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High in the mountains where winter comes early and stays late, the only resources most find are rock and scrubby forests. Most dare not enter the Hag's domain, but several settlements and camps are still standing for those brave or foolish enough to attempt to stay. The Hag is said to use these from time to time as a base of operation and persistent rumors abound that she possibly hordes gold in those settlements as well; an irresistible lure for some of the more adventurous. Whether the gold and rumors are bait or just there for the taking is still very much open for speculation.



Lorded over by the Hag, there is no real political power inside Kordan. The only rule is that of the Hag and she takes what she wants when she wants. She holds no court nor makes any laws. Instead she spends all her time in her feud with Drachenward and Grabentod, bending all her great intelligence and sources she wields to that task alone. Recently, however, it is rumored that a nobleman of Drachenward named Orin Hawk and his underlings have fallen under her sway though willingly or unwillingly is not known. A ranger with more than passing talent, he and his men now guard Kordan's northern border. Though Orin is the most recent of note, it is very likely that many others are in the service of the Hag. Some come willingly to serve. Others come seeking treasure and are enslaved. Still, she has never fielded an army preferring the uses of guile and magic to that of the sword.

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Domain Table: Kordan
Kordan (2/5)---5 (TH)
Abbreviations: TH= The Hag

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