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Grain, livestock, leather goods, iron, weapons
Finished products, mercenaries
GB Income
32 GB
RP Income
30 RP
GB Expenses
13 GB +3GB in tribute to Caine
43 GB
Acc. Regency
36 RP
Cavalry (x1), Infantry (x2), Archers (x2), Scout (x1), Caravels (x6)


As one of the smallest domains in Anuire, Endier finds itself in something of a bind, wedged as it is between Avanil, Ghoere, Tuornen, Diemed, Alamie, and the Spiderfell. It cannot hope to compete with the farms of the larger realms around it, cannot raise an army to rival theirs, and cannot hope to defeat these powerful entities in any endeavour, except one - trade. The ruler of this realm, Guilder Kalien, has done his best to ensure that the words Endier and trade become synonymous. Since taking power, Kalien has transformed Endier from a cesspool of corruption into one of the greatest trade centres in Cerilia. Though his means are very dictatorial, Kalien is careful to maintain the people's loyalty with frequent celebrations of their newfound prosperity.

Like Ilien, Endier is dominated by a single city - the Free City of Endier. The city is a thriving metropolis located on the banks of the River Maesil, supported by foodstuffs imported from the countryside. It is from this city that Kalien runs his tangled web of intrigue, pulling on a string here and there to get the desired result.

Initially, Endier was part of the Spiderfell. Technically, Roele had rewarded the province to Diemed, but House Diem never braved the Spider to claim it. A little over 250 years ago, however, an intrepid scion named Richard Endier arrived with a group of settlers and tore the province away from the Spider while Diemed languished under an inept ruler. The county has managed to keep itself free of the Dieman yoke ever since.

[top]Life and Society

Guilder Kalien is the undisputed master of Endier, having inherited the regency from the last of Richard Endier's descendents. This half-elf from Brechtür controls the law and the guilds and through those two forces he commands the obedience of the temples. Though not a gentle ruler, Kalien is canny enough to know that an unhappy populace means an unhappy regent. Therefore, he buys the people's loyalty with festivities and holidays. For their part, the people of Endier remain loyal to Kalien despite his draconian rule because of the prosperity he has brought them. The common folk were lured to Endier by the promise of gold and the powerful merchant guilds.

Though the Free City of Endier is not as large a metropolis as the Imperial City of Anuire, it holds more promise for entrepreneurs and those unwilling to risk their hides and fortunes in the Imperial Capital. Traders are not the only kind of folk found in Endier. Farmers, craftsmen, artisans, and mercenaries, each hoping to draw a better price in Endier than they would in a larger or a smaller city can also be found here in great numbers.

However, not everyone in the province of Endier lives in the city. There are farmers, tilling the land and reaping its benefits. There are mercenary bands within the realm's borders, using the country as a base of operations. And there are historians, sages, and mages combing the land for clues to its past. Some seek the riddle that won Richard Endier this land from the Spider while others look for old elven ruins (despite the fact that most of them have been found and thoroughly explored).

Though originally established as an independent county, that idea died with the last of the Endier heirs. Now, the realm is run more like a syndicratic dictatorship; that is, it's run by business interests that answer to the supreme ruler of Endier. The nobility of this land is no more; broken by Guilder Kalien upon his rise to power. The closest thing to it now is the landed gentry, descendents of the nobles of old or those who've found a way to reap profits off the land.

This circumstance has made the development of laws similar to the rest of Anuire, but there are noticeable differences to which nobles from other lands often have trouble adjusting. For example, there is only one set of laws and they apply equally to gentles and peasants alike. No peasant may be executed for striking a guardsman, nor does the gentleman have recourse to a whipping; they must settle their differences in a court of law, or under their own terms.

Every business in Endier is required to belong to the Heartlands Outfitters, Kalien's guild. The guilds in Endier turn a hefty profit, but it is Kalien's interests outside of Endier, in Diemed, Ghoere, Alamie, and the Imperial City that make his largest profits. Caravans and barges are constantly moving goods either to or from these other realms, all under the eyes of Kalien's watchful agents.

Worship in Endier is split between the Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn and the Celestial Jewel of Sarimie. The Celestial Jewel preaches the acquisition of wealth and the power that comes with it and has done much to promote the current attitude of "wealth is all". The newly wealthy and the would-be wealthy contribute generously to the church's coffers, hoping that Sarimie will smile on them next.

The Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn, though at a disadvantage in Endier's profit minded populace, has two advantages the Celestial Jewel does not. First, Haelyn, being the patron of Anuire and the faith of the Empire enjoys great respect and veneration. Secondly, the Western Imperial Temple maintains a unit of the famed Knights of Haelyn in Endier.

Finally, Endier is home to the mysterious wizard Caine. In return for spells and protection, Kalien ensures that no one tries to raid the wizard's tower - at least, no one under his command. This agreement makes for a fairly lucrative life for them both.

[top]The Land

Endier is one of the smallest domains in Anuire, with the possible exception of Ilien. However, what Endier lacks in size is easily made up with all manner of interesting sites and locations. The realm's borders hold plains, hills, ancient battlegrounds, farms and many untold secrets for those who know where to look.

Because Endier possesses only one province, the section below details various towns and geographical features within that province.

The Free City of Endier: Founded by Laerya Endier, the city has become a major power in Anuire. However, it was not until Guilder Kalien ascended to the throne that it became the Free City of Endier, a safe haven for those who offended other rulers. Of course, Kalien is not above extraditing such criminals to other realms, so long as he is able to leverage favours and treaties out of the bargain.

The Free City of Endier caters to all sorts of merchants moving up and down the River Maesil, along the many roads that criss-cross the realm, and to those who have set up shop inside the city itself. Naturally, Kalien's guards and informants move about everywhere, making sure that he gets his due.

Though the city of Endier has its share of noble mansions, upper class neighbourhoods, and landless gentry, the most renowned areas are the seedy ones. No matter a person's tastes, they can usually find whatever satisfies them. There are houses of ill repute, dealers in questionable substances, purveyors of black market goods, and denizens of even darker mein. Rumour has it that they all answer to the regent of Endier, one way or another - either through the law or through commands enforced by underworld thugs.

Commanding a piece of land at the confluence of the Maesil and Tuor rivers, the Free City of Endier is one of the most strategic locations in all of Anuire. Kalien knows this fact well, and his ships and armies keep a close watch on his neighbours, ready to launch a pre-emptive strike should it prove necessary.

Finally, the Free City is protected by the massive Caer Endier, a level 6 castle whose construction began under Laerya Endier's reign and completed under Aethel Endier. The castle serves as the home of Guilder Kalien and his court.

River Towns: The banks of the River Maesil are a crowded place, with towns and villages every few miles apart. Here are some of the most notable:

Piercalm: One of the river towns is Piercalm, a village of about 1000 people. It's just inside Endier, right on the northeastern border. Originally established as a fishing village, it's now more a market for those who don't want to pay the high fees for docking at Endier. The mayor is a woman named Anais Stormsdaughter (FRj, Rog3, Unblooded, LN), a Rjurik outcast whose knowledge of the river's ways has earned her the respect of her followers.

Rivervale: Rivervale lies just south of the city of Endier, across the river from Avanil. This town of 1,250 is mainly of bargemen and fishermen. Most everyone makes a living from the river, one way or another, and they have little use for outsiders. There are some who work as fishing guides, but most avoid outsiders. They are among the most xenophobic people of Endier.

Michael's Bluff: To the south of Rivervale lies Michael's Bluff at an important crossroads. It is not as populous as most of the other major towns. The population numbers about 500, and these folk split their living between smuggling, river life, and serving travellers along the road.

Inland Towns: Towns and villages dot the roads that criss-cross Endier, serving as a place for weary travellers to rest and as for farmers to bring their goods to market without having to travel all the way to the Free City of Endier.

Highland: [The town of Highland sits among the hills on the Ghoeran border and is home to one of the largest collections of guards in Endier. Since Gavin Tael ascended the throne of Ghoere, the Endieran regents have become very watchful of this border. The people, on the other hand, are leaving. The population of this formerly burgeoning trade town is down to less than 1000 people.

Morildon: Morildon is situated in such a place as to take advantage of both the Ghoeran Road and Piercalm's position on the Maesil. Set father in on the Ghoeran Road, Morildon has absorbed much of Highland's population and holds over 2000 people now. The mayor, Joseph Morilie (MAn, Rog1, Unblooded, LN), is descended from the man who founded the town, and he makes a healthy profit off the trade that passes through Morildon.

