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Ruornil (State Religion)

Iron ore, coke, copper
GB Income:
?? GB (Province GB; Law GB)
RP Income:
35 RP (Province RP; Law RP)
??GB (Army GB; Fortifications GB; Court GB)
22 GB
45 RP
3 units of infantry, 2 units of archers, 1 roundship, 2 keelboats


Still a frontier realm after all these
years, Grevesmuhl needs a strong leader with a vision.

[top]The Land

Grevesmühl's provinces are wild and overgrown, except near the cities of Daugren and Trie. The locals are an independent sort, living in small communities and clannish extended families more typical of the Vos and the Rjurik than the Brecht. Still, Gevesmühl's inhospitable climate and appearance kept it from being raided by the Grabentod pirate's. The mountains that cut it off from the rest of the continent (and keep the bad weather in) make it an unappealing target for any would be conqueror.

[top]Important People


The realm has no true allies. If the Black Ice Traders didn't gouge the Dwarves of Daikhar Zhigun so fiercely, they might have friends there, but Arlinda Aldor seems to harbor a strong prejudice against non-humans.
The gnolls of the Fells would like to take over Grevesmühl, but they are not a serious threat. In the past, Rzhlev has made a few cutlass rattling overtures, but the Royal Navy of Müden would not take kindly to a Vos realm invading any part of Brechtür.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Grevesmühl
Dubeswald (3/4)SK (1)LH (2)AA(2)CS (4)
Eiresmachen (2/5)SK (1)--CS (5)
Gredaur (3/4)SK (3)LH (3)AA (3)CS (4)
Haldwaren (4/3)LH (0)LH (3)AA (4)CL (2)
--AA (2)CL (4)
Mjollinar (3/4)KP (1)ME (2)DU (1)Cl (3)
Rulsfeg (6/1)KP (3)LH (3)AA (4)CL (1)
ME (3)DU (2)
Sleppsig (5/0)SK (5)-AA (3)-
DU (2)
Tyrtep (4/5)KP (3)GF (3)DU (3)CL (3)
Westriet (5/2)SK (3)ME (1)AA (3)CL (1)
DU (2)
Woettap (3/4)SK (1)GF (3)-CS (4)
Zhylenkal (3/4)-GF (3)-CS (4)
Abbreviations: SK = Shaemes Karlburgher ((Duke of Grevesmühl)); KP = Kallen Pickbiter (King of Daikhur Zhigun); LH=Luther Helmsen (Ruornil's Silver Guard); ME = Morathos Everdark (Bright Ember's Darkness); GF = Ggus Feuerscorn (Yeenoghu's Dark Curse); AA = Arlinda Aldor (Black Ice Traders); DU = Dorin Utterlund (Deep Steel Miners); CS = Colin Shaefpaete (the Island Mage); CL = Caliene Llwelyn (Grevesmühl Wizard).

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