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The Giantdowns


Scattered Authority


[top]Life and Society

Settlers try to make a life in the DownsSettlers try to make a life in the Downs

The Rjurik have tried to settle the Giantdowns many times. To date, no attempt at civilization has held. Humanoids so thrive in the region that even the hardy, independent Rjurik cannot oust them from the Downs. The soil is poor. The winters are harsh, untempered by the warm currents of the Tael Firth. Both challenges make any settlement here a task that fate does not smile upon.

[top]The Land

Downland is formed by soft porous white limestone as a dominant type of rock beneath a what is generally a pretty thin layer of soil. This is basically a greyish chalk and a poor basis for an agricultural soil. As a result, the Giantdowns have never been suitable for large scale habitation. The word "downs" is an Anuirean interpolation of the Rjurik word "dun" which means hill. In the valleys below the downs there is typically a clay soil, and at the place of contact between the two a springline can occur where water emerges from the porous chalk as the water level rises. Along this line, settlements and farms were often built, as on the higher land no water was available. The water level rises and falls because limestone is a porous rock, so the height of the water table in chalk hills rises in winter and falls in summer. Another feature of this kind of landscape is a bourne, a Rjurik word that describes where water flows to the surface at a spring and forms a stream. Many such streams only exist in the winter, and dry up during the summer. These are called a winterbourne.

[top]Midjarna (1/5)

Midjarna is ruled loosely by The Watch and shepherded by the Emerald Spiral. If any place is the center of Rjurik affairs in the Downs, it is Midjarna village.

[top]Vjelthelma (1/5)

In Vjelthelma, most Rjurik live on the homestead of great families. The Watch maintains a strong presence. The Emerald Spiral holds the people united, and makes its base here.

[top]Boganhaar (0/5)

Boganhaar is a very wild province with a few trappers and herdsmen and a lot of humanoids.

An uneasy truce is maintained between the Rjurik and the humanoid dwellers.

[top]Lemnjohen (1/4)

Lemnjohen is a recently settled province and the Watch has reluctantly taken up responsibility for its defense. Adrian Taeline is the authority here.

[top]Bjorlangen (0/5)

Once under the control of The Watch, Bjorlangen fell to agents of the Kjarhoelle only a few short months ago.

[top]Skansoeren (0/5)

The hills of Skansoeren are rocky and more grey than green. The few trees are leave-less and look dead.

[top]Silverheart (0/7)

A area as beautiful as it is wild, many strange herbs grow here but few dare to search for them unless you are prepare to fight the roaming giants.

[top]Trondelaag (0/6)

Trondelaag is the foothills of the mountains. There are many caves and burial mounds here.

[top]Haldallen (0/6)

[top]Caer Cwnnar (0/7)

Originally part of the ancient elven realm of Lluabraight, this province has recently been conquered by Ghuralli's forces.

[top]Rhuiddar (1/6)

The province of Rhuiddar is Ghuralli's centre of power.

[top]Barrow Woods (0/7)



[top]Important Figures

Kalla Hogby, High Druid of the Giantdowns

[top]Plots and Rumours

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Giantdowns
Midjarna (1/5)AS (1)GS (1)--
Vjelthelma (1/5)AS (1)GS (1)--
Boganhaar (0/5)AS (0)---
Lemnjohen (1/4)AS (1)---
Bjorlangen (0/5)WW (0)---
Skansoeren (0/5)----
Silverheart (0/7)Gh (0)---
Trondelaag (0/6)----
Haldallen (0/6)Gh (0)---
Caer Cwnnar (0/7)Gh (0)---
Rhuiddar (1/6)Gh (1)---
Barrow Woods (0/7)----
Abbreviations: AS=Anneke Sturmdotter (The Watch); GS=Gretta Seligsdotter (Emerald Spiral); WW=White Witch (Realm of the White Witch); Gh=Ghuralli.

  • Law: The Watch tries to impose some order on this wild land, but the White Witch and the humanoids under Ghuralli also have designs on authority here.
  • Temples: The only organized faith is the Emerald Spiral of Erik, though its power is weak here.
  • Guilds: No organized guild has made a move here. It's simply to disorganized for profitable commerce.
  • Source: The Giantdowns awaits a mighty wizard.

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