Half Day: Half Day is the biggest town in Endier, other than the Free City of course, boasting a population over 3000. Since it sits on the Endieran Free Way, very near the Monument, it is guaranteed business throughout the year. The town is geared toward making a pleasant stay for those travelling on the Free Way, and thus is mostly filled with inns and outfitters. It's also a popular place to hire guards.

Edgelin: Since the people of Endier are traditionally leery of the Dieman dukes, the town of Edgelin was established to protect against any further Dieman invasions. Now, of course, with the normalizing of relations between Endier and Diemed, the town serves more as a border crossing, a place for the customs officials and the honest traffic into the land. Its population is about 1500 people.

The White Hall: Just to the southeast of the City of Endier lies the White Hall Bardic College. The largest and most famous bardic college in Anuire, White Hall schools some of the most skilled bards. Kalien and the college have a certain understanding whereby neither takes any action in detriment to the other. It is because of this agreement that Kalien tolerates this potential nest of spies within his own realm. In recent years, Kalien has made every effort possible to convert the students and faculty of the college to his cause. He has enjoyed moderate success in this effort.

The Monument: At the geographical center of Endier stands a gargantuan monument to those who risked their lives to cut back the Spiderfell and so create the domain. The Monument is a large slab of obsidian, said to have been carted out from under the Gorgon's nose in his capital of Kal-Saitharak. The faces of the original settlers of Ender are graven in bas relief, their names carved below. It is, naturally, a matter of personal Endieran pride to have an ancestor on the Monument.

It's also said that the Monument can provide power, healing, and sustenance to those who have ancestors on the wall. The people say that the spirits of those named hover near the Monument, ready to give aid to their descendents. It's certainly known that as winter draws on toward the Eve of the Dead, many families of the original Endierans flock to the Monument to have their fortunes restored. If the spirits are around, they never make themselves known, and there is no evidence to suggest that they have nay interest in their children's fortune - but the legend persists.

Falcons' Roost: The home and laboratory of Caine, the wizard of Endier, the tower of Falcons' Roost rises from a swamp that is fed by no spring, and stays warm and humid even in the harshest of winters. His keep, near the Spiderfell, marks the dividing line between the two realms, and the folklorists of Endier say that Falcons' Roost prevents the Spiderfell from reaching its dread claws into Endier. They also report that Caine served Richard Endier and continues to serve his memory by remaining in the land.

The tower is a slender spire that reaches high into the sky; its pinnacle is at least 200 feet from the ground, and there are no obvious entrances into the building. Most people stay a healthy distance from the tower, as moving too close risks setting off Caine's wrath.

Warrior's Rest: In the north-eastern corner of Endier, not far from Highland, lies the ancient battlefield known as Warrior's Rest. When Endier was under the control of the Spider, this location was the site of many battles between the Spider's forces and Richard Endier. After Endier claimed this land, it became a common battlefield for anyone attempting to seize the cleared land for themselves. Many Endierans have lost their lives here, as well as soldiers from Diemed, Alamie, and Ghoere.

Hills litter the old ground and some of them are natural. Most of these are old burial mounds, each hill marking the final resting place of a score of dead warriors and their warlords. The land is soaked in blood, and this, coupled with the constant trampling of the field for so many years has ensured that nothing will ever grow on this patch of land again.

Naturally, in a place this steeped in human misery, there would be some unfortunate side effects. The Shadow World is always close to this particular piece of real estate. Only a few months of the year see a decrease in the supernatural activity of the Warrior's Rest; the height of summer near Haelyn's Festival keeps the undead in their barrows and graves.

However, as winter draws nigh, the incidents of the supernatural increase. Skeletons break free of their graves and march in the night, and rumors of wights and more fearsome creatures have made it back to civilization. The only thing that continues to draw anyone to this place is the fact that it's an old battlefield. There are plenty of scavengers and treasure hunters to try and loot the land; most of them try to get well away from the place before late afternoon hits; in the winter, they're gone by noon.


Just a few hundred years ago, the tract of land now known as Endier was part of the Spiderfell. Though Roele had granted the tract to his faithful retainer Diem of the Fifth House of the Andu, Diem's descendents never braved the Spider to claim the province, so it lay fallow under the Spider's fist, with goblins and gnolls prowling its borders and occasionally raiding the neighboring realms of Diemed and Alamie.

