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Archpriestess Suris Enlien

Haelyn, Ruornil (State Religion)

Clothing, coal, fruit, horses, and wine
Grain, livestock, iron, and copper
GB Income
10 GB (Province 9 GB; Law 1 GB)
RP Income
13 RP (Province 9 RP; Law 4 RP)
GB Expenses
10 GB (Army 5 GB; Fortifications 3 GB; Court 2 GB)
6 GB
Acc. Regency
12 RP


Medoere is the youngest realm in Anuire, having been formed only eight years ago after a bitter split from Diemed. Ranging from the Spiderfell in the north to the Straits of Aerele in the south, Medoere was born of faith and the blood of revolution. Suris Enlien, Archpriestess of the Ruornil?s Celestial Spell, rules this land and maintains it as the only theocracy of the Moon God in Cerilia. Though Enlien has become friends with the rulers of several nearby lands, Medoere remains under constant threat from Diemed, where Heirl Diem, Duke of Diemed, schemes to reunite his lost provinces with his own. Rumors claim that he?s waiting for any excuse to go to war.

[top]Life and Society

Medoere is a small realm ruled over by the church of Ruornil's Celestial Spell. This realm is unique in Cerilia in that it is one of only a handful of theocracies and the only one devoted to Ruornil. Both realm and temple are led by Suris Enlien, Sacred Voice of Ruornil and Archpriestess of the Celestial Spell.
The majority of Medoere?s subjects worship Ruornil, though the worship of other gods is permitted. Though non-believers are treated well, there are obvious benefits to converting to the Moon God?s worship. Taxation is slightly lower for believers and nearly every important post of government goes to active members of the Celestial Spell. In general, the people of Medoere seem happy with this arrangement. They are quite loyal to Suris Enlien and her government for delivering them from Diemed?s oppression.
Medoereans, in general, are the descendents of those who came to these provinces in order to escape religious persecution and fulfill a prophecy made by their god. They are the scions of men and women who carved homes out of a forgotten part of Diemed?s crumbling holdings. They appreciate acts of faith, stand up for their beliefs, and though hard working, they enjoy laughing and singing when the work is done ? a sharp contrast to the controlled and ordered subjects of neighboring Diemed.
Most of the realm's gentry are of the religious kind. The highest ranking priest is of course the Celestial Archpriestess. Priests of the next highest rank, called priest-superiors, control the manors, offices, and estates throughout the realm. The priest-superiors are further divided into nine different ranks ranging from the first spell at the bottom to the ninth spell at the top. Once a year, a priest from each priest-superior rank is chosen to sit on the Court of the Nine Spells in Alamier. Under the presiding grand curate, the Court judges important cases of law ? both religious and secular. Other priest-superiors control important temples and castles and serve as magistrates for smaller sections of the realm.
Though the governance and administration of most of the realm is tended to by the Celestial Spell, a few secular nobles remain in Medoere. Most of the noble families are the remnants of Dieman houses that decided to remain in Medoere when it became independent. Though a few of these nobles worship Ruornil, most remained so they could escape the rigid conformity of Dieman society. The nobles perform many of the same functions in Medoere as they do elsewhere. They oversee their lands, collect taxes, raise armies, and enforce the laws of the realm. Secular nobles don?t have to formally join the Church of Ruornil?s Celestial Spell, but they cannot overtly break any of its laws. The nobles swear fealty to the church, a situation that evokes some discomfort for noble visitors from other realms. The highest ranking secular noble is Lord Kotrin Skirvin, the commander of Medoere's armies and the Archpriestess' lieutenant.
Three different guilds operate within Medoere?s borders. El-Hadid?s Port of Call Exchange and Orthien Tane?s Southern Anuire Shipping and Imports have carried their bloody guild war into Medoere, though the conflict is less intense here than it is in Roesone and Diemed. However, the most influential guilder in Medoere is Guilder Kalien, regent of Endier and master of the Heartlands Outfitters. Kalien has a lock on the trade in Caerwil, a province that Suris Enlien only nominally controls. Though the people of Caerwil worship Ruornil, Kalien controls the nobles and other administrators in the province through a combination of direct fealty and bribery. Kalien?s control of the province has led to no end of troubles between Endier and Medoere. Suris Enlien would like nothing better than to send in her troops and priests to take care of this interloper, but Kalien makes heavy use of mercenaries to protect his holdings and has shown a willingness to turn the province against Medoere until Enlien buckles ? or until she drives him and his cronies from the land.
Hermedhie, the mysterious wizardess of the Bliene Mountains in Diemed, controls most of the sources in Medoere. Recently, Suris Enlien has managed to convince the mage to become Medoere?s court wizard. In exchange for a small income, Hermedhie has promised to use her powers to protect Medoere. However, this arrangement remains secret as it would almost certainly mean Hermedhie?s death if the Duke of Diemed discovered it. Though neither Suris Enlien nor Guilder Kalien knows Hermedhie well, both of them have faith that she will prevent other wizards, namely Rogr Aglondier of Ilien, from claiming more sources in Medoere.

