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The College of Sorcery is an organization of mages based in the Imperial City of Anuire. It is run by the Council of Ten and is generally regarded as being "in charge" of magic within the city. It is the main magical power in Anuire. Many Anuirean wizards who have made a name for themselves have been trained within its walls.

[top]The Land

The power of the college dwindled with the fall of the Empire, and it now occupies a former barracks on the grounds on the old college. The original tower lies in rubble on the coastline, destroyed by the internal feuds that broke out when the last Roele passed. The mages chose the location of the new college to remind students of the price of pride. The view of the still smoking old tower demonstrates the folly of the old wizards.

Due to the urban expansion of the Imperial City, the council does not have direct access to a source within the city. However, ley lines used to flow from all over the continent into the City of Anuire, but most have fallen into disrepair. The 10 wizards on the council are said to now only control a single ley line and allow blooded students to learn from these lines. However, not all of the council are blooded so amongst those who care, there is much wonder about who actually controls the leylines within the council and whether all ten are in fact still active.


556 HC - Mhor Ulmaeric, a powerful sorcerer, ascends to Mhoried's throne. He wields much influence all over the Anuirean heartlands. Together with two other wizards he founds the Royal College of Sorcery in the Imperial City of Anuire.
568 HC -Ulmaeric deposed by his sister, Princess Fhiliera. She continues his work with the Royal College of Sorcery, becoming the founding member of the Ruling Council of Ten.

Aerin Boeruine, the son of Derwyn and Laera Roele, launched an attack on the Imperial City on the first day of 27 MR (1000 HC). Securing the loyalty of a number of the College of Sorcery's Ruling Council, Aerin hoped that his entrance into the City would be relatively unopposed.

This betrayal, however, was soon discovered by the other members of the Council, who moved to stop their rogue colleagues as the Boeruine fleet came into view over the horizon. The ensuing battle ended with the tower of the College blown apart and six of the Council's ten members dead. As for the Boeruinean attack, it was repulsed after a great battle following a valiant defense by the Imperial Legion and some assistance from the forces of Avanil.


Though distant, the college would give what support it could to its former pupil, Daeric Dhosoene, as would many of its graduates.

The college is said to possess one of the few mebhaighl stones in existance.

[top]Important Figures

The Council of Ten are:
The Council collaborates with the Chamberlain, Caliedhe Dosiere, who is not considered one of their number, even though he himself is a master of Divination.

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