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Male Brecht Expert 3

Seneschal to the Count of Danigau



LN Medium humanoid

HP 3d6 = 13.

Abilities: Cha 14, Con 9, Dex 10, Int 16, Str 9, Wis 15
Equipment: Pen, papers and a worried expression.

War can beget many things my lord, heroism, valor and glory are all possible, poverty is however certain ? dead men plow no fields, sail no ships, mine no gems. Danigau grows wealthy from its skills, it needs not war ? and such would occur should they discover our action.
His grace should not be touched by this Siegfried - what we do is necessary for the realm, but he must be able to deny all responsibility ? ridding him of this troublesome priest is small enough repayment for his loyalty to us.


Markus is the Count's most trusted servant bar none, a peerless organizer Markus has no ambition beyond making the realm run smoothly. Markus is nonetheless capable of ?extreme pragmatism? at times and has reluctantly made inconvenient people disappear from time to time without bothering the Count with the matter.
Currently Markus is investigating rumors that the independent temples of Sera in the mountainous provinces are falling under some dire influence; he has not yet gone to the Count as he has insufficient evidence. How to gather that evidence is one of his top priorities at present.
Markus has one weak spot, his adored daughter has fallen in with a bad crowd and gone adventuring, Markus waits for the intermittent missives she sends in constant panic that she has been murdered or brutalized. She has been traveling the Great Bay for almost a year now and the gray hairs on her father?s head have doubled in the time. Markus desperately wishes that she would come home and settle down, or that she would at least travel with less disreputable companions. Wild tales of bards about the company of the Gryphon, the band with which she travels have spread throughout Brechtür and Markus has begun to contemplate drastic action.
Markus has spent some considerable time badgering Count Erik to use his magic to make Danig Isle habitable, or otherwise boost the amount of habitable area in Danigau. The count created magic that might suffice in this, but was hesitant to useit until he had thoroughly considered the full consequences that might occur.

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