[top]The Land

Moonrise over Lake AdeleMoonrise over Lake Adele

Medoere?s terrain resembles that of neighboring Diemed: predominately hills and meadows. The fields look ordered and well kept, and the towns form in the same clear pattern, but there?s a certain element of chaos to the air that doesn?t exist in Diemed.
The weather in Medoere is a little strange, affected by both the trade winds from the Straits just to the south and the constant storm brewing over the Spiderfell to the north. Occasionally, storms will blow north from the sea to meet the cloud perpetually over the Spiderfell, and Medoere takes the brunt of the damage. Though the climate makes the land look a bit gloomy, it has given the populace that much more resolve to enjoy life.

[top]Alamier (4/1)

The southwest province, called Alamier, is the most densely populated and cultivated. The largest and most important towns include Alamier, Fort Celestial, Silvertown, Tallow, and Surier. The city of Alamier itself overlooks the Straits of Aerele. The great Temple of the Celestial Spell, the largest temple of Ruornil in Anuire, can be found in this city. The Court of Nine Spells also meets here, and the grand curate makes frequent trips to his palace overlooking the sea.
Medoere Forest: Medoere Forest is the largest woodland area in the province, located near its northern border. It?s also the most widely travelled forest in Medoere, for the woods teem with a variety of wildlife that attracts hunters and trappers. For the most part, all the dangerous creatures have been eliminated from these lush woods, though occasionally a pack of wolves prowls the deepest region.

[top]Braeme (3/2)

The southeast province of Braeme consists of a rugged yet beautiful series of hills and highlands, lush fields, verdant grasslands, and small lakes. Larger towns include Port Fornd and Port Adele on the southern coast, Milltown on the eastern side of Lake Celestial, the source of the Celestial River. Other towns include Riverwood on the banks of Spider River and Medoere Pass on the border of Ilien.
Braeme: The city of Braeme itself is the capital of the realm. It is nestled on the shores of a small lake known as Lake Adele. While not as opulent or commercial as the city of Alamier, Braeme nevertheless has a mood and energy all its own; Braeme handles all official business at night.
Suris Enlien and her court take up residence in the Celestial Palace, a modestly sized edifice on the shores of Lake Adele. Palace was once known as Caer Enlien and served as the seat of power for the Enlien household. While the Enlien?s still rule from here, all the accruements and emblems of Enlien rule have been removed and replaced with symbols honouring Ruornil.
Temple of the Ninth Spell: Built in the hills above Lake Adele, the Temple of the Ninth Spell is a smaller version of the temple in the city of Alamier. Altaweir Enlien, a distant cousin of Lady Suris, oversees the business of the temple, performing some of the most beautiful ceremonies of the faith for his adoring flock.

[top]Caerwil (2/3)

Caerwil is the largest and least settled of Medoere?s provinces. Its proximity to the Spiderfell and the influence exerted by Guilder Kalien makes it home to brigands and raiding monsters that prey upon the hapless peasants. The largest towns include Caerwil, North Landing, Moon Port, and Mill Landing. Here, traders and artisans belonging to Guilder Kalien?s Heartlands Outfitters ply their trades. While Ruornil?s Celestial Spell runs the administration of the rest of the realm, it is the independent town councils and militia captains that run this province, and they answer to Guilder Kalien.
Moonstrike Keep: Newly restored Moonstrike Keep protects Tieren Pass, the ancient passage from Diemed to Medoere.
Goblincairn: Goblincairn is hidden in the hills of central Medoere. Here, four pillars of piled stones climb toward the cloud-filled sky. Markings on the pillars have been identified as the writings of the ancient goblin nations.


