Garakk the slayer

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Chief of the Goblin Kings of Caebstrech
Male Awnshegh (goblin) Rogue 10/Awnshegh brute 8

Great bloodline of Azrai, 40


HP 10d6+ 8d10 +108= 190

Cha 12, Con 22, Dex 20, Int 14, Str 22, Wis 10

Blood abilities: minor - Alertness, Death touch; major - Detect life, Divine aura; great - Animal affinity (serpents).

Special Awnshegh powers (6): Hardened scales x 2 (+10 natural armor bonus to AC), poison, ability bonuses (+2 str and con x 3).
Typical dialogue:

Wrack! We will feast on their hearts tonight; krrr, have a slave prepared for the spit, that our warriors go to battle on a full stomach.
Hsssss, can you feel my poison burning in your veins? No matter, soon the pain will pass and you will care not of such things, only of servitude.
Ssss, hrakk! Not Daniger this, but tssch Sorcery we smell. Twisted, sharp scent of twisted scale and fang! It grows bolder yes? An ally? A rival? Kahhk! xi.ii
Garakk is one of the awnsheghlien goblins of Caebstrech. Cut off from Urga-Zai long ago by Danigau settlers (and perfectly happy in their tiny kingdom), the goblins of Caebstrech live almost entirely underground near the border with Kantswach. The goblins are self-sufficient, harvesting wild fruits and roots from the wilds around them, fungi and fish in the under-dark, and feast on rare occasions on lost travelers and raided merchant wagons.
The goblin tribe was founded by Garakk, a near-immortal awnsheghlien and father to most of the blooded goblins in the tribe. Many of the goblins are in fact blooded, several are even awnsheghlien. They share the common ?mark of the king?: hardened black or grey scales over their skin, large serpentine fangs, and a will-sapping poison delivered in their bite.
The Goblins survived the initial wars against the Brecht settlers who founded Danigau by hiding and striking from the shadows, when larger more outwardly violent goblins died in open battle Garakk?s ancestors hid away during battles to emerge at night to kill or steal from their foes. These tactics are still prized today and guile and treachery are qualities highly prized by the goblins of Caebstrech
Garakk?s goblins keep a number of slaves, almost entirely folk of Danigau but some Rjurik wanderers, and even a handful of dwarves captured long ago. The goblins often feed on the male population of these slaves (aside from the dwarves, whose skills are too valuable) both to cull any excess population and reduce the chance of violent resistance. This is also a ceremonial act; the goblins see the consumption of the Danigers as a holy duty, symbolic of the Danigers? ?consumption of the goblin lands?.
Garakk?s warriors often kidnap people when they are sure that they will escape notice; typical targets are travelers who look like they do not fit in or those who have seen some sign of the goblins? passage. Garakk is terrified that the Counts of Danigau will learn of the goblins? existence if his people move openly and use the greatly feared Danig magic against the goblins.
Larger raids are carried out only when Garakk thinks that the blame will fall on Urga-Zai, particularly when he sees that goblins have got past the border guards. At times like these Garakk orders his people to raid on a larger scale. Merchant wagons are favorite targets, as are farms with ripe or harvested crops.

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