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GB Income:
27 GB (Province 20 GB; Law 7 GB)
RP Income:
20 RP (Province 10 RP; Law 10 RP)
GB (Army GB; Fortifications GB; Court GB)
16 GB
8 RP


Overshadowed by the Gorgon's Crown and completely controlled by the Gorgon, both Markazor and Mur-Kilad are two of the Gorgon's puppet states. He controls almost all the resources and armies, sharing power only with the church of Azrai and the Approved temple of Markazor.

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The Approved temple of Markazor is a rarity, a temple within the Gorgon's domain that is dedicated to a god other than Azrai.

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[top]Plots and Rumours

However, even in a state with such heavy awnshegh control, the ehrshegh known as the Water Maiden is rumoured to live here, apparently after she fled from the Gorgon's clutches.

Lost Realm 2/6
Riverspring 3/2
Shattered Hills 4/1
Elfsdemise 3/2
Dwarf's Hold 4/1
Brushfire 2/3
Periltrees 3/2
Sutren Hills 1/4

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