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Resources: Iron in the south, marble and limestone in the north, spun goats wool, spiced goats-meat sausages.
Population: 11,250


The natives of the northern-most province of Danigau are sometimes called the proud by other Danigers, as they see themselves as the toughest and most defiant of an already tough defiant breed. Independent to a fault the locals rarely let a fight pass by and are slow to forgive grudges, equally however they never forget aid or friendship given and they are noted for their loyalty to the crown.
Talhundt natives maintain that their heavy goat sausages (stuffed with spices and often soaked in alcohol) are far superior to the finely ground lamb or pork wurst of the Starkhundter?s, the proud have managed in the past to come to blows over the matter.


The largest town (only locals consider it a city) is Tallenhaven, home to Gräfin Theresa Tallen. The town is noted for its theatre/opera house (called the Sphere) and a thriving weaving industry (based on the famously warm hair of the local goats). Perhaps a thousand craftsmen, farmers and fishermen live in and around Tallenhaven, although during festivals over a thousand more folk flock to the town to enjoy the markets, fairs and plays put on by the baroness.
One of the only other villages to stand out is the village of Lars' Shelter, a whaling village. Villagers annually hunt the great beasts of the sea, sometimes even bringing back one of the kraken?s offspring although these are usually bitter victories with many boats lost or half empty after such a hunt. Almost all of the three hundred households of Lar?s Shelter make their living from the sea either by fishing or gathering kelp, the poor soil permits only a minimal amount of agriculture; although a dwarven family has somehow managed to raise crop after crop for years to the ire of their neighbors

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Darkencloak. Some terrible deed happened in the ruined tower north of Tallenhaven, a shadow lies over the tower leaving it in twilight even at midsummer; fell beasts are said to roam the hills around the tower and every few years a foolish boy vanishes after he is accepts a dare to spend a night in the ruins.
Quiet waters. An odd patch of water that barely swells even during the worst storms, Quiet waters is notorious for treacherous tides and a total absence of fish and other sea-life. Something dire is said to lurk under the waves driving all else out and even the most desperate sailor beaches his ship somewhere else to make repairs.
Wrecker?s lamp. This isolated village is noted for a reputation of luring ships blown off curse onto its treacherous rocks. Local tradition does hold that any wrecked ships and cargo are common property; but locals strenuously deny luring the ships for plunder. Several wrecks lie tantalizingly close to the surface but the near-freezing water and rumors of undead keep even the greediest looter at bay.

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