Michael Roele

Michael Roele, the last Emperor of Anuire is remembered not for his life, heroic and eventful though it was, but for his death. Michael died shortly after ending a civil war in Anuire and marrying Faelina of Aerenwe. When his wife died in childbirth and their unborn child somehow corrupted into a spawn of the Gorgon, the famous Roele temper flared to life and Michael led his troops into the Gorgon's Crown. The cream of the Anuirean Empire fought its way through the goblins of Markazor, the Gorgon's legions and to the gates of Kal-Saitharak themselves. It is said that Michael fought past the best of the Gorgon's troops before facing the Gorgon in single combat, and then, like so many brave young fools before him, died against the deadliest of the awnsheghlien without providing more than the slightest challenge.
Michael Roele died without an heir, and although rumors insist that the Gorgon failed to commit bloodtheft against him (the Regency Storm of which would have been visible for miles) as Roele somehow grounded his bloodline, no heir arose from the Land's choice and the empire accordingly fragmented into its constituent nations almost overnight.
During his life Michael was known for leading the Ghost Legions, the nick-name given to his armies due to his habit of using the Shadow World to move his army swiftly from one place to the next to outflank his opponents, and was once hoped to lead the renewal of the Empire which had grown fractional and divided. The Gorgon ended those dreams by slaying Michael and it is that crime, above all others, for which the people of Anuire condemn the Gorgon.
The full story of Michael Roele is told in the novel "The Iron Throne" by Simon Hawke.

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