Until about 100 years ago, the history of Medoere was the history of Diemed. The three provinces that today comprise the Ruornite theocracy were first tamed by the Deretha but remained only sparsely settled during the days of the Anuirean Empire. Like neighboring Roesone, the provinces of Alamier, Braeme, and Caerwil primarily served to feed the hungry populaces of the larger cities on the Southern Coast.
All that changed in 477 MR. In that year, Daen Roesone forged his own realm out of Diemed?s eastern frontier and won a war of independence against the Duke of Diemed. Weakened by the war, Diemed withdrew most of its military forces and settlers back to its central provinces and left the new eastern frontier, between Diemed and Roesone, wild and forgotten. It was three years later that, according to the teachings of the Celestial Spell that the god Ruornil selected a portion of Anuire as his own.
Church histories say that an ambitious and faithful priest named Brun Szareh received a heavenly vision on a foggy night in 480 MR. The priest was fasting in the mountains of Bliene in Diemed, praying for a holy quest to advance the cause of Ruornil in Haelyn-dominated Diemed. According to the Celestial Spell?s holy books, Ruornil then spoke to Brun through a bright beam of moonlight and instructed him to gather the Silver Prince?s followers in those wild and unprotected lands so that they might practice without confinement by Haelyn?s most ordered and orthodox temple. During that conversation, it is said that Ruornil directed Brun to call the new land Medoere.
Over the next six years, Brun preached the words Ruornil had given him. Slowly at first, but then in great waves, the scattered worshippers of Ruornil began to settle in Medoere. Families built homes and cleared land, planting crops and establishing communities in Diemed?s otherwise forsaken frontier. By 500 MR, the provinces of Caerwil, Alamier, and Braeme were no longer untamed. Ruornil? flock carved civilization out of the wilderness, and that civilization in turn attracted others to the eastern frontier. Before long, the worshippers of Ruornil organized into the Church of Ruornil?s Celestial Spell.
Late in 500 MR, Brun Szareh again prayed to Ruornil for guidance, asking for the Silver Prince?s aid in forging an actual realm. However, according to the Celestial Spell, Ruornil spoke from another ray of moonlight and said, ?No, faithful Brun, that task is not yours to complete. You have prepared the land and the people, but the one lead them must be of the blood, one with true power. She will come later. For now, there is one last thing I must ask of you.?
The temple?s teachings don?t reveal what final quest Ruornil had in mind for Brun. Legends say that Brun walked into the Spiderfell one moonlit night near the end of the year. He never returned.
At the end of the year 500 MR, Diemed?s regent dispatched Mourten Enlien to Braeme to serve as count and lord over the newly civilized lands. Though Mourten was a devout follower of Haelyn, he gained a measure of respect from the Ruornites of the Celestial Spell. Though he made an initial effort at curbing the population?s chaotic tendencies, he soon relented. After all, for the first time in many years, the eastern provinces were producing revenue. Mourten felt sure that he would soon be elevated in rank if he was able to send back reports that all was well.
Except for the high taxes and the occasional unreasonable demand from the government, the people of the three provinces lived good lives. When Mourten?s youngest son, Egris, became a priest of Ruornil, he stopped grinding the people beneath his boot. The Ruornites never rebelled and generally obeyed the laws of Diemed.
This relatively happy state of affairs came crashing down in 520 MR when Mourten Enlien died and was succeeded by his eldest son, Dalien. At first, the people noticed few differences between the ruling styles of father and son. Each year, however, new laws were enacted and new taxes imposed. After a while, it became evident that these were specifically designed to hinder the Celestial Spell and its followers.
Though Dalien?s younger brother Egris tried to dissuade him from this course of action, the gulf between them continued to widen. By 538 MR, it was evident that Dalien ?probably at the urging of Diemed?s regent- was doing everything in his power to break the Celestial Spell. Temples and shrines to the Moon God were closed to the public while their clergy were imprisoned within their walls and watched over by Enlien?s troops. In 540 MR, Dalien outlawed the worship of Ruornil.
Despite the new law, Ruornites continued to gather in secret. Even Dalien?s daughter, the young and beautiful Suris, disobeyed her father?s edicts. She converted from Haelyn?s worship to that of the Moon God and received instructions in the faith secretly from her uncle Egris. In 543 MR, Dalien realized that his efforts to smother the Celestial Spell had failed and he petitioned the duke of Diemed for more troops so that he could destroy Ruornil?s power once and for all.
What follows is an account of the events of the subsequent Ruornite rebellion as told in the Celestial Manuscript, the holiest tome in Medoere.
?Unlike the visions of Brun, the Silver Prince himself appeared before Suris on that lonely hill. ?I have waited for you to come of age, Suris. Your father will kill my faithful Egris this night, and tomorrow, he will march at the head of his troops. Dalien Enlien will not rest until my followers have washed this land clean with their blood. This I cannot allow.?
