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Feudal monarchy
Kirche , Leira (State Religion), Sera

Spices, worked goods
Grain, Meat, lumber
GB Income:
20 GB (Province 18 GB; Law 2 GB)
RP Income:
29 RP (Province 18 RP; Law 11 RP)
18 GB (Army 10 GB; Court 8 GB)
5 GB
10 RP
Spearmen (x4), Light cavalry (x4), others..


Sendoure is a prosperous realm on the border between Khinasi and Brechtür, its citizens derive almost equally from each culture although it is considered a Khinasi realm by most. Trade with Anuire and Brechtür remains the lifeblood of this merchant realm.
A Regent who takes Sendoure will have his hands full, as the realm is a hotbed of organized crime. Much like Cariele and maybe Endier is in Anuire. One of the best character stories that the new regent might have is either a Khinasi coup or a lieutenant of Helmut. In the hands of the right regent, however, Sendoure can become a realm free of organized crime. Also, a strong regent needs to keep the Rohrmarch civil war at bay.

[top]Life and Society

[top]The Land

Almost all population in Sendoure lie along the Asarwe River, which is the lifeline that binds the land together. Many of the settlements look like rough trading camps. Ghoudaia, the capital, lacks a city wall and a government building. In a way, Baysim el-Duatim rules more like a sheik than an emir. To an outsider, it is clear that the merchants have profited strongly from Sendoure's growth. They have palatial estates that are guarded by high walls and private armies of body guards.
Aside from that, Serir Rigal is the only wooded province and it has suffered from deforestation. A couple of druids (10) from the Oaken Grove of Erik has heard about this place and is trying to set up a temple to prevent the forest from disappearing completely.


Baiyuda is a sparsely populated province home to large numbers of cows, sheep and goats and those who tend to them. Elves are not unknown here as the elves of the Coullabhie sometimes travel to the woods of Serir Rigal, although this is rare in recent times.


Fédasa is the main farming community of Sendoure and home to a number of halflings. It produces mainly grain in recent times as the herds proved too tempting a target for raiders of the Sphinx - grains are of less interest to the carnivorous hybrids which now populate much of the awnshegh's realm. The Emir has nearly abandoned Fédasa as far as most of the peasants can see, if not for the soldiers along the south no sign of the emir would be seen as the Ghoudaïa Coaster seem to run the entire legal system, as almost the entire population is Brecht like the head of the Ghoudaïa they seem happy with the situation.


Ghoudaïa contains the realm's capital. Festivals abound in the city of Ghoudaïa and the court is the center of activity for the city above even the great market. The Emir always keeps several units of soldiers near or in the city in case of unrest, although his constant festivals keep most of the people happy.

[top]Serir Rigal

Serir Rigal is now quite heavily logged and the woods are receding at a visible pace. Elves are now nearly unknown in the province, while the merchants complain that the best lumber is all but gone.


Shirset is the second most populous province. A quiet prosperous place away from the bustle of the capital, and generally left alone to do as it pleases as the Emir does not interfere with the Bey.


In Sulaïa, the Hydra's agents have left the population alive with conspiracy theories and with long term neighbors looking at each other with suspicion, banditry is rife and every year more people leave for happier locales.


Tinsouf is dominated by agents of the Hydra, the remaining population is strongly loyal to the Unbrausen Temple of Kirche, which in turn violently puts down bandit activity. Tinsouf is a powder-keg as agents of church, state and Hydra vie for power.


After the withdrawal of the Anuirean empire much of Sendoure was abandoned by its Anuirean colonists leaving the land sparsely populated. Long a rough and tumble frontier it was eventually populated by Khinasi and Brecht who, unlike most of their people traveled away from the sea. Traditionally the people have been mostly left alone by the Emir, however with the Sphinx growing in power to the south, and the Hydra to the west, interesting times are ahead.


Sendoure enjoys good relations with Binsada, although the Coulladraight elves might be cool towards the state. The Sphinx is a constant source of strife for the realm. Sendoure also enjoys good relations with Baruk-Azhik, and the Chimaeron has been quiet. However, the strife that is in the Rhormarch tends to spill into Sendoure from time to time. The Rhormarch civil war threatens to engulf Sendoure.
Aside from it's external problems, Sendoure seems to be ruled by a self-important pompous Emir with the backing of the Ghoudaia Coster. The people have little love, except for self important pompous windbags who think they can flatter the Emir to get what they want.

[top]Important Figures

His eminent Highness, the Emir Beysim ibn Faroud el-Dautim (MKh, Wiz 7; Brenna, minor, 19) is the Absolute Monarch of the Northern Reaches. He's a self important, contemptuous, snobbish, vainglorious egomaniac who would rather ignore a beggar in the street than give him money, unless it is to gain the pride of the world. As a result, he is a weak ruler who insists that his subjects observe all of his traditional titles and honorifics. Even if there is seventy of them. Also, he controls all of the sources in the realm and he has a large harem of wives and concubines.
Helmut Gruber (MBr, Guilder 10; Azrai, minor, 14) is a crime boss who, through his coster, not only controls the trade in the land; but also organized its crime on a large scale. He is a double dealing snake who routinely has his enemies kidnapped or killed. Gruber currently blackmails the emir to show his importance to the Emir in governing the land.
Yousef el-Dautim (Mkh, Ftr 6; Brenna, minor, 15) is the illegitimate son of Beysim's late brother. Yousef is gathering support for his rebellion. Gruber knows about this, and Yousef might be in more trouble than he thinks.

[top]Plots and Rumors

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Sendoure
Baiyuda (1/4)Bfd (0)Sbl (1)Gho (1)Bfd (2)
Fédasa (2/3)Gho (2)Btl (1)Gho (4)Bfd (1)
Ghoudaïa (5/0)Bfd (3)Btl(2)Gho (4)Bfd (0)
Gho (2)
Serir Rigal (2/5)Bfd (1)Btl (1)Gho (2)Bfd (3)
Shirshet (4/1)Bfd (2)Btl (2)Gho (2)-
Gho (2)
Sulaïa (1/4)Hyd (1)Btl (1)Hyd (1)Bfd (2)
Tinsrouf (2/3)Hyd (1)Utk (2)Hyd (2)Bfd (3)
Abbreviations: Bfd=Beysim ibn Faround el-Duatim (Sendoure); Sbl=Sera's Blessing (Evarard von Schleiss); Gho=Ghoudaïa Coster (Helmut Gruber); Btl=Binsadan Temple of Leira (Haswan Mandil); Hyd=The Hydra; Utk= Unbrausen Temple of Kirche (Ilse Rheiter).

  • Law: The emir is a weak ruler who maintains a strong guard in Ghoudaïa and the second city of Shirset in case his people or agents of the Hydra seek to over-throw him. Much of the law is controlled by the Ghoudaïa coster who strive to ensure that their trade routes are unhindered by bandits, which are numerous given the strong local influence of the Hydra.
  • Temples: The folk of Sendoure mostly revere Leira, with the majority listening to the words of the increasingly fanatical Haswan Mandil of Binsada. The Priests rantings of a holy war have begun to inflame opinion and the emir has begun purging his officers of Leirites and trying to bolster the minor churches in the land.
  • Guilds: The Ghoudaïa coster is small but growing and is increasingly competing against the underhanded merchants in league with the Hydra.
  • Sources: A Khinasi noble to the core, the emir himself controls the sources in his land and tolerates no interlopers.

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