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Arms of BlackgateArms of Blackgate

Blackgate (Large Town): Conventional; AL LN, LG; 15,000 gp limit; Assets 19,125,000 gp; Population 5100 (human 79%, dwarf 15%, halfling 5%, other 1%).

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Blackgate is the only true city in Danigau and one of the oldest in all Brechtür. Despite its age, the city is well kept and many of its buildings are new or at least boast recent renovations. This mighty city is home to just over 5,000 souls and is fairly bursting at the seams ? although Danigers rarely grumble many are beginning to call for new outer walls to be built to permit the city to expand beyond its current limits.
Two large buildings dominate the city; Blackruft castle which anchors the northern wall to the coast and the great cathedral of Sera?s Perfekt Symmetry in the center of the town.
The northern part of Blackgate is home to the houses of nobles, while the poorer folk dwell in the south, where "the streets are narrow as though the houses were huddling together 'gainst the winter?s wind" in the words of noted Talhundt playwright Sirena Zorntochter.
Although few in Blackgate are truly destitute, inevitably some are unable or unwilling to find gainful employment, these benighted souls live in the slums in the south-eastern parts of the city.

The merchant district and markets are also found in the south of the city, the only substantial buildings outside the wall are the shipyards which, from necessity are open to the harbor. While, in general, the people of Blackgate tend to be law-abiding, a small criminal element has developed around the infamous pub, the Bottle and Blade.

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