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Grabentod is a mountainous, cold domain with a bizarre history.

[top]Life and Society

[top]The Land


Old Grabentod
Centuries ago, Grabentod was one of the noble realms of Brechtür. Like its southern cousins, it chafed under the Anuirean Empire's rule, but unlike other realms, it threw that off with little bloodshed. Winters closed the ports of "Old" Grabentod more frequently than they do today, and most Anuireans trapped in the northern reaches during the final uprising surrendered easily. Thus, Grabentod became independent, but not for long. Various blooded families fought for the crown.
Intrigues and conspiracy seem to breed in the mountains and the Graben family produced a woman who eventually became one of the most fearsome of the northern awnsheghlien, the Hag. The Hag proved to be the ruin of "Old Grabentod;" within a few generations, the realm was sundered. No heir to the throne could be found (some of them went into hiding), and the kingdom devolved into anarchy. Drachenward and Grabentod have blamed each other for their problems ever since.
New Grabentod
Some 85 years ago, a pirate sailed into the one of Grabentod's harbors. He declared he was the true heir to the Grabentod throne, giving his name as Ulrich Graben. His outlaw fleet had been driven from Zweilunds, and now he claimed his heritage. He faced serious resistance. Several small settlements existed in Grabentod, but few relished idea of a pirate King. Ulrich was armed with small fleet of ships and a large group of desperate men. They burned the forests and villages in Darres' End and killed the leaders of the resistance. To this day, the ghosts of those battles haunt the Burning Forest, and on clear winter nights, phantom fire can still be seen among the treetops.
King Ulrich created the city of Alber in the sheltered northern harbor as his capitol. This proved fortuitous for a pirate king, since volcanic activity in the Drachenaur Mountains (some say it is the dragons shifting and roaring in their sleep) heats the Alber Inlet keeping it free of ice all year. Alber province stays comparatively warm as well; the settlers grow winter wheat on the plains outside the city.
Ulrich's raiders settled into ruling their new holdings, but they could not stay grounded for long. With the leaders of the fleet ashore, new captains wanted to win their share of booty from around the Great Bay. Ships sailing under Grabentod's flag roamed the Bay every year, sailing as soon as the ice melted from Alber Inlet. Some years, other nation's warships were able to beat them back, and in some years, they were lost to become new pirate vessels. Grabentod's and the Zweilund Isles' pirates formed a great menace to commerce. Eventually, Ulrich's
Ultimately, it was up to Muden and its Royal Marines to defeat the pirates. In a ten-year campaign, Melisande Reaversbane earned her name by creating a disciplined fleet and army that overcame the pirates. In its final campaign in 1518 HC, the Royal Marines captured Ulrich's descendant, Albrecht Graben and brought him back to Muden in chains. Amazingly, neither Melisande nor Count Richard Talbehr claimed the land of Grabentod or its holdings. So far, no other claimants have come forward to take away Albrecht's realm.


Disorganized and divided, Grabentod's holdings shift in size and prominence with season. The three factions that each hold some provinces are: the King's Men, headed by Albrecht's steward; Lady Delma Nauren, also a descendant of Ulrich; and Parniel Bowspear, the strongest surviving captain from the last war. Delma has some control of the southern part of the country, Parniel in the far north, and steward Harlmut Verwalter has some of his own followers in the south, as well as nominal control of the King's holdings.
There is no single church in the land to unify things, either. The Night Walkers of Ela and Winter Witches divide things with the Sailors' Home.
While such a divided land would appear ripe for invasion, Grabentod is protected by its geography. Its only land neighbors (Drachenward, The Hag, and Wolfgaard)are kept away by the mountains or their own military weakness. While Brechts love to sail, not many Brecht rulers have the ships and money to launch an extended invasion across the Great Bay, especially so far north. An expedition would be on its own for nearly half of the year, cut off by winter ice.

[top]Plots and Rumours

- Rumors say that Harlmut betrayed King Albrecht to the Mudenites.
- Others say that Lady Delma is a puppet for other captains who want to seize the throne.
- The Hag certainly keeps her hand in the realm's division, preferring it to one ruled by any single person.
- The Night Walkers may be wanting to act as a kingmaker, but have not the influence.
- There is a wizard known only as The Dragon, who holds sources in much of the country, but no one knows if it is a person or a real dragon.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Grabentod
Burning Forest (2/5)---Dr(4)
Cooling Bay (4/4)AG(1)NW(2)-Ha(3)
Darres' End (7/0)AG(2)NW(3)NW(1)-
Drachenjaw (4/3)DN(3)SH(3)KM(2)-
Kauth (0/7)----
Roaren (0/9)---Dr(7)
Toothmark (5/2)AG(4)NW(1)NW(1)-
Westwatch (4/5)AG(2)SH(1)-Dr(5)
Yulesprech (2/7)PB(2)NW(0)-Dr(4)
Abbreviations: AG = Albrecht Graben (Grabentod); DN = Delma Nauren (Loyal Union); KM = King's Men (Harlmut Verwalter); PB = Parniel Bowspear (Grabenflotte); NW = The Night Walkers; WT = Winter Witches (Chesspola Fröschen); SH = Sailor's Home (Sirene Wassercrest); Dr = The Dragon; Ha = The Hag

Law: In the years past, the King of Grabentod ruled his provinces completely. Now, with King Albrecht held hostage in Müden, the rulership of the provinces is fragmented among the King's Men (ruled by Albrecht's steward) and two other nobles.
Temples: While King Albrecht and King's Men cared little for religion, other in the realm look to few gods particularly - Éla, Neira and Kriestal.
Guilds: The King's Men control the major guilds in Grabentod, but the worshipers of Éla have a few holdings.
Sources: Albrecht has not been able to entice a wizard regent to reside in his northern realm, so only source holders are the Hag and the Dragon.

[top]Domain Holding Table - Alternate

This article is Fan Fiction
The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official Birthright lore or history.
The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.
This alternate Domain Holding Table for the realm of Grabentod aims at breaking up some odd-looking/sized provinces (specifically Toothmark and Darre's End are split in two) and redistributing some province levels. The basic premise is that Grabentod is an old and prestigious realm fallen on hard times, and currently without any central authority.

Domain Table: Grabentod
Alber (4/1)---Dr(4)
Burning Forest (2/5)---Dr(4)
Cooling Bay (4/4)AG(1)NW(2)-Ha(3)
Darres' End (4/1)KM(3)NW(3)NW(1)-
Darres' End No. 2 (3/2)KM(3)NW(3)NW(1)-
Drachenjaw (3/4)DN(3)SH(3)KM(2)-
Kauth (0/7)----
Roaren (1/8)---Dr(7)
Toothmark (3/4)AG(4)NW(1)NW(1)-
Westwatch (2/7)AG(2)SH(1)-Dr(5)
Yulesprech (2/7)PB(2)NW(0)-Dr(4)
Abbreviations: AG = Albrecht Graben (King of Grabentod); DN = Delma Nauren (Lady of Grabentod); KM = King's Men (Harlmut the Steward); PB = Parniel Bowspear; NW = The Night Walkers; WT = Winter Witches (Chespola Frochen); SH = Sailor's Home (Sirene Wassercrest); Dr = The Dragon; Ha = The Hag

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