In 285 MR, that situation changed. An enterprising minor noble of Diemed, one Richard Endier, approached the duke of Diemed and requested permission to clear that tract of land for himself and a few others, since Diemed allowed the Spider free rein there anyway. The duke agreed, thinking there was little chance that Endier could stand against the Spider and his minions.

Richard Endier, however, surpassed all expectations. Legend claims that after suffering raids at the hands of the Spider's goblins, Richard ventured into the Spiderfell alone, seeking the awnshegh himself in his malodorous depths. When at last he found the Spider, he is said to have challenged the Spider to a riddling contest whose stakes would be the lands of now known as Endier. According to the legend, the contest lasted a week and a day, finally ending when Lord Richard at last bested the Spider with an unanswerable riddle. Even to this day, the Spider has been unable to find the answer and it is said to have finally broken its already tenuous grip on reality, leaving it completely mad.

When Richard Endier returned to his lands, his settlers managed to clear the province without serious losses from the Spider's minions. Though there was some pillaging as the foresters destroyed the humanoid's homes, there was none on the scale the Diemans had come to expect. After three years, the province was successfully tamed and Richard Endier sent word to the duke of Diemed informing him of the settler's progress. Expecting to be awarded the deed to the land in exchange for a seasonal tithe to the duke, Richard was surprised when the duke reneged on his promise. Indeed, he warned Richard that any act of treason would be met with the harshest consequences. To back this, several garrisons of Dieman troops marched into Endier and claimed it for the duke.

Though Richard had been prepared to swear fealty to the duke, this act of treachery infuriated him. Unfortunately, there was little he could do, as his foresters, though experienced warriors, were unable to stand up against the duke's garrisons of pikes and cavalry. Instead, he quietly bore the Dieman yoke and watched as the duke mismanaged the province in the same way he did the rest of Diemed. No fewer than five corrupt governors came and went over the next ten years.

In the meantime, Richard decided to take a chance by hiring mercenaries, promising them freesteads in his land once the Dieman forces were pushed out. He brought them in under the guise of farmers, so that the suspicions of the governors wouldn't be aroused. The warriors began settling what would be their land and training in secret.

At the time, 299 MR, Diemed was recovering from a protracted series of border wars with Aerenwe and the states that later became Ghoere. Those wars had left eastern Diemed desolated and the duke's forces spread thin. Richard reasoned that if a distraction could be provided, his mercenaries could more easily throw out the Dieman garrisons. Thus, Richard Endier ventured once more into the heart of the Spiderfell.
Again, Richard struck a bargain with the Spider. The terms of the deal are unknown, but soon after he emerged from the wood, a massive horde of goblins and gnolls swept across eastern Diemed down to the Straits of Aerele, leaving eastern Diemed depopulated and abandoned. Those lands would eventually be tamed by another enterprising scion named Daen Roesone.

In trying to hold off Aerenwe, Bhalaene, the Spider, and Endier at the same time, the Duke of Diemed doomed himself to failure. The Diemans were simply unable to hold off so many enemies. When the duke died a few years later, his heir agreed to recognize Endier's independence and sovereignty in exchange for its goodwill. Thus, the land of Endier was born.

Richard ruled his land well until his death twenty years later in 319 MR. When he died, his daughter Laerya assumed the throne. Under her rule, the city of Endier itself rose from a collection of tiny huts to a walled city. She formed the first trade routes that have become characteristic of Endier today. She also put down a few rebellions, the agitations of a minor Dieman noble, and made peace with most of her neighbors. She accomplished much for the land of Endier and it is in large part due to her efforts that Endier is the thriving land it is today. She died in 350 MR, leaving the throne to her third son, Aethel Endier.

Aethel's first order of business was to behead his brothers, for he wanted no debate on the succession. The rest of his 24 year rule was characterized by such decisions, and the people of Endier grew weary of his domination. He died in 374 MR when a popular revolt placed his son Daeric on the throne.

Daeric was a capable ruler, and he rebuilt the bridges his father had burned. He continued the work his grandmother began and expanded the City of Endier's walls. He ruled for thirty years, dying in 404 MR. Unfortunately, Daeric was the last member of the Endier dynasty to rule capably, and his descendants began to run the realm into the ground. Only Guilder Kalien's intervention in 525 MR saved Endier from total collapse.

