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framed|The Arms of Erik

Male Brecht Noble 2/ Wizard 11/ Scion 2; CR 15

Pfalzgraf of Danigau

Great Bloodline of Brenna, 54

LN Medium Humanoid

HP 4d8+11d4+30 = 105

Init +1 Spot +2 Listen +2

Languages Low Brecht


Fort +9, Ref +4, Will +9

Speed 30

Melee +8/+3

Ranged +7/+2

Base Atk +6/+1 Grp +10/+5

Abilities Str 15, Dex 12, Con 16, Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 15



Special Qualities: Bloodmark, Detect Lie, Long Life (minor), Character Reading (major), Major Resistance (Charms) (major), Home Hearkening (great), Travel (great)


Although the treasury holds many other treasures, the Count of Danigau typically carries/wears the following:

? Wizard's Staff of Danigau (stores up to 10 spell levels of spells and +2 spell resistance, minimum of 10);

? Bracers of the Lord-mage (+8 AC, wearer can shout thrice as loudly as usual); and

? Ring of the Kraken (+2 deflection bonus, +10 competence to swim checks).
framed|Erik Danig

Typical Dialogue:

Never yield to aggression, hunger for power is only quenched by defiance, for it feeds and grows stronger on cheap victory.
You chose your path, you deserve neither my mercy nor even my pity, perhaps your fate will dissuade others from following in your path.
The rewards would be great, aye Johann, but the risk also, Danigau has endured by stepping only on steady ground, those who leap for the stars often fall hard, perhaps a more subtle action might gain us an advantage without such risk, know ye the rumors of the truth behind the talisman of Ugruul?
Let us away to Starkhundt and see what poor Malikai has sculpted to make good his debt to Heinrich, thereafter I must visit old Father Baen, critical of late and clearly I must make amends for ignoring him this last year since his illness.


Erik is the unyielding Count of the oldest line of nobility in Brechtür. If he has died and the PC is the new regent, the above equipment is now part of the treasury, likely worn on ceremonial occasions to reassure the people.
Erik has a strong streak of kindness, is just and fair, but has little patience for bullies, sycophants, or other malcontents. Erik is not particularly diplomatic ? he sees no reason to soften his words or hide his feelings, but he is polite as only a true Brecht gentleman can be.
A cultured man Erik has sponsored the arts in Blackgate and throughout his realm; frugal by nature he preferred local artists to provide art in lieu of tax payments to avoid the need to commission expensive pieces. A popular Danigau motif is sculpture in the shape of an osprey, often in full flight with a fish in its claws.
If Erik is still alive in your campaign he will act primarily to increase the strength of his law holdings, extend his source holdings into Urga-Zai, defend the realm against attackers, but otherwise mainly be reactive rather than active. Current aims would be to drive out the goblin invaders in Caebstrech, repatriate the refuges in Kantswach (and as soon as possible thereafter to rule the source holding back to 6).
In the longer term Erik may try to settle Danig Isle, use diplomacy with Müden to agree a joint attack on the Zweilunds / Grabentod or even to retake Rzhlev. Erik?s long term ambitions are great, but aimed mainly at aiding the Brecht as a whole rather than fulfilling dreams of glory.

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