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[top]Doctrine and Faith

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Priests of Ruornil first appeared in Brechtur about two centuries after the Battle of Mount Deismaar, largely concentrated in the forest that elves refer to as the Coulladraight.

The Brechts – not an overly religious people to begin with – recognized Ruornil as the god of moon and magic but, for the most part (with the notable exception of Grevesmuhl), what honor they give him is mostly due the fact that he is married to Sera, the goddess of fortune and luck, whom the Brecht have accepted as their primary patron deity. Because priests of Ruornil tend to be active at night and sleep during the day, Brechts generally refer to them as Nachteben (a Brecht term that roughly translates to “The Nocturnals”).

For most of their history, the Nachteben had been disorganized, at best. That changed shortly after Rheulgard declared independence from the Anuirean Empire in 5 MR. In the days following the Empire’s withdrawal from Brechtur, Rheulgard’s eastern provinces became plagued by a constant stream of attacks by Vos raiders from Molochev.

The Nachteben aided in the defense of Rheulgard’s borders. For some unknown reason, the Nachteben’s very presence seemed to startle the barbarians and the raids abruptly ended. It was during this time that the Nachteben became a formal organization and Ruornil’s temples became the most influential faith in the cantons.

Rheulgard enjoyed several months of peace before the raids started up again. This time, the barbarian attacks seemed even more brutal. Not only were Rheulgard’s villages pillaged, many of its defenders were captured and enslaved – and the Nachteben became the raider’s favorite targets.

With their numbers greatly diminished, the Nachteben sought aid from the druids. Followers of the Old Father of the Forest joined in the defense and the combined might of Rheulgard’s defenders became an unbreakable wall that the Vos eventually became tired of throwing themselves at.

The Nachteben does not resent losing its influence in Rheulgard’s eastern provinces to the Druid Circles devoted to the Old Father of the Forests. On the contrary, they were grateful for the Druids' assistance and the two groups have since built a strong alliance based on mutual respect.

Recently, however, a third faith has risen to prominence in Rheulgard. A group of militant priests have been spreading the worship of Avani throughout Rheulgard’s southern provinces and has become the Canton of Unbrau’s temple of choice. The Nachteben and the Druids have yet to react so whether or not Avani’s faith becomes a permanent presence in Rheulgard remains yet to be seen.

[top]Important Figures

Kort Lap-Tanrus is the leader of the Nachteben. "Lap-Tanrus" means "half-elf" in the Low Brecht tongue. Kort's father was a human nachtebon who resided in Treucht. At the time of his birth, Kort's paternal grandfather was the Nachteben's spiritual leader. Kort's mother was an elf originally from Coullabhie. Upon the death of his grandfather, Kort and his family moved to Rheulgard and his father became the Nachteben's regent.

Coincidentally, Kort's maternal uncle also married a human; their son, Fin Haeaelfyn, is Kort's cousin. Unlike Kort, who was born in Treucht and raised in Rheulgard, Fin was born and raised in Coullabhie. Over the years, the two cousins have become quite close, bonding over the many similar experiences that comes with being born of two worlds.

When his father died, regency of the Nachteben fell to Kort. That was almost 150 years ago. By all appearances, Kort is a man no older than 30. His elven blood, responding to the fey magic of nearby Coullabhie, is responsible for Kort's appearance -- few would guess that he has been alive for almost two centuries.

[top]Plots and Rumours

[top]Domain Holding Table

[top]The Nachteben

Domain Table: Nachteben
Beuraben, Rheulgard (0/9)--KLT (0)-CB (4)
Coulbaraigh, Rheulgard (4/3)RK (2)KLT (3)TY (4)RG (2)
FL (2)
Deezel, Rheulgard (2/5)---RG (2)
Podenstahl, Rheulgard (5/2)RK (5)KLT (4)-RG (2)
Wohlers, Rheulgard (5/0)---RG (0)
Zedforst, Rheulgard (0/9)-KLT (0)-RG (9)
Legend: KLT = Kort Lap Tanrus (Nachteben), CB = Camyrynnyd Bullahrie (Sayer of Coullabhie), RG = Rheulaan Greencloack (Wizard of Rheulgard), RK = Richard Kaysun (Meister of Poden), FL = Frederika Liebshül (Mater of Unbrau), TY = Tyrus Yurdvik (Bannalach Spoilers)

*Aside from their names and holdings, the Birthright source material says little about this domain and its regent. Canonically, we know that the Nachteben and the druids of the Old Father of the Forests are allied domains, the priests of Ruornil have earned the respect (if not the friendship) of the elves of Coullabhie, and we know its regent is a half-elf priest of Ruornil. The rest of the material presented on this page is simply a fun example of adding detail to a domain that is otherwise largely a blank canvas.

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