Thajarr clan

Kingdom: Svinik

Winter Province: Bergvaas

Summer Province: Innsmark

Chief: Lars Bodenson (MRj; F13; Re, major, 22; CN)
A peaceful, retiring tribe desiring little contact with outside world (until recently having none), the Thajarr are said to be especially wise in the ways of forests. Their elders are rumored to speak the ancient languages of ravens and eagles.
In the past several years, outsiders have been venturing into deep Bergvaas forests (the winter home of Thajarr), in response to rumors of a lost dragon's horde said to be hidden there. Many of these adventurers are foreigners, primarily Anuireans and Brechts, both of whom the Thajarr hold in deep contempt. Confrontations between travelers and the tribesmen have been escalating, and no one knows where such matters will lead.

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