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Kingdom of Aerenwe


Feudal monarchy
Nesirie (State Religion)

Grain, livestock

Caer Callin


Aerenwe is the least developed of the Southern Coast's domains. It has swamps in the northeast and the Erebannien bordering the ocean and the rest of the way around its perimeter. The interior terrain - verdant grassland - stays farmed and fenced. Aerenweans inhabit only three of the seven provinces.

[top]Life and Society

Aerenweans keep to their own business ? but they know their neighbors, and they will defend their companions to their dying breaths. Though self-sufficient, they are fiercely loyal. Aerenweans inhabit only three of the seven provinces, and they do not want to endure the costs of war in blood and treasure as some other Anuirean kingdoms have done. It is well that Aerenwe?s neighbours feel the same. No army has ever marched through the Erebannien, and none from Anuire ever will. Any ruler who would despoil the shady trails of the forest would see his allies turning into enemies and his enemies raving for his blood. An unspoken truce among the Anuireans ensures the protection of the Erebannien from war. Unfortunately, other parts of Aerenwe have felt the bite of conflict.
Aerenweans live quiet lives, tending to their crops and livestock mostly unhindered by the machinations of Cerilia?s other regents. Life in the kingdom remains much as it was five hundred years ago. In Aerenwe?s three settled provinces, ancient stone fences and rows of hedges hem in countless orchards, farms, and pastures that are the Aerenweans livelihood. In the south, the ancient Erebannien forest stretches across the kingdom. Most Aerenweans avoid the wood out of awe at the forests beauty, superstition over the forest?s age, and anxiety over the powerful High Mage Aelies, the forest?s half-elven protector and guardian. To this day, the Erebannien remains one of the few places in Anuire untouched by hand of humanity.
A fiercely loyal people, Aerenweans enthusiastically support the realm?s militia. Every yeoman male between the age of 15 and 50 is required to spend some time in the militia, with additional sessions of training every year. Though the tradition of a strong militia has been in Aerenwean society for centuries, there was a time when it was nearly abandoned. The current Queen, Liliene Swordwraith, reinstated the practice and has taken step to ensure that it is never again forgotten.
The aged Queen Liliene Swordwraith is a beloved figure in Aerenwe. Though other Anuireans often say that Aerenweans lack ambition, it cannot be said that they are not loyal to their regent. If she asked, they would march into even the Gorgon?s lair. However, both she and her people feel content with their corner of Anuire.
Nearly every inhabitant of Aerenwe follows the Eastern Temple of Nesirie. Strongly supported by the queen, the priests advocate a view that venerates Nesirie less in her role as goddess of the sea and more as a goddess of self-reliance. Aerenweans do not seek to dominate and prefer to remain out of the conflicts of others. They desire only to go their own way, depending on no one, responsible for no one but themselves. So profound is this doctrine that the worship of Nesirie is the only religion practiced in Aerenwe, though the people of the realm are not intolerant of those of other faiths.
By far, the most powerful guild in Aerenwe is the Spider River Traders. The guild?s master, Siele Ghoried, is probably the least detestable guilder on the Southern Coast, which immediately places him at a disadvantage, as the other guilds use treachery to gain the upper hand. Though Ghoried participates in guild wars that are waged in Roesone, the bulk of his interests lie in Aerenwe and he remains a close friend of the queen, conferring with her before taking any action. The guild buys up nearly all food, timber, and leather that the kingdom exports and sells it abroad, mainly to Roesone.
Another guild operates in Aerenwe, though it is of meager importance. Mourde Alondir has recently started a minor logging operation deep in the heart of the Erebannien. He has attracted the attention of the High Mage Aelies, the protector of the forest, but so far the mage has yet to act.
The Aglondier family, rulers of Ilien, have maintained sources in the Erebannien for nearly a thousand years. In fact, the mebhaighl of the ancient forest provides the Counts of Ilien with the greater bulk of their power. In recent centuries however, the powerful half-elven High Mage Aelies has risen to prominence as Anuire?s most powerful wizard. Aelies has since managed to take control of most of the Erebannien?s powerful sources. This has given rise to something of a long-term rivalry between the rulers of Ilien and the High Mage. The current count, Rogr Aglondier, is no exception.
High Mage Aelies regards the protection of the Erebannien as his own personal mission and tolerates no civilization to sprout under its eaves. The scattered people who live in the woodland region know to respect it, for it is rumored that Aelies can see everything that goes on in the woods. Aelies is a figure of neutrality in a realm renowned for its aloofness. Though he is occasionally seen in the queen?s court, he does not receive any kind of official sanction from Swordwraith. Instead, the queen and the High Mage maintain an unspoken agreement: the Erebannien shall be sacrosanct so long as the High Mage remains out of Aerenwean politics.

