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Once considered nothing more than a wild buffer zone between Massenmarch and Muden, Treucht is showing signs of becoming something more.

[top]Life and Society

No guilds of any kind exists in Treucht. Once, Muden exported lumber from the wild realm, but that has been outlawed. The last guilds to be dismantled belonged to the Banshegh (Justina), and they were removed only a few months ago.

[top]The Land


Belinda may be the first true regent Treucht has ever had. When the realm became independent of Muden during Massenmarch’s Sceptre Uprising nearly 100 years ago, Thelma est Chauchen, Belinda’s mother, fortified the realm but never really became a law holder. When Belinda came of age, she gained control of some law in the region and began to civilize the area little by little.


Treucht has no definite allies but the Swordhawk is a natural enemy since Treucht supports the rebellion efforts of a few free folk in Massenmarch.

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