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Split among the Surzek goblins and the small Vos population, the provinces and holdings of Lutkhovsky do not even approach their potential - and perhaps never will. But with the silver mines of Melyy booming in the south, adventuresome settlers have begun to swell the human population.

[top]Life and Society

No single regent rules Lutkhovsky and, as is becoming increasingly apparent, no regent wants to. Pavel Suderaght came to Lutkhovsky a few months ago at the behest of Jana Kuruven of Melyy, guildmaster of the Hook River miners and traders. Since arriving, he has had nothing but trouble with Surzek Goblins (who were uninterested in the eastern provinces of Lutkhovsky until the humans arrived) and with those men and women willing to come north and work in his logging camps. Add to this, the foul weather Lutkhovsky is famous for, and the result is a very reluctant regent.
Still, Pavel does his job. He cuts lumber and sells it in the south (mostly to Melyy), weather permitting. He hasn't managed to set up a year-round trade route between Petropavinsk and any other city (its bay freezes solid in winter, making shipping impossible), but Pavel refuses to give up.

[top]The Land

Covered by the ancient Grovnekevic Forest and the superstitions that have always surrounded that wood, Lutkhovsky has never been more than a haven for bandits and humanoids - until now. Cold and snowbound for nearly ten months of the year, its shores provide few safe harbors for visitors. Even its capital city, built in the hopes of attracting settlers willing to carve a realm out of this wild land, remains sealed off from sea traffic for more than half the year.




[top]Flora and Fauna













= Political =
If the Surzek Goblins ever attack the loggers of the Petropavinsk Woodhewers, an all-out war could start. Fortunately, the goblins know that such excitement could entice the Sword Rust Tribes down out of their mountain holds in the hope of retrieving their errant slaves.

[top]Important Figures

[top]Plots and Rumors

  • A band of adventurers recently penetrated deep into Surzek territory in an effort to locate and steal the Surzek treasury. Fortunately for the human population of Lutkhovsky, they did not succeed. Unfortunately, several adventurers died in the effort, yielding several fairly powerful magical items to the goblin tribe. It is only a matter of time before the goblins figure out how to use these magical items, and perhaps turn them against the rest of the realm.
  • Thurag, high priest of the Doom, appears eager to start a fight with the Lutkhovsky Vos. His motivations seem unclear, but he may simply want to give his goblin followers something to do - busy hands are not rebellious hands. Sorid currently opposes an outright attack on the Vos timbermen, but he cannot forestall Thurag for long. It is entirely possible that Sorid, hoping to undermine Thurag's influence in "his" realm, will warn the Lutkhovsky lumberers in time to withstand an assault, but only if he can find someone willing to run messages between Surzek and Vos territories.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Lutkhovsky
Aykbun (0/8)--PW (0)-
Bratukhan (2/7)SV (1)DoM (2)-FS (1)
Gortz (3/6)SV (1)DoM (2)-FS (5)
SR (1)---
Kolinau (1/8)--PW (1)-
Lorka (2/7)SR (1)DoM (0)--
Minisk (3/6)SR (2)DoM (2)--
Pavisk (2/7)PW (1)ToS (2)PW (2)-
Petnoi (4/5)PW (2)ToS (3)PW (4)-
Shauz (0/7)----
Tzubinstak (1/8)SV (1)DoM (1)PW (1)-
Zzyk (4/5)SV (2)DoM (4)--
Abbreviations: PW = Petropavinsk Woodhewers (Pavel Suderaght); SV = Sorid Vorskridder (Surzek); DoM = Devastation of Maglubiyet (Thurag Blackscale); FS = Firosk Slecktra (Fell Speaker); SR = Sword Rust Tribes (Tolzimkur); ToS = Temple of Sirova.
  • Law: Pavel Suderaght established some semblance of law in human provinces of Lutkhovsky only in response to the recent influx of immigrants. The Surzek Goblins, led by chieftain Sorid Vorskridder. lay claim to the most of the western territories.
  • Temples: The Devastation of Maglubiyet controls the Lutkhovsky goblins in a manner that would do the war-priests of Belinik proud. The small temple to Lirovka, god of the moon and magic, looks out for the welfare of Lutkhovsky's human population.
  • Guilds: The Petropavinsk Woodhewers have been cutting and shipping lumber south, but the goblins of the eastern Grovnekevic Forest have not allowed them to set up a permanent trade route - yet.
  • Sources: Few magic practitioners exist within this wild realm, but that could change with the recent encroachment by Firosk Slecktra.
  • Provinces: Not surprisingly, only a few of Lutkhovsky's provinces are ruled. Pavel Suderaght rules Petnoi and Pavisk, while the Surzek goblins rule Zzyk, Bratukhan, and Gortz. The Sword Rust Tribes may attempt to claim Minisk at any time.

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