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Female Brecht Fighter 2/ Priest (Sera) 6
Priestess of Sera's Perfekt Symmetry
Minor Bloodline of Brenna, 7
CG Medium Humanoid.

HP: 2d10+6d8+24 = 67.
Attributes: Cha 11, Con 16, Dex 9, Int 10, Str 18, Wis 14.
Bloodline abilities: none

[top]Example dialogue

Let the old men talk, 'tis time for the young to act!
Undead? We'll have them back in the grave and the land cleansed 'ere dawn, the Independent Temples may quail in the face of such evil but Sera?s grace is strong in the Symmetry!
Beaten? Never! This day luck favored them, but luck is fickle and tomorrow will be ours.
Avril sweet sister, have you word of Father Baen? Long has the Symmetry mourned the rift between us, has his heart softened with times passage?

This Character lacks a portrait


A large jovial woman, Sister Helga is one of the few priests in the domain able to cast spells. Helga often adventures with Darold and is adored by the soldiers of Caebstrech where she often preaches the word of Sera to the unrighteous at hammer-point.

Helga is deathly afraid of sea travel and gets sea sick just looking at a boat; since Danigau has few horses Helga walks everywhere and is often out of touch for weeks while messengers search for her amongst the mountains.

When Helga can be found, the Count often uses her to get messages to Darold Wohlkern for she is more likely to know where he is than her superiors are even if they are not travelling together as they often talk of dangers and quests and the like.

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