At that time, Kalien, a half-elf of Brecht origin, was a trusted lieutenant of the Count of Endier, Jorain Endier. Kalien eschewed any title given to him by the Count, preferring the simple appellation "Guilder". As the Count's primary lieutenant, he worked from behind the scenes, saving many of Endier's valuable treaties, preserving trade routes, and checking the power of the mobster underground that endangered all traffic on Endier's roads. However, Kalien took no constructive action until Jorain's relatives all began to die off in a series of accidents and bandit attacks. Jorain himself, crippled by a stroke, ceded more and more power to Guilder Kalien as his family grew smaller. The death of each family member brought Jorain closer and closer to collapse, until the day his youngest son died. Jorain, a broken man, took his own life the same day, bringing the Endier line to a tragic end. It was well that he invested Kalien with the Endier bloodline before he passed away.

When Jorain Endier died, Guilder Kalien assumed the regency. However, this was not done blithely; after all, he required the votes of two of the three councils of the Endieran Council there were several other native nobles ambitious to ascend to the throne. The Merchant's Council was easily swayed to his side, after all, Kalien had brought back a measure of prosperity and he owned many of their interests anyway. The Town's Council, though sympathetic to his efforts, was less easily swayed. Kalien went among the mayors, convincing them that he was the only way to stop Endier's horrible downward slide. If a noble were elected to the position, he promised, the country would die within the decade. Kalien's scheme worked, and he was formally elected as the Count of Endier.

Almost immediately thereafter, Guilder Kalien, with the support of the two other councils, abolished the power of the Noble's Council, for the nobles had become little more than idle rich, resting on the laurels their ancestors had won and allowing their realm to deteriorate. The nobility had become obsolete in Endier.

Guilder Kalien soon began the serious work of restoring the realm's prosperity. Though his rule has been draconian, he has gained the people's support with his actions. A master of guildcraft and intrigue, Kalien also accrued one of the largest guild networks in Anuire - the Heartlands Outfitters. Involving himself in every kind of illicit intrigue, Kalien has managed to gain vital and secret information on seemingly every regent and domain in the Heartlands and the Southern Coast.


Instead of the system of feudal administration that has developed in other Anuirean realms, Guilder Kalien's civil bureaucracy runs things. Notable aspects of the bureaucracy include the Endieran Public Service, charged with the collection of taxation. For those who complain about the taxes, the Public Service is accompanied by the Endieran Militia. The Militia is charged with law enforcement throughout the realm, patrolling the roads, controlling border crossings and serving as the City of Endier's port authority.

The most important branch of Endier's government is the Endieran Council. Established by Richard Endier, the Council was designed to ensure that all of his subject's concerns were heard and to prevent any future counts from abusing their power. The Endieran Council is composed of three smaller councils; the Noble's Council, the Merchant's Council, and the Town's Council.

The Noble's Council is reserved for those who have ancestor's names on the Monument and for those (and their descendents) who have rendered the realm of Endier a great service. Originally, this was a council of puissance and clear thinking, with over a third of the vote of the Endieran Council and the ear of the regent. However, it has degenerated as the descendants of the hard workers and legend makers rested on their ancestors laurels and hard fought battles, without contributing anything themselves. They became idle rich, with nothing to do but play with the lives of others and engage in competitive business against each other. As they became more foolish, Endier suffered.

Finally, when Guilder Kalien took power, they lost everything. With the support of the other two councils, Kalien stripped the nobles of their power and privileges. The Noble's Council still theoretically have a vote in the Endieran Council, but few of the nobles attend anymore, as the other councils keep them from accomplishing anything.

The Noble's Council meets twice a year in informal gatherings where they present business they'd like to request of the regent. These days, it's a rare council where anything is done; they usually waste their time complaining about the present and how much better the old days were for them.

The second council is the Merchant's Council. This conglomeration of merchants and guilders make decisions regarding Endier's trade interests and do their best to ensure that more gold flows into the realm. In essence, they are the embodiment of Endier's guild holdings. Because Kalien owns a monopoly on all guild activity in Endier, every member of this council is his loyal supporter. Though intense debates about possible courses of action rage in the Council's weekly meetings, the councillors have made a pact to present a unified front during meetings of the Endieran council. Anyone who dares to defy the will of the Merchant's Council is quickly boycotted.

