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RP Income:
20 RP (Province 12 RP; Law 8 RP) (Tsarevo Andrei Tcherninsky) / 6RP (Province 3 RP; Law 2 RP; Guild 1 RP) (Danica Vorac)

9/22 GB (Tsarevo/Danica Vorac)
5/14 (Tsarevo/Danica Vorac)
Infantry (x2), Rovarsski (varsk riders) (x2), Archers (x1) - The tsarevo; Irregulars (x3), Scouts (x2) - Danica Vorac


Status: Recommended for players
Civil wars and battles for succession decimate Rovnindensk's provinces once or twice every generation. Nona Vos currently have the upper hand, though their rule is far from stable.

[top]Life and Society

[top]The Land

The flat, open provinces in the center of Rovninodensk have no protection from the cold north winds that whip down from the peaks of the Drachenaur and Orlenaskyy Mountains. The fields of winter wheat that grow here get trampled under warrior feet as often as they feed the population, and only the fortitude of the realm's people allows them to overcome famine. Still, Rovninodensk has been called one of the most pleasant, civilized realms in Vosgaard, which should tell even the most casual observer something about the area.


Lake Ladan|right

In olden days, the mountains of Loden and Tobol brought vast amounts of coal, iron, and copper to the forges of Rovnograd. Those reserves have long since been mined out, but it is well known that the tunnels have become a haven for runaway slaves and strange monsters. The mountains in Ufhevsk, Urgtau, and Glaznyy have never been thoroughly prospected and may hold untold treasures (and unimaginable dangers) for the bold miner.



[top]Flora and Fauna















Allies: The Papanovich brothers have tried to establish good relations with the Vos-Khinasi realm of Kozlovnyy, but travel between two realms has never been easy. Kal Kalathor seems willing to leave Rovninodensk in peace for the time being, but it charges heavy tariffs for passage through its land. Rovninodensk has the same problem with Grevesmühl, another trading partner to the west. Passage through the Mistmoor and Rzhlev has never been easy and few dare the trip on a regular basis.

Enemies: While Velenoye can't really be called an enemy, it certainly isn't a friend to Rovninodensk. On many occasions, Andrei Tcherninsky and his agents (usually the Papanovich brothers) have tried to establish a link to the sea through Velenoye, only to be double-crossed. The raiders of Velenoye seem to be engaged in a game of "how far can we push" with Andrei, and they may soon learn the limits of tsarevo's patience.

The Raven and the Manticore are not friendly to Rovninodensk. Neither has engaged in open warfare against the Vos realm, but the tsarevo feels it is only a matter of time before one awnshegh or the other feels the need to expand his borders.

Army/Navy: The armies of Rovninodensk paid a terrible price for the realm's current watchful peace. The tsarevo controls the following troops: 2 units of infantry, 2 units of Rovarsski (varsk riders), 1 unit of archers.
Danica Vorac and her torva supporters can field some troops as well: 3 units of irregulars, 2 units of scouts.

[top]Important Figures

[top]Rumors, Secrets and Plots


  • Famous for his varsk husbandry, Rovninodensk's Markovlan Saravok can add a +5 bonus to any attempt to establish a trade route with another Vos realm, as long as varsks are a part of the deal. For every season the trade route is in effect, the other realm may muster one unit of varsk cavalry.


