top]Plots and Rumours

The River Pirates: Piracy along the Tuor River and bandit attacks on settlements on the western side of the river has reached an all time high. So far, the pirates have refrained from raiding Alamien settlements and ships, leading many to believe that their choice of targets is guided by Duke Alam in an effort to destabilize Tuornen. If this were discovered to be true, then it is almost certain that war would be the result.

The Golden Statue: Determined that the people of Anuire remember him, Duke Alam commissioned the construction of a great statue of himself wrought from solid gold. Construction was completed late last year and the fifteen foot statue was placed in the centre of Lofton. Only a few weeks later, the statue disappeared. Soon after, Carilon flew into a paranoid rage, blaming many around him for the theft. Since then, Duke Alam has posted a reward for anyone who can find the statue or discover information on its whereabouts.

The Growing Menace: Before Michael Roele's death, the greater Duchy of Alamie claimed the province of Sufhanie, which now lies within the Five Peaks. Repeated wars in the Heartlands and the growing strength of the bandits and humanoids in the Peaks eventually forced the dukes of Alamie to abandon this province.

These days, Sufhanie plays host to large tribes of gnolls, goblins, and bandit clans. With each passing day, these fell denizens grow in numbers and increase the threat to northern Alamie. Already, the number of raids from the Five Peaks has increased and the inhabitants cry out for greater protection. The problem has been mostly ignored by the duke and his court in Lofton, but should the bandits strike forcefully, it could derail the duke's plans for Tuornen.

Trouble in the House of Alam: When Carilon Alam finally dies, there could be trouble in the House of Alam. Taelan Alam's insanity is well known and many of the nobles secretly wish for Moerlan Alam or one of his militant sons to ascend the throne. No one has yet convinced Moerlan or one of his sons to make such a move and Carilon seems to know nothing about the matter, for now.

Further, Soraene Alam, Carilon's preferred heir, has disappeared from the College of Sorcery where she has been studying. Carilon and his agents have covered up this fact well, but the duke's daughter has been missing for nearly six months now. No one has taken responsibility for the act and as time passes, Carilon grows increasingly more irrational. Already he has ordered Lord Moergan Deseirain to send his agents to scour Anuire in a massive search for the perpetrator. The thought hasn?t even crossed Carilon?s mind that Soraene might have run away.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Alamie
Alaroine (5/0)CA (4)CJS (3)MB (3)
WIT (2)GH (2)
Deseirain (3/2)CA (2)WIT (3)MB (3)Ca (2)
Hildon (2/3)CA (1)CJS (2)MB (2)
Laraeth (3/2)CA (2)CJS (3)GH (3)Ca (2)
GK (0)
Maesford (2/3)CA (1)WIT (2)GK (2)Ca (3)
GK (0)
Nortmoor (1/4)
CJS (1)MB (1)
Sorelies (1/4)
WIT (1)MB (1)
Soutmoor (2/3)
CJS (1)GH (2)
Traiward (3/2)CA (2)WIT (3)GK (3)Ca (2)
Abbreviations: CA=Carilon Alam (Alamie); Ca=Caine; CJS=Celestial Jewel of Sarimie (Temias Coumain); GH=Ghorien Hiriele (Highland/Overland Traders); GK=Guilder Kalien (Endier); MB=Mheallie Bireon (Source of the Maesil); WIT=Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn (Rhobher Nichaleir).

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