The third council is the Town's Council, which consists of the mayors of each of the seven major towns in Endier, excluding the City of Endier itself. Each mayor is elected by the people of the town, though this election must be upheld by the regent (though this is usually a matter of formality; never in all the history of Endier has the regent refused a vote). The mayors are responsible for keeping the populace happy, or at least productive and non-rebellious. The Council meets once per month for two days, in a different town each time.

The Endieran Council as a whole meets once every three months. Theoretically, the three councils can override the wishes of the regent. However, with Guilder Kalien's coming, all of that changed. With his connections to the underworld and his subtle politics of persuasion, the three councils can never agree to override him. He is an expert at playing one party off another, and so leaving only himself to benefit.

Endier is also the center of a large guild network known as the Heartlands Outfitters. This guild, run personally by Guilder Kalien, brings in vast fortunes for Endier. Guild trade routes connect the realm to nearly all the surrounding lands. The members of the guild are quite loyal to Guilder Kalien, for he brings them security and prosperity.

Externally, Endier maintains a policy of guarded neutrality, simultaneously trying to remain on the good side of those nations that surround it while ensuring that it's mercantile and intelligence power deter any from invading it. Kalien has ensured that it would be a political disaster for anyone to try to invade it, as the violation of the county's open trading zone would offend many merchants across Anuire. It is of no surprise then that most regents attempt to befriend Guilder Kalien, even if only to gain access to choice intelligence on their rivals.

One of the few realms that has openly declared Endier an enemy is Alamie. Duke Alam sees Guilder Kalien as a threat to his own power in the southern half of his realm and would like to see Kalien's network of spies under his own control. To this end, he has plotted the overthrow of Guilder Kalien on more than one occasion. For his part, Kalien is not about to give up his influence over the law in southern Alamie, as it protects his merchants there.

The realm of Medoere also has reason to despise the Guilder, for his political power ensures that Suris Enlien's theocracy cannot exercise its full control over the Medoeran province of Alamier. This ensures that Enlien must have tacit approval from the Guilder in order to accomplish anything in Alamier. When this situation is considered in conjunction with the guild interests Kalien maintains in Diemed, one can easily see that Kalien stands to profit no matter if Diemed eventually re-conquers Medoere or the status-quo is maintained. Similar strategies of involvement in Anuire's strategies have garnered him no shortage of political leverage.

[top]Political Figures

Guilder Kalien: (M1/2E Rog5; Scion of Brenna; Major, 30; NE). Kalien is the founder and director of the Heartlands Outfitters and, as the acknowledged ruler of the Free City of Endier, the de facto Count of Endier. The infamous half-elf Brecht-born guilder was a former adviser to the Counts of Endier, who took power to stabilize the realm after a catastrophic series of accidents removed all the heirs to the throne.

Caine: (MAn Wiz10; Scion of Vorynn; Major 27; NG). One of the most important people living in Endier is the wizard Caine. He makes his home in the tower Falcon's Roost, near the Spiderfell, and controls many of the sources in the Spiderfell. Though Caine has only minimal roots in Endier, he makes this land his home and protects it to the best of his ability.

Alieyn Duniere, Guild Second: (FA; Rog1; unblooded). Alieyn is a youngish woman, perhaps in her mid-30s, who is an excellent assistant and friend to the ruler. She is very discreet, has few friends or hobbies outside of the maintenance of Endier, and knows the intricacies of Endier's politics like few others. Her discreetness and honesty has made her a valuable advisor to Guilder Kalien, who insures she remains happy with her position.

Dhugal Thorn, Guild Advisor: (MA; Rog2; Scion of Brenna; Minor, 17). Dhugal Thorn is somewhat more ambitious than Alieyn, or so it's said. He's a man of about 50, though he looks to be maybe 40. His black hair sets off his pale skin and his black eyes flash when he's angry. He's the official liaison to the guilds of Endier, the one who knows how to mollify an angry merchant and the one who can sweet talk a proposal through the various councils, all the while making it seem like the councils proposed it. He's slick and oily, and there are few who would trust him with anything personal - though he makes a fine political ally. Dhugal's help has been important in manipulating the various Councils to Guilder Kalien's end, as well as keeping ahead of certain plots. Knowing his nature, Guilder Kalien arranges for Dhugal to be well treated so as to keep his loyalty, all the while keeping an eye on him to stay abreast of any and all plots he comes up with - this way, he is always ready should Dhugal become too greedy for his own good.