[top]The Land

Aerenwe is the least developed of the Southern Coast?s domains. It has swamps in the northeast and the Erebannien bordering the ocean the rest of the way around its perimeter. The interior terrain ? verdant grassland ? stays farmed and fenced.

[top]The Erebannien

Four provinces fall within the Erebannien, called the most beautiful forest in Cerilia. Since the founding of Aerenwe, no army has ever marched through the Erebannien. The people of Aerenwe seek to leave the forest intact and are content to dwell on the plain. A band of rangers, sworn to service to the throne, watch over the grand forest.

[top]Banien's Deep (1/6)

This Erebannien province of Banien's Deep is protected from the storms that occasionally roll in from the Suidemiere by some hills in the south of the province, near the coast.

[top]Shadowgreen (1/6)

This Erebannien province of Shadowgreen is protected from the storms that occasionally roll in from the Suidemiere by some hills in the south of the province, near the coast.

[top]Westmarch (1/6)

[top]Northvale (1/6)

[top]The Plains

Most of the northern three provinces of Aerenwe are flat, verdant grasslands, though some areas near the Berendor River are so low as to be nothing but swamp and marshland. The interior is prime farmland and the intensive agriculture here is as well developed as anywhere you might find.

[top]Calrie (6/0)

Calrie is the most populous province in Aerenwe.
The capital city, Calrie, lay under the protection of the castle, Caer Callin.

[top]Dhoenel (5/0)

[top]Halried (5/0)


The Queen's predecessor, her uncle, Laurens Swordwraith had become embittered by a series of failures and had turned harsh and even tyrannical. For some time, Laurens was able to hold power despite his failures and pitiless reign because the Swordwraith family is descended from Roele. To protect both her realm and her dynasty, Liliene became the champion of a change of policy, which resulted in her arrest. Rebellion became general. Laurens considered putting down agitators by force, but turned away and fled to Diemed. Liliene was acclaimed Queen of Aerenwe.


As the queen grows older with each passing day, concern grows over her lack of an invested heir. Liliene never took a husband in her younger years and never gave birth to any legitimate children, though rumor persists that a love affair sired her twin half-elven lieutenants, Cole Alwier and Cale Alwier. Most feel that Liliene, will name one of twins to be the next king, but that hasn?t stopped ambitious nobles from attempting to gain the Queen?s favor in hopes of becoming the next regent.

[top]Important Figures

[top]Plots and Rumours

Folks say a group of bandits has hidden out in the depths of the forest; yet, no one has produced any evidence. Some think the interlopers are elves, while others call the whole story a lie. No one knows that it is really a band of the queen?s finest rangers watching over the grand forest. Despite the unspoken truce to safeguard the wood, the ruler does not take chances.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Aerenwe
Banien's Deep (1/6)LS (1)SG (1)HMA (3)
RA (3)
Calrie (6/0)LS (6)MCw (6)SG (3)HMA (0)
Dhoenel (5/0)LS (5)MCw (5)SG (3)HMA (0)
Halried (5/0)LS (5)MCw (5)SG (3)HMA (0)
Northvale (1/6)LS (1)HMA (5)
RA (1)
Shadowgreen(1/6)LS (1)MCw (1)MA (1)HMA (5)
RA (1)
Westmarch (1/6)LS (1)SG (1)HMA (3)
RA (3)
Abbreviations: LS=Liliene Swordwraith (Aerenwe); SG=Siele Ghoried (Spider River Traders); HMA=High Mage Aelies; RA=Rogr Aglondier (Wizard of Ilien); MCw=Maire Cwllmie(Eastern Temple of Nesirie); MA=Mourde Alondir.

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