Sultanate of Djafra


Sera (State Religion), Avani

GB Income:
13 GB (Province 12; Law 1)
RP Income:
40 RP (Province 12; Law 3; Sources 15; 10 Vassals)


The realm of Djafra was once a major power in the region, a rival of Khourane and Djira, and a powerful, robust state. The rise of the guilds, intent on wringing every last copper from the Djafrans, has turned the law away from justice and order, and so the state withered. The current sultan is a hedonist who spends himself in debauchery rather than an active regent who defends and advances his realm.

[top]Life and Society

Laws in Djafra are managed by the guilds and serve guild interests. Property and commerce law are well managed and sophisticated. Order and justice are less important values in the legal system of Djafra. People with property, shops, and guild membership are well represented in the law courts, people without access to money, who are not guild members, or are attempting to solve matters outside of trade and commerce find the law frustrating and unsatisfactory.
The dominant religion in Djafra is the Fiery Dawn of Avani, which is not warmly regarded by many in the guilds. The position of the Fiery Dawn relies on the traditional respect of the Khinasi people for the teachings of Avani and the strong efforts of its priests. The Nuridan Temple of Sarma is also important, but its influence is limited to the city of Djafra and to the guilds throughout Djafra.

[top]The Land

The Me´re el-Djafra is a warm, shallow bay.


Djafra is

[top]Ras Dhoumaire




The internal troubles of Djafra have weakened the realm to the point of near collapse. The Emir of Djafra, Malik el-Djafara, runs his own domain, while the Bey of Nurida, Shalilah min Nurida, runs still another. Meanwhile the guilds manipulate the political rivals and control enough law to keep the sultan weak and themselves strong. The risks to the sultanate are not of much concern to them, despite the example of Djira to the west.

[top]Important Figures

[top]Plots and Rumors

Gain Control of the Guilds! A new regent here will have trouble with the guilds. If he is competent and does everything to restore order, the guilds will react and try to kill the regent. Djafra is in a state of decline, and the new regent will probably have to make hard sacrifices and decisions to turn everything around.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Holdings in Djafra

Domain Table: Djafra
Djafra (7/0)BD (3)FDA (4)DML (5)BD (0)
DML (3)NTS (3)DC (1)
SOS (1)
Ras Dhoumaire (3/6)DML (1)FDA (2)DML (1)BD (3)
Saha´ad (2/5)DML (2)FDA (2)DML (2)BD (5)
Other Source holdings held by the regent of Djafra

Domain Table: Djafra
Bagira, Nurida (3/4)SN (2)NTS (2)SOS (3)BD (2)
Cape Hamah, Nurida (1/8)DML (1)NTS (1)DML (1)BD (5)
Abbreviations: BD=BeshÝd el-Djafara (Djafra); MD=Malik el-Djafara (Emir of Djafra); SN=Shalilah min Nurida (Beylik of Nurida); FDA=Fiery Dawn of Avani (Jihal el-Arrat); NTS=Nuridan Temple of Sarma (Rigel min Namal); DC=Docandragh Coster (Omar el-Rehßl); DML=Djafran Merchant League (Ousira bint Falih); SOS=Society of the Serpent (Darius Asparta); Cae=Caelcorwynn; Sir=Mour el-Sirad (el Sirad).

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