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Absolutist Monarchy
Avani (State Religion)

Spices, livestock, silver
Olive Oil, silver goods, gold


The city state of Ariya has an ancient port on the Baïr el-Mehare. The land, the law, and the Ariyan Temple of Avani are all ruled by Gerad ibn Farid el-Arrasi. He claims descent from Rashid doune Arrasi. The Emir is a dignified warrior with a sharp mind who can truly see into a person's heart. He believes Ariya should act as the political and moral leader of all Khinasi and insists on formality in all dealings.


Ariya boasts beautiful white washed cities and high gleaming spires. Ariya is built over Saria, the world's oldest Masetian city. The city state maintains defenses and street networks that follow the design of old Saria. When the Basarji came and settled down in the plains region, they built Ariya to closely follow the designs of the old city.

[top]Life and Society

[top]The Land


[top]Ancient Days

The first Masetian city in Cerilia was called Saria. Saria was possibly the first founded in Cerilia. Although tradition says that the Masetian calendar dates from Saria's founding, the town was probably built in 12 MA (-503 HC). The date of the founding was a decade after humanity's flight from the Shadow across the primordial land bridge from Aduria into Cerilia. The Masetians were sailors of bold and impetuous character, and they explored the land and founded small city-states as far west as Binsada, and as far east as the islands of the Ajari Deep. History records few prior inhabitants of the land. So, on the wide and grassy savanna and rocky island coasts, the Masetians found few rivals.
So, scross the wave of time, only a few Masetian names survive. Maltos Saria, founder of a long-lived dynasty based in Saria, reined over an empire of city-states in southern Cerilia and the islands of the southern sea. The Masetians worshiped the goddess Masela. So, Maselan doctrine encouraged followers to teach the lore of the sea to whomever sought it. As a result, the Masetians were the finest sailors of the ancient world. They then taught their lore to a tribe of nomadic seafarers and magicians from lands across the Sea of Dragons -- the Basarji.
After its destruction, the new city of Ariya rose on its ruins.

[top]The Anuirean Empire

Ariya was the first place Avani was preached, after Nurida el-Deyír received his visions.

[top]el-Arrasi and Golden Age

During the golden age of Ariya, it was considered to be the center of Basarji culture and politics.

[top]The Long Fall

In the 700 years since the legendary el-Arrasi's death, Ariya has lost its dominant position, although it still retains its reputation as a highly influential city-state. The devoutly religious people of Ariya tend to act somewhat formal. Holy days and hours of worship are strictly observed.

[top]Continuing Problems


[top]Important Figures

thumb|Inside the Tower of Morning|right
Prince Gerad el-Arrasi (MKh, Pal 7, Avani; Basaia, major, 36) has a firm hold on the city of Ariya. He also controls the provinces surrounding it and is a highly regarded Prince. However, he seems to ignore the outlying provinces because Aftane is sponsoring lawlessness there. As the patriarch of the Ariyan Temple of Avani, the Prince also has a say in temple matters. Under the Prince's leadership, the Ariyan Temple is much more moderate than the Zikalan sect. There is less radical preaching by the priests, as the temple caters to the rational aspect of Avani.

Rahíl the Falcon (MKh, Wiz 7; Masela, minor, 19), the court mage, is often found in the Tower of Morning, serving the prince. Once an adventurer himself, the Falcon had put down a coup attempt made by the former court mage's apprentices. The result was that the apprentices were found out, tried for treason, and executed or banished. The Prince gave the mage position of Court Mage, and the Falcon relishes in the service. He sees himself as a servant of the Prince rather than a regent in his own right.

Omadi the Quick, Loyal Guilder, is a cunning rogue who has worked himself up out of poverty. Good hearted, and willing to give charity, Omadi works hard to maintain Ariya's enconomy. His Gold Coast Coster competes with the Extraordinary Traders of Turin and the Zhainge Merchant Guild for the best over sea export routes out of Djaper and the best oversea import routes into Anuire.

Sari bint Bédize (FKh, Rog7, NE) mistress of the Black Arrow is a pirate and a cut throat. She spends most of her time trying to build up her own network. Unlike Omadi, she isn't blooded, but she is serious about contending for the trade routes. Currently, Hadan's fastest ship, the Scheherazade, is chasing the Black Arrow in order to bring her and her crew of murderous pirates to Justice.

Captain Hadan el-Djefer (Mkh, Ftr 5; NG) is the Admiral of Ariya's fleet. While the Regent handles the army, it is Hadan's job to see that the navy is fit to do battle with enemy ships, especially against Sari's Black Arrow. A loyal Admiral, he has nothing but Ariya's best interests at heart.
Adara bint Reshoud (FKh, Wiz 8; Vorynn, major, 22) is the other Wizard Regent who controls sources outside of Ariya. She is there as a refugee from Shoufal, and is currently leading a resistance movement against the Red Kings. Shoufal was one of the casualties of War during the Unification of Aftane. She is older than she actually looks.
Sometimes it helps the Prince to go incognito. The young dancing girl, Nura Bakabassi (Fkh, brd 1; CG), is a Jackal Boy dancer who knows how to get around the magnificent city. She helps the prince to move about and remind him of how the poor and the beggars in the city lives.
Fethiye Kalhat Hawwat Nishtun Burumbini al-Hufuf (MKh, Aristocrat 9, LN) is the regent's loyal Vizier. He's an ambitious tall man with a triangular head who tries to gain the prince's ear on how he thinks things should go. He is very diligent and he has an amazing memory.
Khalil el-Arrassi (Mkh, W12; Ba, tainted, 8; LE) is the regent's cousin. He hold the provinces of Kfeira and Tegher. Khalil is descended from Eriat's line, and harbors ambitions, rumor has it, for the throne and that he is secretly conducting negotiations with Zikala and Aftane to support his bid for the throne.

[top]Fighting Orders

[top]Plots and Rumors

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Ariya
Ariya (7/0)GFA (4)GFA (5)GCC (3)Rh
TAn (2)BK (2)
GFA (1)
Assarif (1/4)UaT (1)CK (1)BK (1)Rh (1)
Azédas (1/4)UaT (1)TAn (1)GCC (1)Rh (1)
Djef el-Kadir (1/4)YaH (1)-BK (1)Rh (4)
Kfeira (3/4)GFA (2)ATA (2)GCC (2)Rh (4)
Kouzir (2/3)GFA (1)ATA (1)GCC (1)Rh (3)
Tegher (2/3)GFA (1)ATA (1)BK (2)Rh (3)

Abbreviations: GFA=Gerad ibn Farid el-Arrasi (Ariya); YaH=Yazid al-Hakam (Shoufal); UaT=Umar al-Thaqafi (Adaba); ATA=Ariyan Temple of Avani (Gerad ibn Farid el-Arrasi); CK=Chosen of Kirdai (Taril Herad); TAn=Temple of the Ancients (Jasmina el-Mesir); ZMG=Zhaïnge Merchant Guild (Aswan bin Serhouf); BK=Brotherhood of Khet (Turiye min Saida); GCC=Gold Coast Coster (Omadi the Quick); Rh=Rahíl the Falcon; AR=Adara bint Reshoud.

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