Johann Katterbach

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Marshal of the Royal Army
M.Br; Fighter 8; LN. HP 8d10+16 = 65.
Cha 14, Con 16, Dex 10, Int 12, Str 16, Wis 12. Unblooded.
Quote: My lord, our people are cramped and need space to breathe, is it not time to drive the goblins back yet further? Or perhaps to reclaim some of our northern territory? Our armies are strong and eager for battle.
Johann is Danigau?s general; a big bluff man of 50 the general?s hair may have turned white and his face may be lined, but his voice can still straighten a line of soldiers at four hundred paces and his eyes are keen. The General?s thoughts turn ever more to his chalet high in Starkhundt where the trout swim in the crystal clear waters of the lakes and the winter snows allow a man to ski for 5 miles downhill without pause.
Johann has a secret passion for Heidi Wiergau and often finds reason to patrol her lands. His men know better than to bother him when he is constructing the tortured poetry he writes in her honor (but is far too shy ever to let anyone hear) and Johann will hear no word against her, even from his Count.

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