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The Stonelord
Not Available to PCs



GB Income:
?? GB
RP Income:
?? RP
Court (4 ), Fortifications, Army

3x Dwarven infantry, 1x Dwarven guard, 3x Dwarven crossbowmen, 1x Miners (levy)
3x castles (see note)


This ancient dwarven fortress sprawls across three provinces. It existed long before the Battle of Mount Deismaar, and even before the arrival of humans in Cerilia. Its warriors fought against the dark in the great battle, and today its leaders rule with the aid of blood power. The dwarves are currently hard-pressed by their enemies - the Urga-Zai goblins to the north and the powerful Gorgon to the south - but continue to hold out valiantly. With each passing year, their numbers dwindle and hope for continued survival fades.

[top]Life and Society

Khurin-Azur is one large community, and as such, the realm is its own capital city. A tribute to dwarven engineering, artistry, and endurance, the halls of Khurin-Azur are a wonder to behold, carved inch by inch from the living rock of the region’s mountains, covered in elaborate scroll- and knotwork, decorated with runes and images of dwarven gods and heroes, connected by a network of cunningly-designed and craftily-defended tunnels, and containing endless suites of living quarters, temples, storehouses, armories, barracks, and numerous other chambers.

Unfortunately, large stretches of Khurin-Azur lie uninhabited, occupied only by dust and the memories of ancient greatness. Some of the lower levels of the fortress have, in fact, become lairs and bases for goblins and other creatures, which the dwarves lack the strength to drive out.

[top]The Land

Khurin-Azur is a giant dwarven city spawning in 3 duchies. Each duchy is ruled by a vassal of the Stonelord, except for the centre, ruled by Tjorgrim Stonesoul itself.

NOTE: Each "castle" holding in Khurin-Azur should be considered as a city fortification, closing the tunnels and passages such that each duchy/block is guarded and controlled.



The Stonelord and his dukes control all the law in the realm, and no dwarf would ever wish it otherwise. However, it is rumored that agents of the Gorgon are starting to corrupt some of the realm's inhabitants, though open opposition to the Stonelord is still completely unknown.

[top]Important Figures

  • Tjorgrim Stonesoul, (MD, F15; Re, major, 26; LG) the Stonelord. An ancient, scarred dwarf who has seen his kingdom through numerous battles with goblins, orogs, and the minions of the Gorgon. He is old and weary, however, ready to make his peace with eternity.
  • Hrothval (MD; F8; Re, min, 15; LG), nephew to Tjorgrim, a valiant fighter and he's expected by the people to take Tjorgrim's mantle as the Stonelord when his uncle passes away.
  • Rundvi, Tjorgrim's war chief and berserker, he is ferocious in battle as he is skilled in politics.
  • Northri Guthvarsson (MD; Pr15, Moradin, Vo, major, 32, LG) oversees the various shrines and temples, staying where help is needed, and training dwarven warriors and priests to battle when enemies are on the march.
  • Bori Redhammer and Udri Ironfist, dukes

[top]Rumors, Secrets and Plots

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Khurin-Azur
Azagkhul (1/6)BR (1)NG (1)-VG (1)
Khurin-Azur (4/3)TS (4)NG (4)TS (3)VG (2)
Voldar (2/5)UI (2)NG (2)TS (1)VG (1)
Abbreviations: BR = Bori Redhammer; NG = Northri Guthvarsson; VG = Vaar Gestaad; TS = Tjogrim Stonesoul; UI = Udri Ironfist;

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