Ruornil, who looked no older than Suris, touched her tear-streaked cheek with one warm, glowing hand.?"Do not cry Suris, for this very night I have chosen you to be my Sacred Voice. You are the blooded champion I foretold in my talks with Brun Szareh when this land was wild and desolate. You are the sword of justice, my wand of enchantment. You will stop Dalien and Diemed. You will forge a new realm called Medoere.?
?For hours, Suris listened to Ruornil's words. At one point, the Moon God paused long enough to show the young priestess how Egris died. In that instant, Suris came to hate her father. Before that moment, she'd simply despised him. When the Moon God had said all he had to say, he walked calmly into Lake Adele and disappeared into the moon reflected on its smooth surface. She watched the Silver Prince go, then turned to fulfill the prophecy he had given her.
?Night was quickly fading into dawn, but there was still enough of the moon and the darkness for the young priestess to accomplish her first task. She stormed into her father's chamber, barely pausing to glance at the drying pool of blood that had spilled from her uncles' wounds and the Enlien sword leaning in its scabbard at the side table. Suris demanded to know what her father's intentions were now that Egris was dead.
?Only slightly taken aback by the accusation, Dalien smiled triumphantly. ?I?m going to ride at the head of my troops, meet up with the forces coming from central Diemed, and then systematically begin slaughtering the rest of Ruornil's undisciplined flock.? Suris' father calmly explained. ?It's time for Haelyn's might to once again shine of all of Diemed.?
?Rage flared in Suris' breast at her father's words. Lightning fast, she pulled the Enlien sword from its scabbard. ?Repent, father,' she demanded, holding the sharp point at his heart. ?You must not continue this evil. It is time for our provinces to break away and form a new realm. Ruornil has shown me this, and I know it to be true.?
?You're as demented as my brother,' Dalien spat, realizing that Egris had passed his beliefs along to young Suris. ?Give me that sword and I'll show you how the fools who worship Ruornil bleed. Perhaps I'll even start with you.?
?Furious, Suris killed her father before he could take the weapon away. She took no pleasure in this act, but at least the persecution of the Celestial Spell would end. Outside, she found a horde of people - farmers, traders, artisans, and even soldiers once loyal to Dalien.
?We've heard Ruornil?s voice,' the crowd shouted, ?We know that you will lead us!? And lead them she did. Suris Enlien rode toward Tieren Pass, the route from which Diemed's troops would enter Caerwil on their way to Braeme. Along the way, others loyal to Ruornil or just sick of the hardships propagated by Dalien flocked to her side. When she reached the ruins of Tieren Keep, her army was 3000 strong.
?Still, what could a collection of common folk and a scattering of soldiers do to hold off the regent's seasoned troops? She ordered her followers into defensive positions within the ruins and settled down to wait for Diemed's forces to arrive. After Suris' troops arrived at Tieran, a storm rolled down from the Spiderfell the following morning. Rain exploded from the sky, soaking the land and dampening the spirits of Suris' defenders. Throughout that day, as gray clouds and wind and lighting surrounded the ruins of the ancient keep, Suris Enlien spoke words of inspiration to those who had followed her to Tieren Pass. She told them about the things Ruornil had prophesied - the realm of Medoere and a theocracy of goodness to care for it.
"?This is our home, and the Moon God's home,? Suris proclaimed, ?We will turn back Diemed's troops! We will triumph, for the Silver Prince fights at our side!? That night as Diemed's troops marched into the pass, the storm finally broke and a bright moon illuminated the keep. Before the first arrows could be shot or the first sword could clash, a beam of moonlight struck Diemed's troops like a fire from the sky. They were killed to a man without a single injury befalling any of Suris' defenders. On that faithful night in 543 MR, Tieren Keep became Moonstrike Keep and three provinces that once belonged to Diemed became a new domain called Medoere.?
Though the story above is commonly accepted within Medoere, a great many people throughout Anuire, particularly in Diemed, have a hard time accepting it. Many claim that since most churches claim that the gods entered a pact to never again manifest on the surface of Aebrynis, Suris and her followers must be mistaken at best. Particularly fanatical and orthodox Haelynites claim that even if the story is true, then it simply reinforces the notion that the followers of a ?non-Anuirean and interfering? god should be removed.
As to the events at Moonstrike Keep, they remain a mystery. The Celestial Spell claims that Ruornil personally intervened, while some claim that some sort of realm magic must have been used. Still others claim that there was no magic or divine intervention used at all and that Suris and her followers are simply lying about a decisive yet still mundane military engagement in order to cement the legitimacy of the realm.


