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Besaļam is a land of brooding forest in the center of the Rhuannadaraight. Settled almost 600 years ago by pioneers from Medec As they built a new realm, Besaļam fell under the control of a powerful awnshegh. For five centuries, the Lamia has held the land through deception and vicious warfare. Though Besaļam is its true name, many outsiders just refer to it as the Realm of the Lamia.

[top]Life and Society

Although Besaļam seems a realm of modest prosperity, life is not always pleasant here. The Lamia's slaves resort to extortion and terrorism if they encounter even the slightest resistance to her irrational edicts. The Lamia concerns herself more with wealth, vainglorious monuments, and the trappings of her rule for nothing else is more important. She cares little for her subjects, except as taxpayers as she demands crushing amounts to fund her personal vanities.

The common people generally feel resigned to their lot. They know the Lamia only by rumors and secondhand stories. All of the realm's ajazada and civic leaders deny that anything is wrong. At least the Lamia does not ravage the countryside, and this is a major factor in the resentful people's willingness to surrender to her rule.

[top]The Land






Cravengate is a forested province in which the Asir Mountains form the western border. The city of Medeci built the fortified city of Cravengate long ago as a defense of the route through the High Vale in Dwarfs Deepening. The entrance to the High Vale is known as Craven Gate.





[top]North Marten

North Marten

[top]South Marten

South Marten



At the end of the Anuirean Empire, the Empire sponsored considerable colonization. Sendoure was founded in 1441 MA and Besaļam was founded in 1470 MA. The neighboring realm of Medec was a leader in colonizing this region of the forest after the Empire had won a crushing defeat on the elves of Cwmb Bheinn and Rhuannach. From the Empire's point of view, Besaļam was supposed to divide the elf realms. From Medec's point of view, the new territory of Besaļam was to be buffer between the elves and their own territory. They took considerable effort building fortifications like Cravengate and Touggourt and ensuring the new settlements were secure. Even Müden send settlers and material support, lead by Garth Marten who became Count of Marten and a leading noble in the new realm.

Only 18 years later, the Emperor, Michael Roele died facing the Gorgon and outside aide dried up instantly. The Empire fell into civil war, the Vos overran the lightly populated Brecht realm of Horstmarch, and Medec suddenly turned her attentions north to the Vos threat so long held at bay across the Tsongya River. Suddenly, the newly proclaimed realm of Molochev and the old Khanate of Kal Kalathor seemed much more dangerous than the recently defeated elves.

Even so, Besaļam did fairly well for another three decades until in 1526 MA when the Lamia appeared in the land. She claimed to have come only for solitude in the empty forests, but the Prince of Besaļam, Alqamah el-Besaļam recognized her as an awnshegh and declared her an abomination and critical threat to the realm, "a mortal, divinely maimed by the evil blood of Azrai." But the Lamia was more powerful than Alqamah, if only slightly, and was able to slay him, steal his blood and his regency.

Upon stealing the blood of the Prince Alqamah, she gained the ability to charm and enthrall men. The Besaļam Guild was swiftly brought under her command once its leaders where enthralled. The temple of Avani, the Medecian Way, based in neighboring Medec, adapted by sending only women to handle temple affairs, because it appeared, women were immune to the Lamia's power to charm men.

Not quite two hundred years later, in 1711 MA, the capital city of Medec, Medeci, fell to Vos invaders, and many Khinasi fled to Besaļam, preferring subjugation to the Lamia than to the Vos invaders.

The Lamia has, over time, built an army of charmed and fanatic warriors. However, as this force became more and more capable, rising to elite infantry, she became more and more reluctant to risk it in battle. Even so, the elves of Cwmb Bheinn and Rhuannach had not forgotten how these lands had been taken from the elves by the Anuirean Empire and have pressed to get them back. She was able to forge an arrangement with the Iron Hand Tribes to join her in wars against the elves. Today, she grants the Iron Hand free access to cross her territory to strike at either elf domain. In exchange, they provide troops to guard her lands, and to raid the elves as opportunity presents itself.

Since the rise of the Raven in Ust Atka, the Lamia has found a new ally. They have met regularly in the past few years and and both have a declared a pact of mutual cooperation. Many suspect that they plan to destroy the realm of Cwmb Bheinn together.


[top]Important Figures

The Lamia, regent of Besaļam

Pyotr Borochevsky, captain of the Lamia's guard

Jamal el-Numir, Qadi of Cravengate

Dashid al-Asturnumri, wizard of Besaļam

[top]Plots and Rumours

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Besaiam
Binessin (3/4)La (3)Med (2)Bes (3)Das (4)
Coromandel (1/6)La (1)Med (1)Bes (1)Das (6)
Cravengate (3/4)La (3)-Grd (3)Das (3)
Kaniera (1/6)La (1)Med (1)Bes (1)Das (3)
Motere (2/5)La (2)Med (2)Bes (2)-
North Marten (2/5)La (2)Med (1)Grd (3)Das (4)
South Marten (2/5)La (2)Med (2)Grd (2)-
Abbreviations: La= the Lamia (Besaļam); Med=Medecian Way (Iocas Narvadae); Bes=Besaļam Guild; Grd=Gradny Coster; Das=Dashid al-Rashid.

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