  • Some say the savage elves of Tuar Annwn secretly support the torva Vos of Rovninodensk, in the hopes of keeping the largest nearby human realm weak and divided. If so, they may have offered Danica Vorac shelter along the eastern banks of the Annwnalach, and may even provide elf archers for her use in time of need.
  • Why did Petra Morinoi support Andrei on his rise to the throne? She revealed her existence not only to the other regents of Rovninodensk, but to the power hungry Raven as well. Does the wizard of Rovninodensk have some secret agenda she desperately needs the regent to support? How will the warrior tsarevo react when the wizard calls for repayment of his debt? These questions haunt the people of Rovninodensk.
  • Most people believe that the Temple of Might secretly supports Danica Vorac in her quest to regain her father's throne. If so, they may have a few units of troops probably irregulars but possibly mercenaries) hidden in provinces where the Temple still has influence. These units could swing the balance in any battle between Danica and the tsarevo.
  • (For the regent only) The NPC ruler of Cwmb Bheinn has sent a secret message to the regent of Rovninodensk. The regent of that elven realm offers 10 GB and a magical item (determined by the DM) from his private hoard to the regent of Rovninodensk if the tsarevo will conquer and hold the two northeastern provinces of Kal Kalathor (those bordering Lake Ladan and the Raven's domain). The regent of Cwmb Bheinn declares his intention to invade Kal Kalathor at the same time, in hope of lessening the goblin realm's power within the region.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Rovninodensk
Almeysk (1/4)AT (1)LV (1)--
Chelyatev (1/4)AT (0)LV (1)Ma (1)PM (3)
Donorssk (2/3)AT (1)LV (1)VV (1)-
Dzhamhou (1/8)DV (1)LV (1)DV (1)-
Glaznyy (0/7)---PM (6)
Loden (2/5)AT (1)RM (1)VV (2)PM (4)
Pavstrakhan (0/5)--Ma (0)PM (3)
Pervezniki (2/3)DV (1)LV (2)DV (1)-
Tobol (2/3)AT (2)LV (1)VV (2)PM (2)
Ufhevsk (0/7)--Ma (0)PM (6)
Urgtau (0/7)---PM (6)
Ziass (4/1)AT (3)RM (3)VV (2)PM (1)
---Ma (0)
Abbreviations: AT = Andrei Tcherninsky (Rovninodensk); DV = Danica Vorac (Rovnin Uskoks); LV = Leonid Vosken (Temple of Might); RM = Remy Martin; Ma = Markovlan Saravok (Sergei Uhktra); VV = Vychega Vychotkha (Lake Ladan Traders); PM = Petra Morinoi.
  • Law: The current ruler of Rovninodensk, a former boyar named Andrei Tcherninsky, wrested control of the realm form the former torva Vos leadership in the realm's most recent civil war, then appointed himself tsarevo of the land. Torva factions, led by Danica Vorac, the daughter of the realm's former regent, have fled Rovnograd for the relative safety of the northern provinces.
  • Temples: The primary church operating in Rovninodensk is the Temple of Might. Its former leaders backed the torva heavily in the last war for succession, and burnt temples and shrines to Kriesha and Belinik litter the countryside. The new regent of the Temple, Leonid Vosken, has taken a more bipartisan approach, though he must support the torva Vos. A small temple to Lirovka has arisen in nona lands, headed by the young Dmitras Pyovitch, but it faces an uphill struggle against traditional Vos tendencies. So far, Andrei has not endorsed any temple as the official church of Rovninodensk.
  • Guilds: Two of the three guildmasters of Rovninodensk owe their positions to the current tsarevo. The leader of the Markovlan Saravok (a tiny guild specializing in the breeding of varsks), Sergei Uhktra, was once the tsarevo's chief lieutenant. The bandit guild, Rovnin Uskoks, run by Danica Vorac operates only in the north, where it robs the peasantry to support the torva regent.
  • Sources: A main reason that the nona bid for the throne succeeded lies in the hands of a slight, sickly Vos wizard named Petra Morinoi. Said to be a follower of Lirovka and and ally to the new temple, she built up her power secretly, then threw her support behind Andrei when it mattered. Now, she watches the eastern borders of the realm, hoping neither the Raven nor the Manticore will attempt to test the new regent.
  • Provinces: The tsarevo rules the capital province of Ziass, plus the provinces of Tobol, Loden, Donorssk, Almeysk, and Chelyatev. The torva leader Danica rules Dzhamhou and Pervezniki. the remaining provinces of the realm remain uncontrolled.

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