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Mhistecai is the wizard Isolde Mierelen, who believes she should rule Mieres herself. Mhistecai loves the country and comes to the aid of the people when danger threatens and this means she sometimes works with Avanese governor Arron Vaumel, though he is unwilling to aid her.

[top]The Land

Mhistecai's domain spreads along the northern shores of Aduria, throughout Mieres and into the wilds of Aduria where few dare travel.


The Mierelen family, which had dominion of Mieres before the Second War of the Straits, when Avanil established authority over Mieres and deposed the old baronial family for the direct rule of a Governor sent by Avanil. Today Mieres is administered by a governor, Arron Vaumel, although the post has become hereditary as local upbringing proved useful in keeping control of the colony.
Mhistecai, who is Isolde Mierelen, believes that as the head of the senior branch of the Mierelen family, she should rule Mieres herself, although she accepts the hypothetical submission to an Emperor of Anuire. Instead, Mhistecai controls only the sources. She would gladly overthrow the Governor, Lord Arron, and take direct control, but Arron controls not just the law and the land, but the guilds as well. If this were not enough, Prince Darien Avan of Avanil, to whom Arron has sworn homage, is wary of Mhistecai and is ready to send support in gold, regency, or troops to preserve his domination of the colony. Second, Mhistecai is unwilling to destroy the army of Mieres because she would surely need "her" army to resist Avanil's attempt to restore control in the colony. Further, Mhistecai loves the country and comes to the aid of the people when danger threatens and this means she sometimes works with Arron, though he is unwilling to aid her.
Mhistecai is related to the other powerful Vorynn bloodlines of Anuire, including the Sword Mage, her sister-in-law the Wizard, and her cousin, Hermedhie, as well as the houses of Diem, Mhoried, and Alam.


Unusually for a source domain, the house of Mhistecai is heavily involved in politics, with agents in every walk of Mieres life. Many of these agents have no idea who they work for, others believe that they are using Mhistecai for their own ends, but all these agents bring information to the wizardess and aid her from time to time.

[top]Important Figures

As with any source domain the most important member of the organization by far is Mhistecai herself. Unlike many wizards however Mhistecai has several apprentices, although it is unclear if any are true wizards rather than mere magicians. In addition Mhistecai has the service of several people who have fallen foul of the governor, from warriors to merchants driven from the guilds. and, of course, Mhistecai has the service of innumerable spirits of the land and waves who aid the wizardess in return for her protection of the land's mebhaighl and wars against the Shadow magics of the south.

[top]Plots and Rumours

  • The Seadrake, rearing its ugly head again in the Straits of Aerele to the north, has begun demanding tribute from passing ships and destroying villages on the northern coast of the Straits in Medoere, Diemed, and Brosengae. Strangely, it has been leaving the corsairs of Mieres alone, allowing the Mierese to claim their own bounty.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Mhistecai
Brenlie, Mieres (3/4)AV (1)EOM (3)AV (3)Mhi (0)
Crenier, Mieres (2/5)AV (1)CJS (2)AV (2)Mhi (3)
Dhalier, Mieres (1/6)DA (1)VOM (1)AV (1)Mhi (0)
Ghaele, Mieres (2/3)AV (1)ETN (2)AV (2)Mhi (3)
Lathier, Mieres (3/4)AV (1)EOM (3)AV (3)Mhi (4)
Mielen, Mieres (2/5)AV (1)EOM (2)AV (2)Mhi (5)
Seaward, Mieres (4/3)AV (2)EOM (3)AV (4)Mhi (3)
DA (2)VOM (1)
Serien, Mieres (4/3)DA (3)ETN (4)AV (4)Mhi (0)
AV (1)
Abbreviations: AV = Arron Vaumel (Mieres, Straits of Aerele Shipping); EOM = Eloéle of Mieres (Sarae Somellin); Mhi = Mhistecai; CJS = Celestial Jewel of Sarimie (Temias Coumain); DA = Darien Avan (Avanil); VOM = Vos of Mieres (Pytor Selenie); ETN = Eastern Temple of Nesirie (Maire Cwllmie)

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