Ingallan clan

Kingdom: Kvigmar

Winter Province: Jharvild

Summer Province: Jharvild

Chief: Astridda (FRj; P8, Erik; Re, major, 20; CE)
The Ingallan number perhaps 60 individuals and live in the nearly untouched reaches of Kvigmar. Thus far, neither Jarl Ulrich nor the Ingallan are aware of each other's existence, so isolated is this tribe. In fact, Ingallans' lonely existence has created a number of unusual beliefs among the tribe's members, including the notions that the entire world is covered in ice, that fewer than a few hundred humans exist anywhere, and that the ocean is virtually endless, terminating only when it reaches Erik's undying realm, an inconceivably far distance to the east.
Some members of the Ingallan, who have ventured far enough to see Kvigmar city or have glimpsed Brecht or Rjurik vessels far off on the wave-tossed sea, now question this view of the universe. Chieftess Astridda gently and chidingly dismisses this confusion. Most of the tribe's older members feel that belief in a world outside the snow and ice of their realm somehow shows a lack of faith in Erik, and some even go so far as to accuse those who question tradition as blasphemers, and call for their expulsion from the tribe.

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