Cieron Elvenshadow, Internal Affairs: (M1/2E; Rog5; unblooded). Cieron Elvenshadow is somewhat eerie. He never says much, preferring instead to let his expressive face speak for him. Cieron is in charge of Internal Affairs in the Endieran government, and he takes great pleasure in his work. He investigates any wrongdoings and often cleans up those that he finds unless he's ordered to let it stand. He is an accomplished assassin, and it is said that he has removed at least 15 threats to the security of Endier in the past two years alone. This number is far underestimated - though only Guilder Kalien and Cieron know the exact details - and they do everything in their power to keep it this way. Cieron has long been Kalien's trusted henchmen, having obtained his position through Kalien's influence, and has helped him in his rise to regency. Such things, however, are better left unsaid.

Raymond Vailere, Commander of the Army: (MA; Ftr4; Scion of Anduiras; Minor, 20). Raymond is a proud man in his middle age. He has led the armies of Endier through the reign of Jorain Endier and Guilder Kalien. He is a canny tactician and an excellent strategist, with the ability to analyze a given situation instantly. However, he's also fairly stubborn, and his life in the military has trained him to expect his orders to be obeyed instantly. Though he can fit in at a noble gala, he prefers the feel of his steed underneath him. He will not hesitate to tell people when he thinks they're wrong, and he will not pretend respect for someone he dislikes.

Officially, all military threats are handled by the regent, who can either command the units or appoint a commander. Early during his reign, Guilder Kalien attempted to take away General Raymond Vailere's command, but returned it when it became apparent that the man has earned the loyalty of the army, and that his military expertise was not to be doubted. This action had made the two men rivals at first, but after two decades of rule, the relationship has smoothened and trust has been established. While the two men do not always see eye to eye in military matters, Guilder Kalien has learned to trust Raymond's decisions in the defense of Endier, and Raymond has learned to respect his lord for the hard effort he has made to revitalize the realm and improve its defense. Still, this trust is not a blind one, and the two have been known to hold arguments as to how to better defend the realm.

Raymond descends from an old noble family descended from one of Richard Endier's lieutenants. His is also one of the few families that did not descend into sloth and greed. The Valiere family, lead by its elderly and biting matriarch, Valiene Vailere (FA; Nbl2; Scion of Anduiras; Minor, 10), advocates a return to the old days when the nobility reigned supreme.

Mirae Macceln: (FA; Rog4; Scion of Brenna; major, 36; CN) Mirae's father, Gavin Macceln, originally seized control of Endier's underworld, uniting the thieves and assassins under his roof, and defined the code of honor and ethics that now applies to the nightlife in Endier. His success was grand and he built a lasting dynasty with influence in the criminal underworld, though that influence was preempted by Guilder Kalien soon after his arrival in Endier. Despite an initial rivalry, which ended in the victory of Kalien, the Guilder had great respect for this man who had built the underworld empire and allowed him to remain in control of the underworld - in the Guilder's name. Soon the Macceln family was among the staunchest supporters of the Guilder, who used the underworld to get rid of those who opposed his rule, yet doing so in a way that would always benefit Endier - and the Macceln family was well rewarded for their loyalty.

Though the family has progressively withdrawn from criminal life after Gavin Macceln retired from the business and handed it to his son, they were still sought for advice and aid, as consultants and arbiters of Endier's underworld, and their decisions were always respected. Mirae now guides the family business and assists Kalien in dealing with the criminal element of Endier. Among her tasks is to insure that the underworld remains a positive factor in Endier's business - by attacking the enemies of Endier and staying away from the state businesses.

[top]Adventure Ideas

A Pretender to the Throne: According to rumor, the supposedly extinct Endier line has resurfaced in Alamie and is intent on claiming the Endieran throne.

Aláse Endier (MA; Ftr1; Scion of Anduiras; tainted, 10) is a young man in his early 20s. He has the proper features and the genealogical records to support his claim; that being that he is the grandson of a woman who claimed to be descended from Lysandra Endier. Living more than 150 years ago, Lysandra was one of the children of Daeric Endier, the count that came to power after Aethel Endier's overthrow. Unfortunately, no one knows whatever became of Lysandra, as she eloped from her home and never returned.