As a small realm with powerful enemies, Medoere depends heavily on its allies for support. Suris Enlien has learned that she can rely on the Count of Ilien and the Baroness of Roesone and has become personal friends with both. Though no official treaty binds Roesone, Ilien, and Medoere together, they remain united in the face of the threats from Diemed, the Spiderfell, and Ghoere.
Despite these amiable relations, Suris Enlien remains intent on securing Medoere?s complete independence. She has no desire to shackle the realm into vassalage agreements or to sell out her people for the sake of security. However, a day may come when Suris or some other regent of Medoere is forced to make hard choices about the future of the realm.
Though Diemed presents the most obvious threat to Medoere, Guilder Kalien of Endier represents a more subtle problem. The Guilder openly controls the political and administrative levers of power in Caerwil and shows no sign of ever letting go. Suris would like nothing better than to drive out Kalien?s forces but she is loath to do so while Diemed still presents such a cogent threat. She also remains mindful of the Guilder?s threat to turn Caerwil against her should she act in a hostile manner. Currently, Suris seeks a quiet scheme to remove Kalien from Medoere but has so far come up with little.
Medoere is also plagued by another delicate problem. The Impregnable Heart of Haelyn has opened a shrine, called the Shrine of the Heart, in Alamier. The Impregnable Heart did not seek permission from the government to open the holding, but Suris allows the shrine to continue operating in order to foster good relations with the primary temple in Roesone. As well, any action taken against the Shrine of the Heart would likely place the Celestial Spell?s holdings in Roesone at risk and anger the Roesonean nobility to no good end. Suris knows that the Impregnable Heart, among other temples, would like a piece of Medoere?s holdings and fears that the Haelynites will soon try to expand their holdings. If that should happen, then religious conflict could come between Medoere and Roesone, drastically weakening their defenses.
Finally, there is Diemed. Hierl Diem, the duke of Diemed, has made no secret of his ambition to restore his house?s ancient glory and reclaim Medoere. Diemen troops are constantly sighted across the border, making ready for the day when they will attack. Nearly everyone believes that war is imminent, so Suris Enlien and her government keep a close eye on the situation.

