Tanbert Twistback

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Male Brecht/Goblin Magician 8.


CE Small Humanoid

HP: 8d4-8= 14

Abilities: Cha 8, Con 8, Dex 14, Int 14, Str 6, Wis 10.

Equipment: The Bloodstone, cursed crystal ball.

framed|Tanbert Twistback

Quote: Milady, his mage may detect my attention for he is not without skill of his own, I barely had the strength to command the stone last time, if I fail this time it may drink me dry.

Tanbert Twistback was always scorned as a short, sly, twisted man, but it was only when Heidi the matchmaker discovered the truth of his goblin grandfather that Tanbert's hopes that he might win a high place in polite society through his magic were crushed.
Tanbert was approached by the Ice Lady when deeply depressed from the way he was abruptly shunned and was quickly tangled in her schemes; although Tanbert would rather leave the Ice Lady?s service now he has recovered a little she has far too tight a grip on him for him to dare defying her.

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