In the absence of other Endier heirs to claim the throne, Aláse has put forth his own claim with the support of Carilon Alam, the Duke of Alamie, a man who has proven himself to have the worst in mind for his neighbors. Alamien agents have already begun entering Endier, nailing up pictures of the Aláse Endier, and badgering people about the right of a blood descendant to hold the land cleared by his ancestors. Kalien's spies report that, indeed, a man who closely resembles a popular bust of Richard Endier is being entertained by the Duke Alam. He's well guarded, so there's little chance of a successful assassination attempt.

However, Guilder Kalien is not overly concerned with Duke Alam's latest plot to overthrow him. Kalien is, after all, a master at the games of intrigue Duke Alam is so fond of.

The Dance of the Guildlords: The guildmistress Mheallie Bireon, having come to dominate much of the trade in northern Anuire, has been turning her attention south in recent years. Her guilds already own a substantial amount of the mercantile activity in Alamie and have been making significant inroads in Tuornen as well. Rumor has it that she has taken an interest in Guilder Kalien. There are several ways to interpret this new interest, few of which bode well for Endier.

One interpretation is that she sees Kalien's Heartland's Outfitters as a rival for control of trade in the Heartlands and that she will devote herself to Endier's destruction. Another way to interpret Bireon's interest is the fact that she may be interested in finding herself a mate. It's well known that she's interested in producing an heir to her mercantile empire, and so much the better if the heir also stood to gain control of Endier as well. Though Bireon has proven to be barren so far, she has hopes that this will not always be true. Kalien is wary of any proposed alliance between the two guild empires, as it is well known that Bireon's tastes in men have always been fatal for the male.

Finally, she may be searching for a possible alliance against the other guilds of the north. It's been said that they've finally decided to put aside their differences to remove her. Though dangerous, Bireon is not unmindful of her debts.

Guilder Kalien and Mheallie Bireon are both arguably two of the most dangerous people alive in Anuire today. Both have destroyed the lives and careers of dozens of enemies and both are schemers of the highest order whose plots usually have counterplots woven into them. It remains to be seen where this strange dance of guildlords will lead them.

The Old Ruins: It's been discovered that some of the hills in eastern Endier hide tunnels of ancient construction. Apparently, the entrances to the tunnels were closed off by earthquakes or other natural disasters. Now, however, they've been opened by inquisitive miners, who immediately reported to Kalien.

First, there was a large gathering of corpses near the sealed entrance. The corpses showed no signs of violent death, suggesting that they were clawing for a way out and were unwilling to go back the way they had come.

The manufacture of the tunnels is uncertain. They are of such ancient construction that it's impossible to tell if they're dwarven, goblin, or elven. Regardless of who built them, the timbers are holding up well and the stone has been carved well enough that there's little worry about cave-ins.

Cave-ins aren't what concern the miners, though. They are worried more about what dwells in the lightless depths beyond the entrance. They've posted guards, but they want the regent to come, or at least send a unit of Endieran Militia to investigate.

Are they goblin tunnels, left unused since the Spiderlord ruled the southern woods? Are they elven ruins, a secret fortress built against the humanoid incursions? Or are they something else entirely?

The Riddle Answered: Guilder Kalien's agents recently unearthed the ancient treasury of Richard Endier, hidden deep beneath Caer Endier. The vault contained a large amount of gold and other artefacts that were quickly added to Kalien's coffers.

However, the most interesting item found in the vault was a letter written in the hand of Richard Endier himself:
Should the Spider ever come to the walls of Endier in wrath and without apparent reason, you can appease it, I hope, by speaking these words to it: A tear in my hand.
- Richard Endier

This is, apparently, the answer to the riddle posed to the Spider! Kalien keeps the letter hidden in a place known only to him, for if the answer to Richard Endier's riddle were ever made public, it's certain that it would eventually reach the Spider's ears. And should the awnshegh ever learn the answer from someone besides Endier's ruler, it's fairly certain that the bargain sealed with Richard Endier would come to an end.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Endier
Endier (6/0)GK (6)CJS (3)GK (6)Ca (0)
WIT (3)
Abbreviations: GK=Guilder Kalien (Endier, Heartlands Outfitters); CJS=Celestial Jewel of Sarimie (Temias Coumain); Ca=Caine; WIT=Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn (Rhobher Nichaleir).

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