[top]Important Figures

  • Suris Enlien, Archpriestess of Ruornil's Celestial Spell and regent of the realm

James Enlien: James Enlien (M, An; Clr5, Ruornil; Scion of Reynir, major, 35) is a humble priest of Ruornil's Celestial Spell who is the spitting image of Egris Enlien, who was said to be the spitting image of Ruornil himself. He manages the Temple of the First Spell near Lake Adele, where he often takes moonlight walks with the Sacred Voice.
Kotrin Skirvin: Kotrin Skirvin (MRj; Ftr3; Scion of Anduiras, minor, 18) is the commander of Medoere?s army and Suris Enlien?s only lieutenant. When Suris needed someone to command Medoere?s army and serve as her lieutenant in matters of state, she turned to Lord Skirvin. Skirvin was one of her father?s military commanders, a lesser noble of Braeme with a small company of knights under his banner. Young Suris had seen Kotrin argue with her father on many occasions as she was growing up and admired his convictions. When she was forced to kill her father, it was Lord Kotrin who stood beside her and legitimized her authority before the soldiers.
In his late 30s, Skirvin has been a warrior his entire life. He stands about six feet tall, with broad shoulders and a lean physique. He?s never seen without his long sword, a weapon of quality that has been in his family for hundreds of years.
Suris keeps a close eye on Kotrin. Besides being an excellent tactician and military strategist, Kortrin has a little blood of his own. In matters of defense, his ambition sometimes overshadows his common sense. Lord Skirvin has never embraced the tenents of the Celestial Spell. He prides himself on offering the archpriestess a totally temporal point of view. He often claims that his feet are firmly planted on the ground and not wandering somewhere in the clouds like the church leaders. Still, he respects the theocracy?s accomplishments and agrees with its policies.
Elenir Goerin: Elenir Goerin (MAn; expert (Lay Priest) 9, Ruornil; unblooded), is the Grand Curate of Medoere and thus acts as Lady Suris? prime minister. He has a head for organization and figures, often calculating resources mentally while his clerks are still fumbling with their quills and ledgers. Elenir is a priest-superior of the church, in addition to the functions he handles as grand curate. He?s an aging, overweight priest who works himself much harder than he works his subordinates. In contrast to the young Lady Suris, Elenir lends an air of maturity to the theocracy?s leadership. He has given the Court of the Nine Spells a measure of stability, as he has presided over eight different bodies of priests since the theocracy began.
Altaweir Enlien: Patriarch Altaweir Enlien (MAn; Clr7, Ruornil; Scion of Reynir, minor, 8) is a distant cousin of Lady Suris. He was a priest of Ruornil in Roesone when Suris founded Medoere. Already a well-respected priest of the faith, he quickly earned the title of priest-superior in the theocracy of the Celestial Spell. It didn?t take him long to advance to the level of the Ninth Spell, nor to petition for command of the Temple of the Ninth Spell that was already being constructed in the realm?s capital city. His temple is second only to the grand Temple of the Celestial Spell in Alamier. Because his sphere of influence is so close to the Celestial Archpriestess, he serves as a trusted advisor.
It is widely believed that should anything happen to the Lady Suris, Altaweir would come to rule Medoere. Altaweir himself seems to believe this and makes a point of reminding his fellow priests of his influence. Of course, Altaweir could be in for a sore disappointment should Suris ever choose someone else to be her heir.
Hermedhie: Hermedhie (FAn; Wiz7; Scion of Vorynn, major, 24) was recognized as court wizard by Suris Enlien. The Wizardress is in her fifties: being tall and thin, and regal by all standards. Her hair is stark white and she has three parallel scars running down the left side of her face.
Hermedhie has been controling much of the sources of magic in Diemed before Medoere was born. When a definite border was made between Medoere and Diemed, Hermedhie continued to cross it freely. After all, she controls sources throughout the domains. But because she has accepted the position of court wizard in Medoere, Heirl Diem has declared Hermedhie a traitor. Something she laughs off because the Duke can't keep her from her sources in Diemed.
Patriarch Arlen Tosiere: Arlen Tosiere (MA; P6; Unblooded) is one of the realm's finest diplomats. He is also the patriarch of the Temple of the Fifth Spell.

[top]Fighting Orders

Medoere is a little young to support many fighting orders. The one fighting order that is growing is supported by the Church of the Celestial Spell. These are the Crescent Knights.

