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[top]Wilma Hansen

Female Brecht Noble 1

Minor Bloodline of Brenna, 10

CN Medium Humanoid

Abilities: Cha 8, Con 8, Dex 10, Int 14, Str 8, Wis 10

Special abilities: none
Typical dialogue:

But why does he still fail too recognize me? I am clearly the heir! Oh I am vexed to the point of indisposition, how my brother could squander his seed in so many tarts I know not! How could he fail to realize the trouble it would cause me?

Britter?s younger sister Wilma has loudly and publicly declared that as none of Britter?s children are legitimate she has the best, indeed only real claim to the Barony. If she had been a little less shrill Count Erik might well have acceded, but the Count despises Wilma?s greed and inability to see anything in terms that do not relate to how she is affected by it.
Wilma has never stooped to assassination but her toughs have beaten several of Britter?s children badly and whenever one appeared to have gained the Count?s favor she struck them down with means fair or foul.

[top]Richard Hansen

Male Brecht Magician 7

Minor Bloodline of Brenna, 12

LN Medium Humanoid

Abiltities: Cha 12, Con 12, Dex 10, Int 17, Str 8, Wis 14

Special abilities: none
Typical dialogue:

Ahh, I would expect that the gale will sweep north given the current clouds over Hoklep, um, only my opinion of course lord Volse, whether your ships sail or not is of course entirely your concern.
It?s really quite fascinating; you see clouds come in certain types, which lie at different heights, I have analyzed 34 types of cloud which are found over 6 distinct heights; by analyzing the shape and altitude of a cloud and the manner of their movement and interpolating the results I can, ahh, miss Aloise? Where are you going?
Count Danig I scried some strangeness in Wiergau, more than goblins are abroad this night, some foul corruption is at work in the mountains.

Richard was Britter?s cousin, although far down in the obvious path of succession Richard was seriously considered as the next Baron by the Count due to the fact he had ?made something of himself?. Richard is a competent magician who uses a crystal ball to scry out weather patterns and has a fairly good track record of predicting the weather ? particularly the major storms which so readily destroy unprepared ships. Volse Redbedtehr pays well for Richard?s services in predicting the weather, locating lost ships, etc.
Unsurprisingly once Wilma found out that Richard was being considered as the next Baron she was furious; she arranged for a comely young lad to enter Richard?s service and made sure that the young man was found by a maid in Richard?s bed soon after leading to wild rumors that flew around Blackgate for several seasons. The somewhat unworldly Richard was disgraced and is ignored by many even today for his obvious ?perversions?.
Richard is now a wary man who is extremely loyal to those, such as Volse Redbedtehr,who stood by him when Wilma destroyed his hopes of a great future; he refuses to hear wrong of Volse and refuses to aid Ilse with his skills out of loyalty to her brother.

[top]Calder Hansen

Male Brecht Berserker 3

Minor Bloodline of Brenna, 12

CG Medium Humanoid

Abilities: Cha 14, Con 17, Dex 7, Int 6, Str 18, Wis 14

Special Abilities: none
Typical dialogue:

Ha, ha ha hah! Is good fight yes?
Honest officer, we were only playing?
I?m Calder; you look like a nice girl, how about it? The barn over there is warm.

Calder is one of Britter?s many children, often described as a bear of a man he is blessed with all the grace of a bull in a china shop. The only person who has ever thought that Calder could be the next baron is Calder, and as the critics say that?s only because he?s never actually thought.
Calder clings however to the belief that one day he will ?make it happen?, he just needs to carry-out some sufficiently heroic act to prove himself to the Count and marry a woman who can do the ?numbers and words? that a baron needs.
Calder is a likable sort and between his father?s roguish charm and his axe he has made friends throughout Blackgate and Kantswach where he often travels to ?prove himself?. Calder is one of the few warriors brave enough to dare to enter Urga-Zai in pursuit of raiders and is a good friend of Siegfried Donnerssohn as a result.

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