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Female Brecht awnshegh Fighter 5/ Rogue 7/ Scion 2/ Awn 2

Pirate of fell repute

Major bloodline of Azrai, 40

CE Medium Humanoid
HP 5d10+9d6+2d8 + 16= 80.

Blood abilities: 2 minor, 2 major and 1 great ability. Minor: Detect illusion, Detect life. Major: Bloodform, Corrupt touch. Great: Animal affinity (shark)

Quote: Hmm, you will make an excellent minion once those impudent eyes have been scourged from your face.
The name for both the pirate captain and the ship she captains, the Rimeshark is a mysterious pirate said to follow Kriesha. She is seen only in the darkest winters, when ice-floes dot the Krakennauricht and storms make day as black as night.
The Rimeshark herself has shark-like skin on her limbs and back, a wide fang-filled mouth and webbed hands and feet. Her ship is incredibly swift, though frost lines every rope and rail. She is said to be led to merchant vessels by sharks, and exults in feeding people to the sea-beasts, dangling their limbs in the water to see the sharks rend the poor folk in two, or leap from the water to feast on the remains.
Where the Rimeshark sails in warmer months in unclear, though she has preyed upon vessels since the fall of the Anuirean Empire, and counts both undead and abominations amongst her crew. Some suggest the Shadow World.

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