[top]Plots and Rumours

Rumors of War: As the Celestial Archpriestess and the Guildmaster of Endier shore up the defenses along the borders of Diemed and the Spiderfell, the people of the northern and western provinces grow increasingly nervous. Half the people of Alamier are certain that the armies of Diemed are about to explode across the border, and not a day goes by without a celestial marshal or priest-superior receiving calls to protect the realm or word that troops have been spotted moving in Dieman territory. To calm the growing hysteria, troops have been stationed along the border, walls have been erected around towns, and keeps have been repaired in anticipation of battle. Instead of belaying the fears of the common folk, these actions have only served to make them believe that war with Diemed is inevitable and imminent.
In Caerwil, the threat posed by Diemed pales beside that of the Spider. Goblins, gnolls, and other fell creatures have been emerging from the Spiderfell on a disturbingly regular basis of late. Farmhouses have been plundered and burned to the ground, citizens have been murdered, and fields have been set aflame by these marauders from the north. Guilder Kalien has graciously (if grudgingly) accepted theocracy troops to help defend the province, and this might be a way for the Celestial Spell to take control of some of the law there. Most people believe that the attacks are simply random acts of destruction, but a growing ripple of gossip suggests that the Spider has awakened from some long sleep and is ready to finally increase the size of his realm. The raids, these rumors suggest, are tests of strength that are being carried out in all the domains that border the Spiderfell. Wherever a significant weakness is found, that?s where the Spider?s armies will march.
The Court Spy: The network of spies that work for the duke of Diemed has always been an accepted legend among the realms of southern Anuire. Suris Enlien knows the legend is true ? especially since one of Diemed?s spies has set up shop in the Celestial Palace. One of the Archpriestess? own acolytes, a young priestess named Ulum Caeris (FAn; Clr1 of Ruornil; unblooded), sends information to Hierl Diem on a regular basis. As an acolyte attached to the regent, Ulum works as an aide and assistant. Lady Suris discovered her dual role but decided not to confront the girl. Better the enemy you know, she believes, than the enemy you don?t. So Ulum continues to assist the regent and send information to assist the regent and send information to Diemed ? but what she is granted access to and what gets sent is under the contrl of the regent. For every piece of true intelligence that the regent allows Ulum access to, she provides two pieces of disinformation. This connection could prove to be extremely valuable as Diemed and Medoere move closer to war.
The Guilder?s Plot: Guilder Kalien of Endier controls the law in Caerwil, but he knows that the Celestial Spell wants to take some, if not all, of that influence away from him. To preserve his position, Kalien has set various plots in motion over the years. His latest plot is designed to weaken the hold of Ruornil?s Celestial Spell.
Kalien knows that the other religious leaders have been trying to gain a foothold in Medoere. He has decided that it?s time to help another church increase its influence ? in the interests of fair trade and good business of course. To this end, the guildlord has sent private messages to the leaders of three churches: the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn, the Orthodox Imperial Temple of Haelyn, and the Celestial Jewel of Sarimie. In his messages, Kalien outlines a simple plan. If one of these churches agrees to work with the guildlord, he?ll make it a stipulation of doing business in Caerwil that all merchants and artisans must join that church. Thus far, only the Orthodox church from Diemed has responded and it has done so cautiously. Diemed suspects a trap is being set up by the Ruornite theocracy, but also knows it can?t let an opportunity to cause problems for the realm slip away.
Rumors of this situation have only just begun to reach the regent in Braeme. The Celestial Spell must move quickly to squelch this plot before the northern province finds itself in serious trouble.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Medoere
Alamier (4/1)SE (3)RCS (4)EH (2)RA(1)
IHH (0)OT (2)
Braeme (3/2)SE (1)RCS (3)OT (3)He (2)
Caerwil (2/3)GK (2)RCS (2)GK (2)He (3)
Abbreviations: SE = Suris Enlien (Medoere); RCS = Ruornil's Celestial Spell (Suris Enlien); EH = el-Hadid (Port of Call Exchange); RA = Rogr Aglondier; IHH = Impregnable Heart of Haelyn (Hubaere Armiendin); OT = Orthien Tane (Southern Anuire Shipping and Imports); He = Hermedhie; GK = Guilder Kalien (Endier, Heartlands Outfitters).

  • Law: The Archpriest, Ruornil's Sacred Voice, Suris Enlien controls much of the Law in Alamier and Braeme. Guilder Kalien of Endier controls the law in Caerwil.
  • Temples: Ruornil's Celestial Spell, led by its regent Suris Enlien, holds sway over much of the hearts of the people in Medoere. however, the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn has a small shrine located in Alamier, the Shrine of the Heart.
  • Guilds: The Economy of Medoere is driven by three major merchant guilds: the Port of Call Exchange, Southern Anuire Shipping and Imports, and Heartlands Outfitters.
  • Sources: Hermedhie controls most of the sources in Medoere. Rogr Aglondier (MA; Wiz 3; Scion of Masela, 21; NG) controls the source found in a small grove of trees that is slowly losing ground to farmland.

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